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Review DP076: Seven Stars Restaurant! Tag Battle for a Full Course!!

Every Breaking Wave

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Sep 4, 2006
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Ash, Brock, and Dawn meet May, and then decide to enter a tag-battle to win a full-course meal at a famous restaurant.

The episode is scheduled to air on April 24.
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I just hope that Blaziken will be in the tag battle. It had way too little screentime in BF.
In the preview we see a very angry Haruka, Munchlax using Giga Impact, a Snorlax using Mega Punch (Munchlax v. Snorlax battle?), Blaziken using Blaze Kick against a Girafarig, Glaceon using Iron Tail, and Glaceon and Buneary both using Ice Beam at the same time.

Looks like an action-packed episode!

I still wonder what Haruka was doing up in Snowpoint....
Seems like we'll get an awesome episode next week, with 2 or 3 battles.

And, its animated by Iwane <3
Probaly shes was doing travelling... she said she likes to do travelling, give johto a break.or the contest ended,
She get angry at food lol because the sheff told her she must win to get some.The emerald outfit was cool.But really i thought may should have mature a little.
I Swear i thought Nurse Joy was talking about Snowpoint on the map
is she refering to talking about a close firend just came from there(May)?
or something else in near end of dp 75
Here's her team in Sinnoh so far:


Plus we know Wartortle will be in the tournament. I'm just happy she did get Glaceon after all.
I wonder if she will have any Johto pokemon. So far we've confirmed she has two Sinnoh pokemon (Glaceon and Munchlax), one from Kanto (Wartortle) and another from Hoenn (Blaziken).

Word's been going around that she has a Girafarig, but there's no real confirmation yet. At least, none that I know of right now. >_>

I'm starting to like Glaceon's anime looks. but Leafeon is still better. =P
I've heard rumours that pokeAni are claiming she has Beautifly on her team again. If that's true, she really hasn't been doing that much capturing, :p

Xin Eohp said:
Word's been going around that she has a Girafarig, but there's no real confirmation yet. At least, none that I know of right now. >_>

I'm pretty sure that's false, the preview shows her battling a Girafarig with Blaziken.
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how will w see leafeon? maybe gardenia retuns with cacnea.

There's no way that will happen. I'm sure the gang will run into one eventually.

Maybe Haruka does have some Johto Pokemon but they're keeping them a surprise? I just can't see her without one single Johto Pokemon.

Next week looks like a great episode. Anything involving Haruka and food is always funny. :)
She get a grass type hopefully Chokirita or bayleef,=] she got a starter from each region then.btw now we had to keep an eye on the toy store for spoilers like Glaceon:]
Well she's confirmed to have:

1. Blaziken
2. Glaceon
3. Munchlax
4. Wartortle

And someone on Pokeani said Beautifly's VA was credited, so if that's true that's #5.

If so, it would only leave one space for a new Pokemon. I do think it would be odd for her not have captured anything in Johto the whole time she was there, so I think we might see something.

The problem is a good portion of potential Johto captures are already owned by other major characters (Gligar, Aipom and Swinub are on the group, Misdreavous with Zoey, Ursaring/Mukrrow with Paul, and Gary has Umbreon), so that doesn't leave a lot of space for her.

I could picture May with a Teddiursa though, since its a cute normal type that fits Contests well.
and sudowoodo with brock,jessie wobbufet,.Pokeani really like to spoil things,
Well i agree Teddiursa would fit May or maybe someone from the Hoppip line. And don't forget Aipom and Murkrow have evolved Scott.
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