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Gym leader self

Oct 28, 2023
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  1. She/Her
Idk if this has already been done, or if this is allowed (if it isn’t or already has you can remove this) but do you guys have gym leader versions or yourselves for any sort of thing? (Fangame, just for fun, etc). If you do, please share!

I’ll start. I’m a ghost type gym leader with four Pokémon: mimikyu, misdreavus, gourgiest, and drifloon. Im not sure about levels or moveset yet, but I’ll figure that out later.


I’ve gotten better at art since then, so I think I want to remake it into something better.

My gym challenge is something of a haunted house themed Pokémon quiz, because ghost types and my slight hyper fixation on Pokémon. You go through the gym and answer quiz questions, if you get them right, you get a low level healing item that will come in handy (paralyze heal, potion) and if you get it wrong you have to battle a gym trainer. I’m not sure about the badge yet, but I’ll figure that out sometime.

Im looking forward to seeing everybody else’s!
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