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  • Nice. ;P I have a friend named Austin too. And hey, I live in Texas, and cool to Austin, Texas too. XD

    Hey you're right! =D Why didn't I notice that like I did before? Heheh, I guess so! :p Not that I mind this at all of course, hehehe. ;D
    Nope! XP I definitely do it too. Hey, speaking of which, Pokemon Adventures volume 14 for August 2nd, 2011 was also announced today. =D Or well, I found out about it today, anyway. xD

    Glad it is. :) And sweet! =D I'm gay too. =D

    Oh thanks!~ I have quite a few things I could use as avatars, but couldn't think of anything at the time and saw Togekiss so I just chose it, haha. But I love Togekiss too, so guess I'm a fellow fanboy as well. =D

    Btw, I'm Dakota. =]
    You're very welcome! =) Just trying to help. ;P And same, haha! To be honest I just noticed that by accident the other day, that they had bumped up the date for volume 1 to March 1st instead of February. (I noticed on Amazon because I was snooping around hoping to find Plt volume 2 and volume 13's cover ;P) But if it means 4 'Platinum' (DP) volumes a year then I guess I can't complain. (which is better than 3, plus means we'll be following Japan's four new volumes a year trend) Plus, for a bit there that means we'll have a new volume every month, with volume 11 in Feb, volume 1 of DP in March and volume 12 in April. I think that's pretty cool myself. :)

    Oh yeah! And not to be nosy, but, I noticed you were a member of the (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning, and Allied) group and thought that was pretty cool. :) May I ask if you're just an ally, or actually one of the above? Not that it makes a difference to me of course, just curious. ^^
    Oh! I wanted to correct you -- actually Viz's release of Platinum comes out in 3 month interviews, meaning 4 volumes a year.
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