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Dub Voice Actor Guesses/Discussion - The Next Generation

Terapagos's adventures begin for Australia as the second part of the Horizons story gets into full swing with the little turtle having a gander around Friede's ship while Liko makes sure it doesn't get into too much trouble.
Does anyone know who voices Nemona in the ENG dub? Can't find a name nor do I recognize the voice enough to possibly make a guess.
Two new dub episodes for Australia out today via VOD as Dot spends some quality time with Liko and Roy while the Explorers have their own quality time in the form of a meeting then Liko and Roy run into one very suspicious person who's nicked Roy's Pokéball.

Emily Bauer and Ray Chase are back in Episode 27 and Laura Post also helped out with some additional voice direction for the episode too.

Richard Tatum voices Tepen in Episode 28 and both Alejandro Saab and Mick Wingert are back on the scene as well.
Is ever point that we might see more union-only voice actors (Including for those who were former non union people such as Ben Diskin, Kyle McCauley, Laura Post, Julie Nathanson, Abby Trott, Cam Clarke, etc) as guest stars in the future episodes?,
Since Kayzie Rogers has retired back in 2017, who do you think would make a good replacement VA for Max?
Probably won't happen but would love to see Amy Birnbaum return

I was hoping that Max would’ve made an appearance in Journeys just to see who would’ve voiced him. There could’ve been a good chance for Amy Birnbaum since Kayzie Rogers retired and therefor Birnbaum was the last person to had voiced him.

But it would had also depended if Birnbaum was willing to return.
So, Sag-Aftra has an listing for Pokémon Horizons Season 2 done by Iyuno of course. This tells me that they possibly finished dubbing the remaining episodes and are starting up the next arc now.
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