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Mafia Cute Animal Mafia (Bastard) - Town Wins

Dec 28, 2017
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Cute Animal Mafia

Game hosted by @Quasar_Catfish and MoD'd by @DawningWinds.

Deep within the tranquil woods, in a mysterious plane of existence, a gate formed of mist opens, and a capybara walks through. "Where am I?" the capybara wonders, looking around for any sign of another animal. In front of the capybara lies an ashen campfire, barely visible from the moonlight.

As if sensing the capybara's presence, the campfire roared to life, illuminating the surroundings. Now visible was a sign, outlining the competition the capybara was about to take part in: a game about deception and trickery, where the goal is to either fool soon-to-arrive animals or figure out those with ulterior motives.

Welcome to Cute Animal Mafia. While you, young capybara, are the only one present at the moment, other cute animals will soon join you. May luck and skill be ever in your favor, as you attempt to find and banish the evil ones, before they throw you out of the forest. Beware the darkness that lies beyond the light of the campfire, as there's no telling what dangerous beasts call this forest their home.


  • All Bulbagarden Forum rules and The War Room rules are in effect.
  • Please be active. If no game-relevant action or post is made within every Day/Night Cycle, you may be substituted or removed from the game.
  • If you change your username mid-game, please inform the host and MoD with your original and new username.
  • After you have left the game, you may make one death post as long as it does not contain game-relevant information.
  • You may NOT make major edits to or delete your posts. Spelling and grammar edits are acceptable.
  • You may NOT create or use outside communication unless it has been created by the Host.


  • Each Day phase will last 48 hours and each Night phase will last 24 hours.
  • Hammer rules are not enabled. Players can vote to enable them at any time.
  • MyLo and LyLo scenarios will not be announced.
  • This game is bastard, and may include the following:
    • The hosts intentionally lying to players about any information,
    • Hidden roles, modifiers, or mechanics that no player is aware of,
    • Spontaneous events mid-game,
    • Minimal attempts to balance the game,
    • Mechanisms to punish claiming,
    • Post restrictions,
    • Post-death interactions, and
    • Game-ending roles.
  • If at least one player has voted and the leading vote is tied, the leading player with the lowest cuteness score will be banished.
  • There is no restriction on any form of claiming. You may claim your animal, roles, and actions freely.
  • Both Dawning and myself are considered players. We can vote, be voted for, use roles, and be the target of roles.
  • There is no limit to the number of players that can join this game.

Cute Animals​

  • Upon signing up, you will receive your Role PM thread, in which you will select a cute animal.
    • Your choice in animal will directly affect your roles.
    • Multiple players can choose the same animal. It is not guaranteed that they will have the same set of roles.
  • Once the game begins, you will be formally given your roles.
    • Your animal's alignment will not be determined by what animal you choose.
    • Your animal's roles will be determined by its traits.
      • For example: an animal that hibernates might not be able to use its abilities every Night.
    • Each animal will be given a "cuteness score" by the hosts.


  • Quasar_Catfish (Banished N1, Banished N2, Killed N2, Died N2) - Capybara, the Town-aligned Compulsive Random Commuter + Doctor, Delayed Death, and Restless Spirit
  • DawningWinds (Banished D1) - Zora the Kitty, the Independently-aligned Serial Killer, Nexus, Kitty Cat Eyes, and Restless Spirit
  1. JamieIsBored (Banished D5) - Red Fox, the Town-aligned Miller Spy, Janitor, and Traitor
  2. ExLight (Died N5) - Red Panda, the Town-aligned Solitary Commuting Night Voter and Play Fighter
  3. RavenRaziel98 (Killed N1) - Honey Badger, the Town-aligned Bulletproof Miller, Dig for Evidence, and Stinky Bomb
  4. mastermind lissi
  5. guzmania (Died N5) - Giant Panda, the Town-aligned Hibernating Cop + Tracker, Miller, Neighbor, and Secret Voter
  6. Potato-2.0 (Banished D4) - Red Panda, the Town-aligned Solitary Night Voting Veteran and Play Fighter
  7. Itsjustmudkipz*
    Replaced StormyStinger
    (Killed N3) - Bat, the Town-aligned Banishproof Night Voter and Echoer
  8. Midorikawa (Banished N4)
  9. TheCapsFan - Red Panda, the Town-aligned Solitary Night Voting Role Blocker and Play Fighter
  10. helperman (Banished D2) - Black Cat, the Town-aligned Ninja, Witch's Curse, Lightning Rod + Nexus, and Kitty Cat Eyes
  11. toastghost (Banished N3) - Melffy Pinny, the Town-aligned Commuter, Quick Synchro, and Xyz Material Granter
  12. Maniacal Engineer
  13. Elieson
  14. Pika_pika42
  15. Marshmallowmao (Banished D3) - Bunny, the Town-aligned Innocent Child, Doctor, and Commuter
  16. Space (Died D3) - Tiger, the Town-aligned Strongman Veteran, Vigilante, and Secret Voter


  1. Snowy
  2. Catz
  3. Jinjo
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You're going to choose your animals in the PM thread when you get added to it. It might not be the wisest thing to tell everyone your animal.
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