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TEEN: Deadly Salvation

Deadly Salvation
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Serena hears a roar. It's dreadful and terrifying, but she takes a chance against the harbinger of destruction.
Jan 3, 2024
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Deadly Salvation
Rating: T
Characters: Yveltal & Serena.
Genres: Psychological Horror, Mentions of Death, Angst.
Links: Archive of Our Own | Fanfiction.net
Starting with my writing content with something simple, general fanfic. I'll be posting my shipping fics eventually, but for now, this will suffice. Feedback is appreciated! Pokémon © GameFreak and Nintendo.

Serena hears a roar.

It's dreadful and terrifying. She recognizes it from the trapped cocoon within Team Flare's deepest part of its headquarters. She feels the ground shake beneath her feet. She recoils a few steps back, anxious about what is to come. She views light emitting from the cocoon that spins violently.

This is it, she thinks. This is...

The light becomes so intense that she closes her eyes. She protects her face using her arms, and the light stops. Once done, Serena unfastens her eyes at the cocoon that unfolds into a giant avian red and black avian beast.

...the legendary pokémon of destruction, Yveltal.

The pokémon flexes its wings. They release a shriek that rips through the room, breaking the cage. They flap their wings and fly out, casting a large shadow upon the female pokémon trainer. Their eyes meet, and she could see the energy overflowing between them. A sort of chilling aura that could bring the living to their knees, succumbing to death. Serena's eyes feel faint. Her skin feels cold. She feels that her energy is being sucked out, almost close to becoming a living corpse. Yveltal is slowly swallowing her soul as it is being flown from her body to theirs. Nonetheless, she tries to stay conscious.

She has heard of the story of Yveltal from many. This pokémon brings nothing but death and destruction just by spreading their wings. They take the life out of living beings for themself, an omen for the Kalos region. A harsh position for their purpose in life, but this is what Yveltal does. The opposite of the other legendary she has heard of called Xerneas, that brings and shares life with all.

Both are such powerful, majestic creatures, but for different purposes.

Despite the role of this savage pokémon, she is willing to risk her life. She must save them from the clutches of Team Flare. To foil Lysandre's goal of a new and beautiful world under his view. A selfish one. Serena does not want to see this pokémon in pain, used, being taken out of their natural position and purpose just to satisfy the desires of a lunatic.

Even if the purpose of it is fatal and destructive.

She could see the expression of the legendary. Yveltal is in pain, in anger, and longs to be free.

"You're... hurt are you?" she asks weakly to the beast in front of her. She walks sluggishly from her energy being drained but manages to speak. The pokémon hears her soft words and roars again. Serena muses whether Yveltal understands her.

"Yveltal... it... must have been... terrible to be held captive here," she continues. "But... now it's over, I have come to save you."

It seems such an insane act to do, Serena is playing with a dangerous weapon. She and the rest of the world may fall to despair, as Yveltal has not forgotten their purpose and is slowly killing her. Yet, she defies that, because this battle will be all worth it. She intends to perform this hazardous deed, not just to save the world but for this gruesome and sad pokémon.

With the last of her strength, Serena pulls out a pokéball. The legendary let out a cry. They accept their invitation to fight.

"So please, do not be frightened," she whispers. "Let me help you."

She throws her pokéball out into the open. The battle with the legendary pokémon of death and destruction begins.

I will save you, Yveltal.
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