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Review HZ037: Hogator, You're Becoming a Delinquent?!

So... What are the odds Fuecoco barely ever actually uses Disarming voice?

Anyways fine enough filler episode, not the greatest, enjoyed the little song though.
Decent enough episode. Roy and Fuecoco were a lot of fun in this and I enjoyed the little song they had to keep the Krookodile, Krokoroks and Sandiles amused.
Fuecoco learning Disarming Voice is at least a step in the right direction for battling Rayquaza. The fire croc now knows something super effective against Rayquaza, even if the damage would be negligible.
Glad to finally get another Roy focused episode and this one was really good. I like how he was truly the star here and I was surprised to see Fuecoco getting a new move in Disarming Voice. That was great to see. My only issue was once again, Wattrel being left out of training when he easily could have taken part. I also could have done without Friede, but other than that, I enjoyed this episode. 9/10.
Kinda rude to not pay the guys that solved your pokemon problem, even if they didn't help with the job your originally hired them for (and...they did help with that, by solving the pokemon problem, so technically you owe them the original fee plus hazard pay)

No wonder evil teams resort to crimes if an honest day's job pays zilch :\
Fuecoco learning Disarming Voice was the highlight in this episode for me. Was cool seeing Luxray, Diggersby and Minccino again. They've been showing a bit of Gen 5 Pokémon in these recent episodes... just saying. I'll give this a 7.5.
Another alright episode for the crew to earn money by accept other job. Unfortunately, only Fuecoco to shine as Liko watched. Also, thankfully for exhibition doesn't scuffing with the digger without causing any more harm. At the end, the situation resolve without them the pay. Due to the obstacles, it destroyed. Congratulations, Fuecoco gain new move.

Overall rating: C+
A fun episode! The baby Sandile were cute.

I really liked the scene of Roy, Fuecoco, and the others singing and dancing. I love their song in general and how significant it is in their bond. Fuecoco learning Disarming Voice was cool, too. Though, Sprigatito should really be learning something new as well (and again, Wattrel and Hatenna need more attention.)

Also, they totally deserved that pay. They got rid of the rock as requested.
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