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New trailer for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet's DLC released during Pokémon Presents - website updates details additional DLC gameplay features and events

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SV_Trailer_August2023.jpgThe Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, the paid DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, received a brand new trailer during the August 8th Pokémon Presents video presentation, revealing new details about Mossui Town, Blueberry Academy, and the characters and Pokémon that players will be able to encounter there later this year. Updates make to the official website for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet shortly after the presentation additionally detailed a number of new gameplay features and events that will be coming to the game starting with the launch Part 1, The Teal Mask, including the new Mass Outbreak Events.

First announced on February 27th during a Pokémon Presents, and made available for pre-purchase later that day, Part 1 of The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero, The Teal Mask, is set to be released on September 13th, with Part 2 following sometime around the holiday season. As you'd expect from the DLC being named The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero, the story of this DLC will tie back to the Paldea region in some way, though both the information in the Presents and the website update were vague about exactly what this would entail.

A self-guided tour of Kitakami
The Teal Mask
Expanding further on the information revealed in June's Nintendo Direct presentation, this update expands on several plot details regarding the school trip to the land of Kitakami that players are undertaking in The Teal Mask. During this trip, players will be engaged in an outdoors study program involving an orienteering activity, with students travelling around Kitakami looking for various signboards that depict important scenes from Kitakami's oldest folktale, the story of "The Loyal Three" and Ogerpon.

Taking a photo for Perrin
New game mechanics

During the player's self-guided tour of the region, they will run into Perrin, a young photographer who's come to Kitakami in search of a certain Pokémon. Players will get their own opportunity to take Pokémon snaps as they assist Perrin in this quest, searching through an area of Kitakami known as the Timeless Woods.

There will be plenty of opportunity for our excursioning students to take some more touristy photos as well, with expansions to the game's selfie mechanic. During their trip to Kitakami, students will acquire the Roto-Stick, a selfie stick for their Rotom Phone, which players can use to get better and wider angles for photos taken in-game. Players will also have greater control of Pokémon walking alongside them, allowing for better posing of Pokémon partners for that perfect snapshot. When taking photos with other players during Union Circle sessions, players will now also be able to share their snapshots with other members of their group, rather than needing each player to take their own individual photo to preserve memories of your shared gaming experiences.

Ogre Oustin'
Speaking of shared gaming experiences, players will be able to have fun with a new mini-game in The Teal Mask, Ogre Oustin'. In mini-game, which appears to be very loosely based around the Setsuban bean-throwing festival, players will ride around Kitakami to find and pop Ogre Balloons containing Berries. Players will then need to transport these berries to their Berry Tables. Just bringing the berries back to the table won't guarentee rewards, as hungry wild Pokémon will be attracted by the gathered berries, requiring players to work to drive them off.

The Teal Mask also offers players a new way to train their Pokemon for competitive play. By playing Ogre Oustin', players will acquire new Mochi items, which can be used to increase the base points of their Pokémon's stats, or in the case of the Fresh-Start Mochi, reset these base points entirely.

New Characters for The Teal Mask
Ms. Briar is a teacher at Blueberry Academy, and is in charge of the joint school trip that players embark on in The Teal Mask, paying a visit to the player's academy in Paldea ahead of the trip. She apparently has has an extremely inquisitive disposition, and has a particular interest in Paldea's Terastal phenomenon.
A camera-loving traveler with an easygoing personality, Perrin has come to Kitakam in search of a specific Pokémon, recruiting players to assist her in taking its photo.

Clefairy Mass Outbreak Event
Mass Outbreak Events

Extending the current system of Mass Outbreaks in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, limited-time Mass Outbreak Events will be added to the game shortly following the release of The Teal Mask. During these events, mass outbreaks of specific Pokémon or groups of Pokémon will be more likely, and depending on the event these outbreaks may even appear in regions where the Pokémon would not normally be found. Pokémon that appear in these outbreaks may also have a higher chance than normal to have a Mark.

The first Mass Outbreak Event, focused on Clefairy, will start on September 29th at 00:00 (UTC) / September 28th at 17:00 (PDT), running through to October 1st at 23:59 (UTC) / 16:59 (PDT). During this time period, outbreaks of Clefairy will be occuring across Paldea, where the species does not normally appear, as well as in Kitakami. Clefairy from these outbreaks will be more likely to be encountered with the Upbeat mark.

To participate in mass outbreak events, players will need to download and install the latest update data once The Teal Mask has been released. While purchasing the DLC will not not be required to participate in the first mass outbreak event with Clefairy, future mass outbreak events may be restricted to Kitakami, or to other areas only unlocked by the DLC. As with Tera Raid events, in order to participate in limited-time mass outbreak events, players will need to have downloaded the latest update data and the latest Poké Portal News. A paid Nintendo Switch Online membership is not required to receive Poké Portal News.

The Indigo Disk

This update provides significantly more depth on The Indigo Disk compared to June's Nintendo Direct presentation, with information on both plot details and new gameplay features. In the second part of The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero, players are traveling to Blueberry Academy, a sister school of their own academy, as exchange students. Here, they will join the League Club, fighting up the ranks of the Academy's own Pokémon battling league known as the Blueberry League or BB League for short. Players will join the league on the invitation of one Drayton, a delinquent student who is nevertheless one of the school's top trainers and a member of the BB League's own Elite Four.

In order to take on these Elite Four, players will need to clear each of their individual Elite Trials. Only one Trial was previewed in the information released in this update. Set by Amarys, whose biography and appearance suggests they're a Steel type trainer, players will give their Koraidon or Miraidon a special supplement enabling it to fly temporarily. While in this form, players will need to fly through a series of rings in the artifical sky of the Terarium Dome, in a task that might evoke uncomfortable memories of Superman 64's infamous rings among some older gamers.

As a member of the League Club, players will have access to the club's own clubroom, where they can meet up with other students they've encountered around the academy, and interact with them to build stronger friendships. Players will also be able to invite a selection of trainers from the Paldea region for a visit, opening up opportunities to trade and battle with them. By collecting Blueberry Points (BP) in-game and donating these to various groups on campus, players will also gain a variety of thank-you gifts which can be used to redecorate the League Club room.

New Characters for The Indigo Disk
A Blueberry Academy student and member of the BB League Elite Four, Amarys is a taciturn figure known for keeping her cool in any situation. Deep inside however, she deeply cares for her friends.
A Blueberry Academy student and member of the BB League Elite Four, the pun-ily named Crispin enjoys both cooking and firey battles. Naturally, Crispin is in charge of cooking meals for the Elite Four after club activities are finished each day.
A Blueberry Academy student and member of the BB League Elite Four, Drayton is a talented battler despite his laidback attitude and slack behaviour. Frequently skipping out on classes, Drayton has apparently already been forced to repeat a year on three occasions.

New Pokémon
Four new Pokémon were revealed during the Presents video presentation, including two new alternative evolutions, alongside two version exclusive Paradox Pokémon.

Archaludon (evolution of Duraludon)Dipplin (alternative evolution of Applin)Iron Crown (Pokémon Violet exclusive)Raging Bolt (Pokémon Scarlet exclusive)

In addition to these new Pokémon, these updates also gave us our first look at Terastallized Ogerpon, and confirmed that the Pokémon already seen in Pokémon Horizons: The Series is indeed a form of Terapagos. The form of Terapagos previously shown in past trailers was apparently its Terastal Form.
Terastallized OgerponNormal Form TerapagosTerastak Form Terapagos


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