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Mafia Cute Animal Mafia (Bastard) - Town Wins

You say that

But do you mean it
i mean it with my whole heart and soul >:T
calvin's games are very nice and are awesome unconventional breaths of fresh air; not traditional mafia experiences, typically, but nothing like this
and ME's/dawning's/my game is chaotic for sure, but ultimately not bastard. it plays very conventionally, it's simply the interactions that are not conventional. you can actually solve stuff here (and i presume in calvin's too), it's not "throw things at the wall and hope it sticks" like this one was.

obviously your life is yours and you pick which games you want to play.
what did quas tell you about our conversation regarding uteruses
That you spent a page and a half talking about one of you giving another a uterus.
You strike me more as honk mimimimi kinda sleeper
I am actually, if I was really asleep then that’d be the noise I’d make. But I was awake so the fake snores had to come out.
@JamieIsBored you should be ashamed not sharing that with everyone!!!!
I kinda forgot about it. I had a good chuckle over it when I first saw it, but deemed it irrelevant so didn’t bring it up.
Because we were all waaaaaaaaaaay too laid back, and it seemed like we were also waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too committed to the bit that there might be a Spy would could read our conversations.

Now, in retrospect, there was, but I don’t think any of us actually really suspected there would be, given the infiltrator.
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