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EVERYONE: Hydrogenium's Short and Even Shorter Fics Attempts

Jul 16, 2021
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  1. They/Them
Hello! This is a thread where I post, well, the results of my attempts at short fics (understand: drabbles and "failed drabbles" : )

The majority of them are E rated BUT some have a higher rating, Teen, might be Mature, even - these will always be placed under a spoiler tag! I will always let you know what the rating of each single one is!!

Feedback appreciated - I'm always happy to hear your opinions, and critiques, too, just don't be mean ^^;;
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Notes: ....honestly, proud of this one ^^; Please note it's a ship fic, kind of... So "warning" for the Whitney/Roxanne pairing! (Is E rated.)


Skitty meowed.

Whitney decided to pay some attention to her normal type Pokémon. She looked away from the bouquet she was inspecting.

Would she like this one? Wasn't it too tacky? Or was it too boring?

Skitty meowed again, causing her mind to focus on the same subject as her eyes.

The Pokémon ran towards a nearby table on which a vase with lilies stood. They were pink - like the Skitty Roxanne caught for her as a gift.

"Pink lilies symbolize love and admiration," the shop assistant chimed.

Whitney blushed. Choosing the right flower was easier than anticipated.
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Notes: Johto :yay: Content warning for implied possibility of death (is E rated).


Umbreon's glowing rings were the only light source Kris had inside the labyrinthine bowels of Mt. Silver.

The apprehension they were lost wasn't the only source of her anxiety;

She had beaten the gym leaders of Johto. She had beaten the Champion. She had beaten the gym leaders of Kanto.

But she hadn't been able to even find that trainer yet...

And in the event she managed to do so, she doubted she would stand a chance against him.

She was tired and so were her teammates.

Their next battle, even just against a wild Pokémon, could be the end.
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Notes: My sister said this one is her favourite so far.... made me happy lol. I like how this one turned out myself ^^;;

Is E rated and it's the most 'Everyone fic', I have nothing more to say...


Sabrina made her way towards the Saffron City train station. She walked swiftly, but she wasn't in a rush.

The gym leader was always punctual, and so was the departure of the train.

The arrival at Goldenrod was exactly at the time she expected.

She looked at her wristwatch and smiled. Even if she walked slowly, she would still be fifteen minutes early at the place they were supposed to meet up.


Going shopping with her friends always brought her genuine joy - even though she always had to stand at the meeting point, waiting for those bad timekeepers.
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Notes: I was checking the grammar with Grammarly and it seems there should be 'in' instead of 'at' but I did some research and it seems 'at' could be all right, too?? Whatever, I just left it as it is.... Anyway, started replaying Crystal a while ago and got an idea and just decided to try and ended up liking the result! So, hope you enjoy!! Rating is EVERYONE for this one and warnings are for... nothing? Me trying to write a kid of the age I suppose the protagonist character is around...? You'll get what I mean, probably, but... this fic needs no warning, lol.


"Mr. Pokémon's house straight ahead," the signpost read. Kris furrowed her brows. Wasn't having a signpost leading people to your house defeating the purpose of living alone at a quiet place, far away from a city?

She shrugged it off.

That man was weird.

Or so she assumed, based on the fact he was a friend of Elm's.

Nothing against the professor - he was a good and kind neighbour. And he gave her a Pokémon.

But he was strange - innocuously; she simply didn't know another word for people she didn't understand.

She just understood that everyone was different.
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Notes: this one is rated TEEN for humour of a sexual nature. More specifically; warning for non-graphic nudity in a dubious context.

This kind of humour is definitely not everyone's thing, so please, avoid reading this if you think it's just something that would leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth.

Oh, me and my teenage humour :confused:



The first thing Brendan noticed upon entering Steven's office was a big calendar hanging on the wall.

It was a very normal wall calendar, except that the majority of calendars Brendan had ever seen had a Pokémon or a landscape photo on them. Not a photo of a lady with no clothes.

