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(finally) posting an introduction!

Oct 8, 2023
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it's been, what, over 2 months since I've signed up? and in all that time I've nyever made an introduction here. idk, I've tried, I just hit a complete blank whenever I try and actually post one minioverwhelmed.png but bc of the username change I thought maybe I should do one.
syo yeah, hi. my name's Dizzy, I'm into Pokemon (obv), Vocaloid, #COMPASS, Project Sekai and Splatoon mainly but there's a lot of things I'm into (maybe nyot as some other people I see though).
I have a lot of fav Vocaloid producers (they're mentioned on my profile) but honestly I enjoy most producers to some extent, if you have Vocaloid song recs PLEASE send me them syo I can tell you what I think about it..
as you can probably guess from my signature I'm a huge fan of AliceinFreezerShipping (Kofu x Wulfric) and honestly there's like at least a 40% chance I'm thinking about it at any given moment.
and that's really all I have to say about myself tbh. here's my rentry if you wanna know more about me!
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Hi! Your username changed so I’m guessing you used to be… anoko dokonoko? Something like that? Well anyways, I’ve been seeing you a lot and I hope you keep enjoying this place!
Yep, that's me! I felt like I had been using the same two names (variations on "Anoko Dokonoko" and "Proti Balarina") on way too many sites, syo I decided to change a lot of usernames I had that were variations on those cause... idk, I just wanted more varied usernames.
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