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DP007 and 008 titles revealed

For reference, the first contest of AG was in episode 13 (with May's first contest not being until episode 35) and the first Gym Battle of AG was in episode 16.

Even given the two-episode format for Gym Battles, Ash should have his first badge by the end of DP09.
.... The first gym is the rock type gym.... What's a poison/fighting type doing there?
Interesting. So Pochama gets another episode centered around it. They're definately making it into the anti-Torchic.
Sushi said:
- Pocchama Hangs On! shows Hikari's (first?) bits of training for her Contest, but it doesn't seem to go too well. Pocchama decides to do some independent training for a while without telling Hikari, but that, too, only ends up in failures. It then encounters an injured Golduck, who says it was attacked by a bad(/evil?) Pokémon.

The Gregguru episode summary is weird, but if I understand it correctly, it says that:
- Meowth meets a certain Pokémon in a convenience store. Sensing something strange about it, he tries to distance himself from it, but the Pokémon wouldn't stop following him.
Pocchama's gonna try training on its own? Looks like it's the new Treecko. :p
Both the Pokedex and the anime make it pretty clear that the penguin starters are absolutely full of themselves.
Why? Does anyone have the translations of their Pokedex entries?
プライドが たかく ひとから たべものを もらう ことを きらう。ながい うぶげが さむさを ふせぐ。

Having high pride, it dislikes receiving food from people. Its long downy feathers protect it from the cold.

むれを つくらずに 1ぴきで いる。じぶんが いちばん えらいと どの ポッタイシも かんがえているようだ。

It lives alone without forming a flock. Each Pottaishi seems to think of itself as the greatest.

クチバシから のびている 3ぼんの ツノは つよさの しょうちょう。リーダーが いちばん おおきいい。

The three horns extending from its beak are a symbol of its strength. The leader's is the biggest.
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