Like, no clothes at all.

And she was squatting. Oh no...

Luckily, a big crystal, an amethyst or something, in front of her was obscuring everything he, as a twelve year old, was definitely not supposed to see.

But still... Wasn't she a bit too close to that stone...?

Steven noticed what the boy was staring at and swiftly proceeded to explain: "Ehm... It's... It's... That's... an artistic photograph."

Even though hesitation and embarrassment were apparent in the champion's voice, Brendan believed him.

But May didn't; "An artistic photograph. Of course, you pervert."

Based on numerous experiences from my childhood, lol...
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Notes: I thought I might at least once join whatever day people somewhat celebrate or something today : ) lol, no, just using it as an excuse to force myself to finish editing this, so, so, very long fic (582 words) I started writing ages ago!! ...not sure exactly when, but before I even started working on anything I've posted so far to this thread (Calendar was written as the first one of the previously posted : ) I was... What was I doing when I was writing this?! I remember writing it almost all at once (staying up kind of late because of this) with the intention of writing a fic with chapters but once I stopped writing, it was gone, whatever it was..., and I wasn't able to continue writing... like this lol. There was originally a humorous twist but I've rewritten the ending so, no, although maybe still? Depends on your sense of humour. Decided to get more creative with the title, ehm, not too sure about how it is, but... ^^; Also used the, the... quotation marks that... are still used in some languages, not in English as far as I know though but... Why not? These are very valid and real quotation marks!!

Anyway, this one is rated EVERYONE and it's a ship fic, so it probably is not for everyone - the pairing's GothShipping, which is the Clair/Karen pairing! ...or maybe rather, it's just implied rather than this being an actual ship fic? No, it's a ship fic because I said so :tentacruel: Ehm, anyway, please enjoy!!

The Embodiment of Perfection

»Think you can win? Just try to entertain me!«

As always, Karen pronounced these words in a slightly arrogant tone and with unshakable confidence.

Lance, seemingly ignorant of the attitude of his opponent, stretched out his arm and forcefully threw a pokéball into the arena.

Even though the half-red-half-white sphere had not yet hit the cold flooring out of a nearly unbreakable solid stone, the sort of flooring that could be found only in stadiums where just professionals were allowed to battle, the crowd in the terraces began to cheer.

The graceful Elite Four member straightened her posture, a mocking smirk plastered upon her face, and began to speak to be heard by no one - the moment her lips separated was the same junction Lance's pokéball hit the ground, releasing an orange dragon-like creature whose entrance was immediately followed by a fierce roar, strong enough to dominate everyone's senses.

Dragonite, usually a calm and friendly Pokémon, drew all the attention of the audience upon itself with the showcase of its strength in its untamed form. The sights of all present clung to the Dragon type, save for her; she couldn't take her eyes off of her cousin's opponent and co-worker.

While she felt an infinitesimal bit of guilt as a Dragon Tamer for not even feeling the need to avert her eyes from Karen's figure to look at the majestic beast, she was far too immersed in studying the Elite Four to acknowledge the emotion.

Karen's eyes narrowed as she furrowed her brows, licking her upper lip with the tip of her tongue.

Clair's own eyes widened as she came to the realisation: just now, Karen was trying to conceal her disconcert, and successfully so. The shift in her expression still matched her playful demeanour perfectly - on the surface, at least.

But the way the skin around her eyes wrinkled, although just for the shortest of an instant, was completely atypical to the façade of her ever so unconcerned persona.

Clair bit her lower lip, her knuckles turning white as she gripped the edge of the seat in front of her. What could happen? Forcing herself to tear her eyes away from the woman in the arena, she caught a glimpse of the Pokémon that was sent out to this match before Dragonite, Karen's Vileplume, and dedicated some attention to her cousin, or more so, his Pokémon.

She flinched in disgust when her sight met an unctuous lizard creature instead of an elegant dragon she fallaciously assumed was standing on the battlefield all along.

