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Gen 8 Movepool Update Speculation Thread

Eldegoss may get Polen Puff and Powder, that would cool and make sense too.

Cotton Spore or Cotton Guard too. Feels like a Gen 8 Jumpluff/Whimsicott to me.

Grookey as a monkey will get Encore? Torment? Taunt?

Basically all the same moves as Chimchar line, except change all fire/fighting to Grass/???
Cotton Spore or Cotton Guard too. Feels like a Gen 8 Jumpluff/Whimsicott to me.

Basically all the same moves as Chimchar line, except change all fire/fighting to Grass/???

Jumpluff(should get Cotton down instead of Leaf Guard, where are the Leafs???) grass/flying
and Whimiscot speedy 116 grass/fairy with Infiltrator and Prankster?

I think Eldegoss will be very strong sp. defense and a kind of Goodra of this generation taking how Cotton Down resembles Gooey.
Weird that only reduces speed and not attack too.
Eldegos could get Fluffy actually as grass pokemon it has similarity with Wooloo when it comes to that body form and shape.

Grookey is a monkey and Primeape and Mankey also learned them.
Grass/rock, would be perfect to counter fire/fighting actually.
Taking that it takes neutral damage from fire, neutral from Brave Bird and with enough hp and both defences could handle Mach Punch.
Even if it would be faster a little then Blaziken , lets say as fast as Ferraligatr then it could match many fire,grass and water types for neutral damage.

I imagine a stats similar like Infernape when it comes that attack=sp.attack and def=sp.defense. If it gets drain punch, roar and Circle Throw would be cool. As a monkey maybe even a water move like water pulse?

Parting Shot with Grookey or Scorchbunny?
Parting Shot: Delphox, Unown, Samurott, Chesnaught, Decidueye, Emboar, Incineroar?
Greninja was dark typed but why not give it to others?
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I hope Honedge gets Metal Claw early in its moveset. Despite being my favourite Pokemon line, it was super annoying to raise it without a STAB Steel-type move until level 42.

Also, can we have a new, somewhat weak physical Fairy move for Fairy-types like Impidimp and Granbull? Play Rough, the only physical Fairy move is generally only learned in the higher levels.
There needs to be a new 90-95% BP PHYSICAL dragon move with at least 95% accuracy. Dragon claw is accurate but weak, Dragon Rush is powerful but inaccurate, and Outrage is powerful but locks you in, possibly confuses you, and you can't even control the target in a double battle. I think it's only fair since the faeries got Play Rough, which is quite powerful and accurate.
To be fair, it’s literally the only physical Fairy move...
That’s something I really want Game Freak to address in the near future. Having almost all of the Fairy-type moves being special limits the type a bit too much. and it’s not like they can’t come up with more physical moves. They could give us something like a Fairy-type Quick Attack that’s powered by pixie dust, or maybe add a move based on the concept of the wild hunt that’s a variation of the Dark-type move Beat Up. Heck, give us an enchanted sword move; it’s Great Britain for crying out loud!
Dragon lick? Power 60 has 30% chance to paralyze the oponent. Oposite of dragon breath.

Dragon Entrance(Kick)- dragon version of First Impression. Hitmonlee and Komo line would love this.

For fairies:

fairy wings- physical power 70, makes user levitate for 3 turns but when used the next turn after it was already used then causes to fall on the ground and will do 33% recoil demage. Has 30% to cause oponent to flinch.

Starfall, physical power 90, 25% recoil damage

Star Swipe- fairy type version of First Impresion.

Rainbow slam- power 70, moves last, user and oponent get switched after it.
Obstagon will learn X-scissors and Cross Poison? Sound moves? Kiss. Lick. Fire lash ?
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