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DP068 Title


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Oct 25, 2007
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Sushi; said:
...dundundun, who didn't see it coming: Ash's Gym Battle.

DP068: Veilstone Gym! Lucario VS Buizel!!
Airdate: February 28, 2008

*There will be a break on the 21st.
*No staff info yet, and no summary

Source: PokéAni

Lucario vs Buizel, haha. Mukubird shafted again probably?
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Mukubird is obviously not going to be the star of this battle. 'Cuz it's Buizel's turn to shoot for glory.

The poor bird... Next time perhaps?
Ash said something like "let's do our best at the next gym" to Chimchar (DP52) and Buizel (DP55) and before he began taining with Turtwig in DP62 he said they'll train for the gym
So I think he'll use Turtwig and Chimchar... and Buizel is sure
I don't think he'll lose
Probably he'll notice something in Dawn's battle that will help him win

Ash's gym battle! ^_^

This should be a really good match! And I really hope he wins! :)

And Japan taking another break means that, oh no, instead of the dub being 17 episodes behind, we'll now be 16 or 15 episodes behind! O.O
cassius335 said:
Buizel? What the heck is Satoshi thinking?

Well, no other Pokemon are evolved, right? Hey, I wouldn't be surprised if Staravia was released. This is a complete disrespect to Pidgeot. I miss that bird.

Besides, Buizel is strong, but it would damage his stamina and esteem when he loses to Lucario.

Snake Bandage said:
I'm going to KILL someone if there'll be a rematch. The last two were enough.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were rematches in every single gym battle now.

I get so anxious once a season ends, and live through the gap.
We're nearly 70 episodes into Sinnoh and Ash is barely on his third badge...goodness.
Buizel is actually a logical choise for a fighting gym
It's not a fighting type but it sure fits that type
That's why I emphasized it's a fighting gym when I said Dawn should have this battle with Buizel before the trade... I really can't understand why they rushed this trade
Just because the title shows Lucario and Buizel are gonna fight each other that doesn't mean Buizel's gonna kill it for certain, after all i seem to recall the first gym sported a title "Zugadosu(if that's how it's spelled) vs Pikachu!" and when go time came look at what happened, sure Pikachu and Zugadosu went at it for most of the battle but Pikachu still didn't beat it Turtwig did.

So there is still a chance that someone else could get Lucario's kill, Buizel could simply be the one battling it for the majority of the fight.

though it's also worth noting that Ash lost in that earlier episode...so i wonder....
What? Ash lost what?...

In DP066. Ash's first battle with Maylene.

Though I wouldn't call it a factual loss just yet. For all we know, TR could intervene and they might save their battle for later.
What? Ash lost what?...

Ash lost to Roark the first time he challenged him, and i'm just saying the title we have here is similar to that one, plus the fact we have someone challenging maylene before him just like with Paul taking on Roark first...so i'm getting a bad sense of deja vu here....and it's possible Ash could lose yet again.
I wonder if Buizel will be considered even more of an awesome Pokemon if it takes out Lucario?

I hope Chimchar participates as well, even if it doesn't look to be the star here.
Looks like all the Monferno speculation is out the door.

And that's good
That was stupid enough to have Starly evolve so quickly and Aipom immediately after the trade
Chimchar should get more screen time before it'll evolve
Maybe, but contrary to Turtwig, Chimchar have had a really hard training in the series, mainly while he was with Paul. So he will be the one who could evolve sooner in Ash's team.
I wonder if Buizel will be considered even more of an awesome Pokemon if it takes out Lucario?

I hope Chimchar participates as well, even if it doesn't look to be the star here.

Keep in mind that just because we know the two are gonna fight, doesn't mean Buizel's gonna drop it, after all Pikachu did battle Zugadosu for a while(as the episode title implied), but Turtwig was still the one to kill it.

Chimchar or someone else could easily be the one to knock Lucario out in the end.
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