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favorite league club room style?

what's your favorite league club room style in the indigo disk?

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Aug 2, 2023
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  1. He/Him
in scarlet and violet's indigo disk, we were presented with the option to change the blueberry academy's league club room interior by donating BP to the art club!
a lot of these styles are pretty cute - which one is your favorite?
(i think i like the "something natural" one the most, personally; something about it feels very homey to me, and i really love the decor - i mean, there's a humidifier that looks like a bulbasaur!)
I never got around to actually changing my clubroom due to prioritizing BB points in other places, but I do like most of em.

Out of all em though I think I like Monochrome the most. The black and white aesthetic and the Unova paintings just makes it feel like a love letter to gen 5 and I appreciate that.

Honorable mentions to Classic, Fancy, Dark, and Gorgeous. Told ya I liked most of em
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