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Preview HZ015: Someone We Can't See! Whosawhatsit?

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I wonder what’s the relation between Iono and Dot. Frenemies?? I think it’ll probably be something friendly and they probably don’t know each other personally.
I guess no one's gonna tell Liko her necklace is gone, huh?

Though it would be cool if Iono was one take out Spinel and get it back.
The preview shows Liko and Sprigatito acting like how they did when they first met, so she probably had her memories messed with.
That makes this episode so much more enjoyable to look forward to, I thought it was merely Spinel captured Liko, can't wait to see what happens next, reminds me of Super Mystery Dungeon when Beheeyem were the ones responsible for wiping the player's memories
I've been seeing speculation that the Corvisquire holding silverware possibly leading to a Tinkatink appearance.
Also......Corvisquire finally makes its debut! 'Bout time!
We definitely need an eye in the sky, imagine how easily JN142 could have been solved with a Flying type in their parties
Why didn't Ash/anyone use a Flying type in that episode again? Seriously. (What even was the point of JN142 in the first place?)
Does anyone else like Liko more than Ash in modern times, or is it just me? The worst thing one could say about her is being bland, but she seems much more soft spoken.
Oh great, it's the PokeWorld version of when YouTubers guest star on each other's videos... :oops:

Though Nidothing must have a LOT more clout than I thought if Iono wants to collab with her. o_O

Though I get the feeling Iono dreams of working with anyone who has a chance of drawing in those sweet, sweet viewer numbers. Though I know three people (well, two people and a talking cat) from Kanto who might help ;)

Though this and HZ16 are starting to sound like a two-parter where Dot saves the day, or at least helps out. It'll be a kick if she's the one to defeat Spinel! (or at least get Liko's necklace back)
BZZZZZZT!! Whoosit whatzit? Iono's about to hijack the forums here in a couple of hours or so, so as a parting shot for this preview thread, here's your reminder to stay electrifying, folks! And now, let us give the floor to Paldea's resident e-girl! BZZZZZT!! :L::bulbaWave:
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