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  • I haven't forgotten about the Iwane interview! I actually think about it quite often but I just don't have the free time I need to finish it. I'll do my best to get it up before the end of the century.
    Thanks!! and aww, I'm sorry... I'm enjoying more the BW series recently than I used to and am really excited for Episode N, yet still I can't see a real reason to being active here again... the discussions are usually filled with stupid/annoying posts and are just a pain... I used to have more fun here at the DP days but starting with BW things got boring and repetetive... nowdays I just watch the show and talk about it on skype/facebook/tumblr rather than any forum at all, and I think I prefer it this way
    Totodile knows Slash, Scary Face, Bite, and Water Gun, as of its last Non-Team Rocket battling appearance.

    Not as generic, yes?
    I totally agree. I had lots of fun with Bulbagarden in the DP days, especially the Sinnoh GF+League times... and yes, it all kind of died when BW started... I really hope next gen will be closer to DP's level and nothing like what we got in BW
    I also still need to watch the 3 recent eps... hopefully I'll watch them before the next ep airs @_@
    1. The BW series doesn't interest me as much as the DP series
    2. I got bored of the forum after a while, including of Scott's forever-copy-pasted posts
    3. I don't have as much free time as I used to have before
    These are mainly the reasons for me not being as active as I was in the past... I doubt I'll ever be as active as I used to be, unless somehow next gen will be better anime-wise, the forum getting more interesting, and me having more free time... and I think there's a very low chance to any of that to happen, especially about the forum being interesting or me having more free time
    Couldn't even if I wanted to, so sorry! You're gonna have to look at it for a while, so get used to it.
    Pip > Oshawott, but they're both awesome... and DP >>>>>>>> BW
    Just because Osha is in my avatar doesn't mean I prefer it... and big LOL at you saying that only now after this being my avatar for like... half a year? XD
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