»Charizard, use Flamethrower!« Lance commanded in his usual authoritative tone.

Karen smiled, determination apparent in her eyes, yet, Clair could hear a hint of hopelessness in her voice as she ordered: »Stun Spore, Vileplume!«

›Stun Spore, Vileplume...‹ Once the melodic sound reached Clair's ears, she could feel all her attentiveness, once again, shift away from the match. The woman who let these words out suddenly, once again, became the only thing existing in her world.

The Dragon Tamer rose from her seat in angry disbelief, blood boiling in her veins.

This was a serious Pokémon battle she was watching as a professional, as the Gym Leader of the Blackthorn City gym! How could she let her guard down? How could she let this lady with a pretty face distract her?

How could she let this lady with a pretty face distract her again?!

...but did that even matter?

With a defeated sigh, the Dragon-type specialist sat down again.

She could enjoy the match however she wished, could she not?

You are getting more notes, so... consider yourself lucky I guess?? ^^;;
Anyway, I wanted to mention it! I mostly write on my phone and have this app, »Writer Lite« or something, that's not important; it allows to add cover images, which I like as it helps to sort things out, you open the app and see the thumbnail image and immediately know what is what, and also it's just nice! So I always add some images... just some at least, like this:

So, the one I used for this fic specifically is this artwork by escolopendror and the one I use for the folder with the rest of these is this artwork from the Art Gallery's Art Trade by Itsjustmudkipz (hope it's all right to put it in there like this..) ...and that would be it ^^;;
omg hydro these are so good!! calendar killed me lmfao.. so proud of mr. sneve
and gothshipping is so lovely -- your fic even more so!!

This was a serious Pokémon battle she was watching as a professional, as the Gym Leader of the Blackthorn City gym! How could she let her guard down? How could she let this lady with a pretty face distract her?

How could she let this lady with a pretty face distract her again?!


absolutely looking forward to more, love your work so much!!
I just realised you used my artwork as a cover!!! What an honour ^^ I love your writing, it's great! It makes me want to try writing something too haha
(By the way, those quotation marks are used in Spanish! They're used backwards though, «like this!»)
Super short 'hello' and super short review LOL... I promise I'll come back to look at the rest, but I thought this one was really cute.

Whitney decided to pay some attention to her normal type Pokémon.
(superduper small nitpick here, but I think usually type names are capitalized, and there's a dash between [type name] and type, so like Electric-type or Grass-type? other than that though everything is just fine!!)
The Pokémon ran towards a nearby table on which a vase with lilies stood. They were pink - like the Skitty Roxanne caught for her as a gift.

"Pink lilies symbolize love and admiration," the shop assistant chimed.
I think I'll need to start adding flower symbolism in my works...

I really love the idea of catching Pokémon as gifts... I guess in the 'real world' it'd probably be a bit of an issue if a friend just gave you a cat (or whatever) out of the blue, knowing you have like six other animals to take care of -- but Trainers are just built different, I guess? They're all basically animal lovers, I guess, so maybe they wouldn't mind after all. It definitely would 'mean more', knowing that a cherished Pokémon of yours is from someone special... though I guess I can say that's the case even here, in the case of two Pokémon I have in my copy of Y from a certain special Subway Master!

Forgive my rambling, but I really enjoy seeing small real-world details like that present in a fic that make stories feel more... complete, I guess. Sometimes it's hard to find fics that do that, I think. I've never seen the pairing of Roxanne and Whitney before, but I think they'd compliment each other well! I do have to ask you, Hydro -- where'd you get the idea of them together from? wanna pick your brain LOL..

That being said -- drabbles can be hard to pull off well, I think, but you did a nice job of taking us into a small slice of Whitney's daily life, Hydro! It felt nice and 'quaint', and I tend to enjoy that quality in fics a lot. I'd love to see more of that pairing together sometime, especially seeing how they met! This was a strong first entry, so I think the rest of the ones in this collection will also be of good quality, too. You should def be proud of it !o/
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