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Guess the Pokemon

Sep 16, 2010
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  1. He/Him
Decided to start a new game, I know there is a game with the same title plus a ! but I thought I would make this different

The person who is hosting the game will pick a Pokemon that Players will have to guess

Players can ask questions which the host questions which can be Yes or No which the host must reply

For example
Is it a Water type Pokemon?
Was it introduced in Gen 5 or later?
And so on

If the player is confident they know the answer, they can guess, if correct, they are the next host. If they are wrong, the host continues until someone gets it right. If someone guessed incorrectly, they can continue to guess

Let's start...

What Pokemon am I thinking off?
i know; i meant if the eeveelution in question (as in, the eeveelution the mon shares a type with) was introduced in gen 1.

i'll try a different question, then. is this mon a fire-type?
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