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DP11 title


Jan 20, 2006
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From NewType December Issue,

title of DP11 is ヒカリ!コンテストデビュー!!(Hikari! Contest Debut!!)

this episode airs on 7 Dec.
We'll see if Scott's fears are verified and Contests aren't really that super.
What ever happened to ridiculously long jahpahneze titles?
Hikari will amaze the judges by lifting her skirt and having Pochama make it wet with bubblebeam.
Hikari will probably lose... Maybe because she hasn't been practicing the dancing. ;-)
I had a feeling, since the episode before this takes place in Kotobuki.

This (or the previous episode) is probably when Yuri will appear.
I really hope her rival IS named Yuri. :p

A good portion of May's character was defined by her rivals. You had a metrosexual who was trying to get into her shorts all saga, as well as a flamboyant gay man who tried to take advantage of her. The May/Drew/Harley dynamic is what really made her story so great, especially in Contests where all three of them were in it together.

I'm hoping the same applies to Hikari, and she's defined by her female rival as well. A good way to distinguish Hikari from May for good is to make Hikari into a lesbian. Not only would it be a first for Pokemon, but seeing Hikari's rival try to hit on her would be good entertainment. Everyone liked Drew handing May roses, eh? So the same should apply here.

And yeah, I think it's more likely than not at this point that they're leaving out the dancing and just turning them into the same thing as May's Contests, because they would have told us about the dancing by now if it was in it. Hikari's mother won the Grand Festival so Hikari knows how Contests play out, and since Hikari isn't teaching Pochama to dance, I guess that's out.

It's a shame too, because everything that *could* set Hikari apart from May, it doesn't look like the writers are doing. Hikari simply wearing a dress each Contest doesn't exactly make a world of difference...aside from fanservice.
Well, in the games you Appeal, Dance, then battle.

And, we've only seen her Appealing, and not Battle, yet we know that will stay.
Yeah Hikari being a lesbian though it would be nice theres now way that's going to happen.
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