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Review HZ025: Rivals in the Dark Night

And the first arc of this series comes to a close.

What a banger of an ending that was. Diana joining the gang for a bit, Hamber stepping out of the shadows, Onyx in action and Sango already oozing that energy right from the word Go.

Animators really went to town with this one too especially towards the end with Sango freaking the hell out.

It's been a fantastic start to Horizons with these new characters and I've gotta say I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of it now.
Also looks like the era of Hattena sneakily being in every episode due to being in Liko's hood is over now that Liko realised what returning a pokemon to its ball is. Wasn't there in any of the preview shots either.
What a epic closure of the first arc that finally revealing the ambitious from explorer. Now, it time for Liko to train the little Terapagos to defend itself.

Overall rating: A-
This episode was alright. Very action packed and nice conclusion to the first arc. My only real issue was once again, Friede getting most of the battle spotlight. With all of the growth Liko and Roy have had with their training (even if it still isn't too much), I would have liked to see them getting more battle time against Zirc and Onia. I'm glad Sprigatito got a win against Golduck, though I would have liked to see Roy get a win as well for a change. At least Fuecoco didn't faint, I guess. It would also be nice to see them battle with their other Pokémon instead of having Sprigatito and Fuecoco do everything. I also thought the extra two Explorers showing up really didn't add much. They didn't even get to the battle until the tail end, then got destroyed by Cap. Pink haired Explorer girl remains the best of that group, though I'm lost on why she had her Glalie explode out of nowhere like that.

Overall, the episode was decent. I hope to see more of Liko and Roy training so they'll be able to face the Explorers on their own. 6/10.
Lucius really just casually owned 4 legendaries huh? Shiny Rayquaza, Galarian Moltres, Entei, and Terapagos presumably.
And is it just me, or does anyone else think that Lucius's Entei's is going to be a Paradox Entei considering the Indigo Disk DLC is just around the corner?

Side note: Lucius having a Kleavor is interesting, considering that Pokemon was only ever obtainable in Hisui, so we might finally see more of Hisui in the anime, maybe?
My only issue with this episode was I wish they hadn't thrown in the remaining Pokemon on Lucius's team like that
Almost like they don't like giving us surprises or something
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I just KNEW Coral was nuts! :eek:

And FINALLY, a Charizard vs. Cerludge battle that actually ENDS.

Though yeah, it would've been nicer if the kids had at least been given a chance to fight Onyx and Coral before Cap showed up.

Also...did Onyx' Garganacl straight-up murder Diana's other Pokemon? <_<
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I don't really ever voice my opinion on the anime since I'm definitely more of a casual watcher, but I think this episode is probably my favourite of the series so far, was very exciting to watch all the way through
I liked that this episode was more action packed and that it kept revealing a few more answers.

Things I liked:
Friede and Amethio finally reaching a conclusion to one of their pokemon battles.
The pokemon of the castle being affected
Diana being very proactive
Liko & Roy getting some battle action
The crazy pink girl commanding Glalie to self destruct
An action-packed conclusion to the first arc of Horizons!

We finally get to see a conclusion to the reoccurring Friede vs. Amethio fight, with Friede coming out on top after utilizing Terastalization. Not even Liko and Roy knew he had that, so I'm guessing he just coincidentally forgot to tell them, given his track record. I like how Friede basically told Amethio that he was never going all-out with him until now. Friede jumping off the tower and winking back at Liko and Roy was cool. Friede is a cool guy. I also noticed that Terapagos seemed interested/entranced when it saw Terastalization in action.

Onyx doesn't really leave an impression, but Sango DEFINITELY does. I really like her chaotic personality. She seems pretty unstable, especially when something upsets her. Her over-the-top reactions to Cap were both funny and unnerving. I wasn't expecting her to use Explosion, which definitely fits her impulsive nature.

Onia and Zirc get beat up almost instantly, but what else is new.

We get to find out the identities of the other Six Heroes. Lapras, Kleavor, and Entei. Kleavor is the most interesting, given the fact that it is an Hisuian Pokemon, which naturally raises the question where Lucius got it. The Ancient Poke Balls still seem much more advanced than the Poke Balls we see in Legends: Arceus. I wonder why they chose to give Lucius Entei of all Pokemon when he already has a Fire-type Legendary that happens to be part of a Fire/Water/Electric trio, they could of at least given Raikou some love given his almost nonexistent presence in the anime.

Diana reveals that the Explorers were friends of Lucius, which means that the Explorers are a lot older than I expected them to be. Unless Gibeon is somehow super, super old, he probably didn't create the organization himself, which makes me question why the admins seem so loyal to him specifically, seemingly much more than just an underling-boss relationship (I always keep going back to them saying they only exist to serve Gibeon). I wonder why the Explorers are going after Terapagos specifically, since they don't seem to have much interest in the other Six Heroes (and most are Legendaries) when they would likely know about them given their connection to Lucius. Then you have the fact that Terapagos was literally ECSTATIC to see Amethio, despite never meeting him before.
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Technically Zirc wasn't actually defeated. Rhydon didn't even look that damaged they just retreated because Onyx and Sango showed up.

Now that I've seen the sub I want to mention Gibeon mentioned something about a wish coming true. Which does line up with everything the games have going on (And with Terapagos potentially being behind it in the games, would explain why they are after it.)
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