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DP09 title revealed


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Jan 3, 2003
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DP 9 ミミロルとあそぼう!? Let's Play with Mimiroru!?

Looks like Hikari finawwy gets that wascawwy wabbit!
Another Hikari spotlight episode? This is only two after the Poochama one.

LOL, this title makes it sound as if Hikari does nothing but tickle and cuddle her cute little bunny for the whole episode.

In any case, Hikari continues to star in D/P. She's getting spotlight like every other episode, and Ash is truly being forced to share 50/50 so far.

I'm glad the writers are being smart and letting a heroine get as much spotlight as possible.
Back during AG's run, this is what I always wanted them to do with May. Treat her as a real co-star and split spotlight with Ash as much as possible.

I'm glad that during D/P, Hikari is getting just that. I'm even hoping Hikari gets to star in a movie for once and Ash has to play second fiddle to her. The writers should promote her as much as possible, she's the D/P heroine and the most marketable character on the group in regards to the D/P games.
You know...I got a better idea...

Ash, Brock, and Hikari come across the "Poke-harem", and Brock, being the horny breeder he is, runs inside to "play" with some girls...but find out it's for Pokemon! And, Millilop is the owner and her young "apprentinces", including a Mimimiroru

Hikari is given a crash course on the Mukkubirds and Beedrills, while Brock and Ash...train outside for the next battle.

However, Hikari soon tries to convince Mimiroru that what it is doing is wrong...WHEN TEAM ROCKET ARRIVE to steal the Pokemon prost..."love professionals" for Giovanni. Meowth then has a bizarre fantasy involving a female Tentacruel and the boss....

Anyway, BUMBLEBEE TRANSFORMS, and destroys the etablishment.

"Sexual Expolitation is wrong, and knowing is half the battle!" he says as he rolls away, off into the sunset.

Anyway, Hikari comes out and uses Pochamma, and her new friend Mimiroru, to blast off Team Rocket.

The bunny joins, and from here on out it's running gag is....

Well...I'll let you think of it.
I got it, I believe I said the same thing about a week ago about Mimiroru in the Subomi episode.
ELMER FUDD's attack missed!
ELMER FUDD's ATTACK rose sharply!
ELMER FUDD became confused!
Bugs deguised himself as a playboy bunny

Elmer was then tricked into walking of the edge of a cliff

Elmer is now flat as a pancake.
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