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BDSP Do You Like Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

Do You Like Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

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Tepig Pignite Emboar 969

May 5, 2021
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So let's settle this once and for all. Do any of you like Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? Do you like them more then the original Diamond and Pearl? Do you like them more than Pokémon Sword and Shield?

I obviously like these games a lot. More than the original Diamond and Pearl and more than Pokémon Sword and Shield, but that doesn't mean they are bad games at all.

I really enjoyed playing these games a lot and nothing will change my mind on that.

So do you like Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? Let me know below.
Yes, I like BD/SP a lot. I think it is the best Pokemon game in a long time.

The game is vastly superior to the original Diamond and Pearl, and I like it at least as much as Platinum (if not more). I also prefer BD/SP over all the other 3DS and Switch Pokemon games (XY, ORAS, SM, USUM, LGPE, SwSh+DLC).

In short, I think BD/SP is one of the best Pokemon games, and a much needed breath of fresh air.
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I like it. I definitely enjoy it more than I did the original DP and for the most part I'd take it over Platinum too. It's a fun, enjoyable game and the QOL features make it a lot easier to enjoy for me than DPPt. I like SWSH a lot more, but that's currently either my favorite or second favorite game in the series, so beating it was always going to be a high bar for me.
This is the first Pokémon game I truly enjoyed in a long time. I like it so much better than every 3DS and Switch game.
Maybe because it's based on DP which were already some of my favorites.
It has some flaws (the exp scaling is bad, and the foggy effect on the overworld is very annoying) but it's miles better than SwSh and the originals
It's certainly not the greatest Pokémon game I've ever played, but man, I haven't enjoyed a Pokémon game this much since Gen 5. Very pleased to have given this one the fair chance that many early "critics" didn't.
Yes I do. It is a bummer I still don't get to have the Platinum experience with these new games, but I gladly add them to my collection. Plus, it is one more Pokemon game I can play on the Switch.

That being said, I still like Sword/ Shield a bit more.
they're ok, i think. i also didn't have an issue with the original D/P games, so that probably helped my opinion of the remakes. also, chibi graphics are cool.

there's definitely things that can be improved upon, but i don't think they actively hindered my experience or anything with the exception of the downgrade of secret bases.

i like swsh a hair more, btw. raids and the ease of shiny hunting in those games wins me over lol
considering that the games these are based on are among the best in the series, there really isn't much they could do wrong. yeah, i like them. i'd even say they're better than Sword & Shield. they're also better than DP, but that doesn't matter because Platinum exists. I still consider Platinum the superior game, and it'll continue to be my go-to Sinnoh game. for this reason, i probably won't ever come back to BDSP after my current playthrough
I did at first. I don't like them anymore. They're way too hard at the end. I prefer easier games (though not so easy that it's boring).
Love it. My Starly is super loyal, and is able to pull through against many tough opponents!
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My only complaint is that they changed Commander Mars's reference to Lucas and Dawn. She doesn’t refer to the pair as a "Lovey-Dovey couple to the rescue". She only says that it’s "cute", and the pair is "playing".
I really liked them.

Would I have liked more of the features from Platinum? Yes. But I still very much enjoyed reliving the nostalgia on the big Switch screen, I'm happy that they didn't shy away from challenging the fans this time around (especially with the E4/Cynthia!), and believe me, I would not have been happy if they'd actually tried to do a Gen VIII retcon & then pulled some sort of multiverse explanation out of their asses for why Dynamax is in Sinnoh even though it was all but confirmed in SwSh that it was a phenomenon unique to Galar.

In that regard, I'm actually kind of glad they said "If it ain't broken, don't fix it".
I like these games so far. I've had Shining Pearl for about a week now and I can't seem to put it down. This is the first Pokemon game I've played since the original Diamond and Pearl back on DS so I can't really compare them to very many other Pokemon games.
True I enjoyed it and also "critics" are usually laughably inaccurate. Most the time they seem to call a game misogynistic if any character revealed in the trailer that is female shows skin lol. I often look at game "critics" just as something to look and laugh about the inaccuracies lol.
i mean not always, and it goes the other way too sometimes?? i've seen critics that will refuse to give a game a high score if there are no conventionally attractive or sexualized women lmao. i feel like there's a disproportionate amount of gaming journalists who are a bit inept at their job, at any case. (not that ALL of them are bad)

bdsp had a rough launch but i like them a lot. i agree with some people here about them not being platinum-level, mostly because some of my favorite gen 4 content was introduced in that game, but i thought they were good games, certainly.
i like them more than swoshi and pla actually, but not quite as much as sv
So let's settle this once and for all. Do any of you like Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

Yes, and no. Overall, BDSP are good games, as they are, in many ways, a carbon copy of the original games on which they are based.

However, and despite several QOL features added, there is much more that could be improved and was not. In fact, some aspects of the game that had been improved in Platinum, such as the composition and variety of our opponents' teams, including minor NPCs, were completely ignored in this "faithful" remake.

I also have problems with the spatial dimensioning of the game. The Chibi characters appear exaggeratedly large when compared to other elements of the game, especially the internal space of several residences, which have not been modified or expanded in any way. Furthermore, we have the terrible and shameful scaling of some Pokémon that follow us.

In short, and as I already mentioned once, for me BDSP are: Good Games and Bad Remakes.

Do you like them more then the original Diamond and Pearl?

In what sense? Today, I prefer to play remakes over the original games. The QOL features certainly makes a difference and the DS games, more specifically D/P, are quite slow games, watching the Pokémon's life bar empty is almost a torment.

But, comparing the original experience and sensations I had playing each of the games, I stick with the originals.

Do you like them more than Pokémon Sword and Shield?

No way, I really liked and appreciated SWSH. I love the graphics, as well as the world and character design of this game. And gameplaywise, this game really evokes a faithful, but still innovative, reinterpretation of a classic Pokémon game experience, just as BW set out to do.

Personally, I prefer the mapping and exploration of SWSH's DLCS to Scarlet and Violet's open world, and the camera positioning in the main eighth generation game is also excellent.

In Short, Playing SwSh was, for me, certainly an amazing experience, and Hop, in his innocence and enthusiasm, made sure that I remained equally excited throughout it all.
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I really liked bdsp, personally I love the grand underground I feel like it brought a bunch of extra stuff to do whenever I needed a break from the actual gameplay. Other than that contests and poffin making is great, and Cynthia is there and still totally amazing! She’s one of favorite champions. Overall it’s a great game (I might be a little biased as this was my first ever Pokémon game )
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