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Titles revealed for the first three episodes of the new Pokémon anime series

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Pokémon 2023 anime series banner
Updates on the TV Tokyo and TV Osaka websites have revealed the title and summary for the first two episodes of the new Pokémon anime series, which will air together as a 1 hour special in Japan on Friday April 14th from 6:55pm-7:55pm, JST. A well known and reliable Japanese source on Twitter has also revealed the title for the third episode, which will air on April 21st.

Episodes 1 and 2 will be entitled The Pendant of Beginning, Part 1 (はじまりのペンダント 前編) and The Pendant of Beginning, Part 2 (はじまりのペンダント 後編) respectively.
Japanese Blurb for Episodes 1 and 2 said:
Liko is a girl from the Paldea region, who has enrolled at Indigo Academy, a boarding school located in the Kanto region. Liko is delighted to receive her first Pokemon, Sprigatito, but she struggles to deepen her bond with the Pokémon, who doesn't listen to her at all. At the same time, suspicious people appear who are looking for the "mysterious pendant" in Liko's possession.

Episode 3 will be entitled As Long as I'm With Nyahoja, I'm Sure (ニャオハとなら、きっと). A blurb is not yet available for this episode.

@karubiimunohito on Twitter said:
The title of the Pokemon anime episodes being broadcast on TV Tokyo are, on April 14, 2023 (Friday) "Pendant of Beginning", and on April 21, 2023 (Friday) "As Long as I'm With Nyahoja, I'm Sure".


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