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First details released on cards from upcoming ex Start Decks for the Pokémon TCG, releasing in Japan July 7th

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After being previewed yesterday during the live broadcast of Day 1 of the Pokémon TCG Champions League, the Day 2 broadcast has officially unveiled a range of new cards that will be released with the upcoming ex Start Deck products that will be launching in Japan on July 7th.

A concurrent update on the Japanese official Pokémon Card Channel on YouTube today discusses many of these newly revealed cards in detail, including brand new Pokémon ex.

The ex Start Decks consists of 1 deck for eachof the eight Basic Energy types that currently exist in the Standard format of the TCG. Each deck is lead by a type-matching Pokémon ex, each of which is making these first appearance as part of these decks. Two additional and as yet unannounced secret decks are also released as part of a special deck pack, which can contain any one of the ten aforementioned decks. The eight decks announced today include:
  • :G: Decidueye ex Start Deck (Japanese: exスタート 草 ジュナイパー)
  • :R: Victini ex Start Deck (Japanese: exスタート 炎 ビクティニ)
  • :W: Greninja ex Start Deck (Japanese: exスタート 水 ゲッコウガ)
  • :L: Miraidon ex Start Deck (Japanese: exスタート 雷 ミライドン)
  • :P: Clefable ex Start Deck (Japanese: exスタート 超 ピクシー)
  • :F: Koraidon ex Start Deck: (Japanese: exスタート 闘 コライドン)
  • :D: Houndoom ex Start Deck (Japanese: exスタート 悪 ヘルガー)
  • :M: Melmetal ex Start Deck (Japanese: exスタート 鋼 メルメタル)
Full set and deck lists will not be available for some time, given that these products are still two months away from release. All cards currently known to be launching as part of this set have been compiled on Bulbapedia. Below, we've included translations of the eight featured ex cards.

Card #Card ImageTranslation
SVD 009/139
Decidueye ex
Decidueye ex

Ability: As one pleases
This ability may be used once per turn. If this Pokémon is on your bench, you may swap it with your Active Pokémon. If this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon, you may swap it with a Pokémon on your bench.

:G::C: Hunting Arrow 130
This attack also does 30 damage to one of your opponent's Benched Pokemon. (Do not apply weakness and resistance for Benched Pokémon)
SVD 014/139
Victini ex
Victini ex

:R: Strafe 30
You may switch this Pokémon with 1 of your Benched Pokémon.

:R::R::C: Victory Flame 220
During your next turn, this Pokémon can't attack.
SVD 029/139
Greninja ex
Greninja ex

:C: Secret Shuriken
This attack does 40 damage to 1 of your opponent's Pokémon. (Do not apply weakness and resistance for Benched Pokémon)

:W::W: Raging Rapids Slice 120+
If your opponent's Active Pokémon already has any damage counters on it, this attack does 120 more damage.
SVD 046/139
Miraidon ex
Miraidon ex

:L: Quick Draw 20
Draw 2 cards

:L::L::L: Techno Turbo 150
You may attach a :L: Energy card from your discard pile to 1 of your Benched Pokémon.
SVD 048/139
Clefable ex
Clefable ex

Ability: Moon's Surface Zone
All of your Pokémon with :P: Energy attached have no retreat cost.

:P::P::P: Moon Wonder 170
You may move as many :P: energy attached to any your Pokémon as you like to any of your other Pokémon.
SVD 068/139
Koraidon ex
Koraidon ex

:F: Split Beam
This attack does 20 damage to 2 of your opponent's Pokémon. (Do not apply weakness and resistance for Benched Pokémon)

:F::F::C: Gaia Press 230
This Pokémon also does 30 damage to itself.
SVD 072/139
Houndoom ex
Houndoom ex

:D::D: Evil Claw 90
On your opponent's next turn, a basic Pokémon hit by this attack cannot attack.

:D::D::D: Hound Fang 220
This Pokémon also does 30 damage to itself.
SVD 085/139
Melmetal ex
Melmetal ex

:M: Metal Absorb
Select 2 basic :M: energy cards from your deck, and attach them to this Pokémon. Then, shuffle your deck.

:C::C::C::C: Full Metal Knuckle 90+
This attack does 30 more damage for each :M: Energy attached to this Pokémon.


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