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POPULAR: Fic Advertisement Thread

Alright, so I'm going to advertise my latest one-shot titled Playing the Role in a new series I'm starting on AO3 called Cactusverse One-Shots (the name of my Pokeverse AU).

Here's the link to the one-shot: archiveofourown.org/works/39498087

Story Summary: Diantha and Sycamore watch as the newest champion comes into his own while reflecting on their own major regrets and failures

"You know, I play many roles both on-screen and in real life. Sometimes you're just the extra. Other times the plucky sidekick. At times the dashing hero...and others...the villain" Diantha said. "It's clear the role I play in Jabari's life. I can't expect forgiveness from him so soon, if ever. The toll he and his friends paid for my absence. I can barely forgive myself."
Behold! A new support! Finally!

At last! Chapter XXII of PMD: Guardians of Balance is finally uploaded!

Recently completed Guardians of Balance: Chapter XXIII. Going to pick up the pace to wrap up Episode 1.

Well, I can confirm that Chapters XXIV and XXV are now complete for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Guardians of Balance. That means by extension, Episode 1 of GoB - Always Audacity - is now officially complete:

Brand new fanfiction!
TW: References to physical and emotional abuse, though no abuse will be depicted
Coltar - The Prophecy: Chapter 12 is up

Summary/Chapter Blurb:
James is in trouble for fighting with Lioa. However, detention proves to be frustrating for him, and Lioa's mum turns up to make things worse. Lord Orag, a powerful Elkran Lord, and James start to talk and Lord Orag's stance on the whole Elkran-Colran situation is something James didn't expect.
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