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D/P comes out in the U.S. on April 22nd


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Mar 8, 2005
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Read the fine print on Pokemon.com

Whoa, I don't remember seeing that before.

Nice find! Kinda sad I have to wait til the end of April, but oh well.
Pokemon.com just updated with that line but didn't tell anybody.

I guess this is why CN is rushing to finish the rest of Battle Frontier in the dub.
Pokemon.com just updated with that line but didn't tell anybody.

I guess this is why CN is rushing to finish the rest of Battle Frontier in the dub.

I thought they were taking a break til January.

And on a different note...YEAH!!!
Cool, I'll be able to get one of them with my birthday money. I figured it'd come out in April, because the birthstone for April is diamond.
Yeah, but it's so much easier to wiat when you have a real day to wait for as opposed to a projected date!!! *dances*
Ah nice. I'll be importing the US Diamond then :)
... and get the European Pearl some time next winter lol
That is adequate time to promote the game, and finish their translations, get their information straight. By, then, close to 7 months will have passed since D/P's JP release. That is the average. I can't help but wonder what this means for the anime. If they return to two new eps a weekend, the anime will reach DP far before then.
Damn, it's AFTER my birthday.

Oh well, I'll just use my birthday money to get it. *runs to GameStop to reserve it*

...I'm just glad we finally have a date in mind. An announced game with no announced release date always bothers me. I have OCD like that.





Hmm... an April date would place the European date at one of three places:

1) May (As per Fr/Lg)
2) July/August (As per R/S)
3) The end of the year - if they feel like it (as per Emerald).

I'm importing from America anyway to avoid the moronic gap so meh.
Anyone got speculation over the Aussie release date?
But anyway, ORGASM! 2 months earlier than I expected.

EDIT: Is this going to have a countdown like the Japanese release date?
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April 22nd? Joy to the world! By then, I shall have enough money to import both games from the US (I'd wait for them to come to Europe, but like hell I'm going to spend 80 bucks on a freakin' game for the DS!) AND buy myself a shiny DS Lite. =D

...of course, I'm not going to have time to BREATHE then. *headdesk*
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