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Feb 15, 2024
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Hi! I'm very certain I'm pretty late with this but I figured I'd introduce myself here on the forums!

My name is DaysOfGrays. I've been a fan of Pokemon since elementary school, with my first games being a copy of my older brother's Leaf Green and Sapphire (which I loved a lot), but they weren't mine. I'd say the first Pokemon game that I actually owned was Pokemon Diamond, which, at the time, I loved to death (though my opinions have changed since then). I've enjoyed Pokemon since Diamond however, and I have to say my favorite games have oughta be Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

I'm Nonbinary and my pronouns are he/him and they/them and I work as a security guard on graveyard shifts so I'm always tired. But I do like to game and (sometimes) post unfunny shitposts and in between all of that I write, to be specific I've been writing a fic and crossposting it on various different platforms- here included and I'd love to better interact with the community some more!
hello hello and welcome to the forums!! i had a similar intro to the experience, i played a family members copy of emerald and then the first game i owned myself was diamond :yay: ur picks for favs r also super awesome, i think hgss r my personal fav remakes of the franchise
hello hello DaysOfGrays!! you have really good taste, hgss is awesome!! <3

can't wait to see you around! :bulbaLove:
I have more fond memories with that than I do with BW/BW2 :ROFLMAO: (Not saying those were bad games though)

The PokeAthlon was the best and I absolutely loved all the content packed into the games.
Oh gosh graveyard shifts. Seems so tough and I can't imagine lol, but hopefully it's not as busy/stressful as the day shift.

Welcome to the site DaysOfGrays, it is lovely to have you around. :>
They aren't, thankfully. Its only bad on Sundays, though its technically Monday when things are hectic (People start coming in or calling in at 4AM)
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