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Dub Voice Actor Guesses/Discussion - The Next Generation


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Nov 2, 2016
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Anyway jokes aside with Ash and Pikachu's adventures coming to an end in Canada on Saturday and in September for the US I figured it was finally time to do what the anime did and start from scratch again with a new dub voice actor discussion page for the Horizons series.

It's the same as ever though: discuss about the dub, the voice cast, your guesses and other dub related news for this exciting new era of the anime.


If you're a Castlevania fan then you'll recognise Alejandra for voicing Sypha Belnades in the animated series. She's also voiced Flora from Winx Club, Neon in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin and Reina in some of Sound Cadence's recent dubs of the Fist of the North Star series.
Actually I think Friede might be Crispin Freeman.

I am actually certain that Friede is him and boy oh boy am I gonna be so happy if it is cause I've wanted him to be a part of the show for so long.
I've only seen the short teaser trailer so far. I kind of figured that they'd continue to use the New York voice actors for the new series, which is nice. Liko's voice sounds pretty good. Her voice sounded familiar to me, but maybe it's because I saw some of the Nick Winx Club dub. Roy sounded fine. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Crispin Freeman as Freide. I'm positive that was Crispin Freeman since I recognize his voice from Slayers and Young Justice. It's been ages since I've heard him in an anime, so getting him in Horizons would be pretty awesome.

I'm a bit surprised that they didn't have a release date for Horizons though or even confirmation on where it would air. I'm still positive that it will be on Netflix for better or for worse, but I assumed that we'd get a release date for it from this panel. At least we have a release date for the Aim To Be A Pokemon Master mini series, so that's pretty cool.
Sounds like the NY VA's will still be part of the show which I'm happy to hear about.

Heard Tyler Bunch, Marc Thompson and Lisa Ortiz as well as Zeno Robinson as the Rotom Phone.

Anne and Liko's Teacher sound vaguely familiar.
Haven't had an opportunity to watch the tralier yet (currently on the bus home), but that's a relief, if so!
Does Liko have a Latina Voice actress because she comes from Poke Spain? That's certainly a choice. It's good and juvenile enough which is what matters.

Roy's voice is really nice but at times it almost sounds like it's imitating Ash. Friede sounds deeper than what I expected but it fits him well.

Sprigatito was actually pronounced like we do in Spanish!

The music is 30% decent and 70% more of the same :cry: :cry: :cry:
Dub music boooo.
At least we won’t be shocked later on, but the Twitter reactions will be fun though. Better than being bait and switched later like we were in XY & SM, I guess, at least no false hopes there. It sounds like Goldfarb is back, ugh, a multi billionaire dollar franchise apparently needs their royalties though (cheap)!

Anyway, I’m glad Crispin Freeman is back in the Series: he was a script writer for the original 4Kids dub during at least its first two seasons, but the more pressing question- will TPCi finally let Veronica Taylor and the other major two finally return with Ash and co gone from the Series, burying the bad blood there since late 2006, in this new Series? We’ll see.

Good they didn’t go with Alejandro Saab and stereotype, as I was afraid they’d do that. However, his voice is a bit deeper than I was expecting, but hopefully he’ll iron it out in time.

I like that they cast Liko as someone not obvious, as well, but she can sometimes sound more like a teenage girl than a little girl when she yells at times- still, she sounds fine to start, otherwise. Roy sounds pretty forced, though, on the other hand for now: very girly at times, hopefully that VA will settle in like Freeman over time.

So far, I like Liko’s dub VA the most of the bunch, and Roy’s the least: Friede is hit or miss, but we’ll see, it’s only their first outings. Amethio sounds like what I expected, but it’s kind of bland?
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