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Review HZ030: The Slipping, Smashing Mystery Pokémon!?

An okay episode. Which Kids didn't knew that Polteageist already in the crew for very long. While Fredie didn't surprised whatsoever when Liko and Roy show to him. Except one thing that it can multiple into form.

Overall rating: C-
Well this episode certainly took a turn I wasn't expecting. I knew not to get my hopes up that Roy would actually get some focus here, despite the early summary, so thankfully I wasn't disappointed by that. I was actually pleasantly surprised that the episode wound up focusing on the Brave Olivine Pokémon. I didn't expect the episode to go in that direction at all, I legit thought it would be Liko and Roy wandering around the ship looking for Polteagiest for 22 minutes. But I'm so glad that ended up not being the case, because I've been wanting the ship Pokémon to actually get some attention for months now, so I'm glad we finally got an episode for them. It was so nice seeing more of the Pokémon's personalities, and I really hope we'll get to see even more focus on them in the future. I was also surprised that Poltegiest (and the random Sinistea) wound up joining the crew. Again, never anticipated that, but I liked it. And of, course, its always nice to see more of the best character, Quaxly.

Overall, this episode wound up being far better than I imagined and I hope to see more of the Brave Olivine Pokemon. 8/10.
A fun, playful episode and given what we've been through, I don't mind the more
comedic nature of this. Snistea and Polteageist joining the ship's crew was expected and it was just good vibes all around. 8 for this one, I really had fun.
This is a fun little episode and it's nice to see Quaxly and some of the other mons on the ship get their chance to shine too.
Polteageist wandered aboard the ship, joined the crew, and made a Sinistea. Fuecoco lacks not only observation skills but also friction. Dot tried to drink directly from Shuckle but Quaxly said no. The ship's Pokémon had a tea party.

One could say a lot happened in this episode but one could also say not much changed. Either way, it was a fun episode.
I really enjoyed getting to see a glimpse into what the Pokemon get up to when there aren't any people around! Was definitely not expecting that to be a secret underground fight club, though. I find it a little funny that Sprigatito and Fuecoco were seemingly just not invited until they stumbled on it themselves. I liked that Liko and Roy respected their boundaries at the end, too.

Dot trying to drink directly from Shuckle remains cursed and Quaxly has to remind her to behave like a regular, respectful human being.
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