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First Dp Title?


Jun 11, 2004
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From Pokeani.

Also, they seem to be mentioning Aipom in another post, anyone wanna go and look (In the Anime Information Board)

It seems the title is along the lines of...

Begin! From Masago Town to Futaba Town!

Apparently, in the magazine the title was in, they showed Ash with Aipom, Pikachu, and Meowth.
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I say first bulletin board S.T.M here.

The subtitle of one chapter of Daipa story was clarified from Shogakukan
「Start. From Ftabataun to Masagotaun. 」

Was seen and it was being written so though whether the truth was not

I think I saw this thread, and they just drone on about the games from that point. :p Anyway, they seem uncertain on whether it is real.
Apparently, in the magazine the title was in, they showed Ash with Aipom, Pikachu, and Meowth.
No, the magazine (first-grader) simply included the same keychain advertisement as the one you yourself pointed out in another thread. The Pokeani poster describes how this seems to suggest that Ash and Team Rocket will not vanish from the face of the anime, but adds that their position in the Diamond and Pearl series is quite unclear.

Begin! From Masago Town to Futaba Town!
It is from Futaba Town to Masago Town, following the games. Thankfully, Hikari will actually originate from her game counterpart's town, unlike May who had to travel by bike from Petalburg to Littleroot (when she should have moved from Johto to her new home in Littleroot).

The title certainly does not follow the footsteps of Wakaba Town! Where Winds of New Beginning Blow! and A New Land! A New Adventure!!.
It made more sense for May to actually live in the same town as his father.

A lot of the first AG episode was set on Route 101. The equivalent is the setting of this episode were Ash could easily meet and join Hikari.

The summary for this episode can't come soon enough.
It made more sense for May to actually live in the same town as his father.
I believe you meant to write that it was a cop-out from the game scenario where Norman distances himself from his family.

With any luck, this episode will have a male figure accompany Hikari on her way to Masago Town - the new rival character as is the case in the games.
Habunake, you could have perfectly edited your first post instead of triple-posting.

Heh...got a little excited.

Saraform, are you still being stubborn about Ash staying?
Saraform, are you still being stubborn about Ash staying?
If you mean insistent about Ash staying in the vicinity of Kanto, then I am guilty as charged.

Why wouldn't I be? All is fair and square in trial - am I supposed to ignore the rest of the signs simply because Pikachu hasn't been wiped from the face of the earth?
Because everything is pointing to him going to Shinou.
Do tell. I am sure that the plain observers, of whom I am representative, would appreciate the chance to finally see things from an objective perspective, where Ash is long past headed to Shinou.
Japanese kids talking about a magazine that says Ash goes to Shinou....

sounds like a good sign! XD
Yeah their are, on Pokeani.

People who can read Japanese have confirmed it.
I do? Since when?

I'm just saying, I have yet too see anything supposrting Ash staying in Kanto.
I'm sorry, but.

Can everyone shut up about if Ash is staying or going?

For crying out loud, people. There's nothing telling us anything about anything - we'll know what's going to happen to him during the very last AG episode, and until then you're just giving the rest of us a headache because there's currently no evidence either way that Ash is staying or going.

Isn't there anything else about this new episode we could speculate about? I mean, for example, this seems to me to confirm that Hikari will be a new trainer - even though a lot of people were convinced she would be an experienced trainer who's going after the legendaries. Maybe this series isn't going to be such a change of pace, as many people have thought so far?
Actually, now we have ample evidence for him staying, as people have seen a a page of a magazine with him on it with Aipom, Meowth, and Pikachu.

Also, I think Brock may stay.............XD

It seems Hikari has all the starters, making me think perhaps she is delivering them for the Professor, but somehow ends up with them?
as people have seen a a page of a magazine with him on it with Aipom, Meowth, and Pikachu.
Again, it is the same advertisement that you yourself came across, and Ash is nowhere to be seen.

I would like for you to explain why you claimed there was word of Ash going to Shinou on Pokeani.
Serebii said:
We can guarantee that Ash is in it. Some art that went with the title in the magazine feature Pikachu, Meowth & Aipom
This title isn't really exciting is it? I was expecting something a bit more, but somehow I expected it. Should be a good series!
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