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  • Hi, just wanted to say how i had great time with you discussing Misty and her future as water specialist in pokemon. Its not so often that i get opportunity to experience civil, thoughtful discussion concerned about Misty character, her water master career and story which had potential to be taken in many new directions. Something writers unfortunately passed on leaving it unfinished and at standstill.

    So i want to thank you for constructive discussion. It was pleasure talking to you and maybe there will be opportunity to chat again and get to better know each olther and opinions about this anime, characters and its plots.
    Wanna check out the url in my signature? :3
    Heh, I wish they hadn't locked that thread in the Anime forum. XD

    If they hadn't locked it, I would've quoted your post and said the following:

    4Kids dub > TPCi, in my opinion

    Also, I grew up watching Pokemon on KidsWB, so yes I do prefer the 4Kids dub and I always will. The quality of the show just feels much better than TPCi's dub (well, the 4Kids dub does have the original voices and I like them A LOT better). But that's just my opinion. I know everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the show, the VAs, and how it's dubbed.

    But honestly, I wouldn't care who dubs Pokemon though. Any company could dub the show and I would be fine with it, as long as the original cast was there. But without those familar voices, there is no nostalgia...and that's why the TPCi dub doesn't do much for me.
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