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Review HZ041: Enter the Intense Mom!

We get to see Dot's backstory, Dot beats her mother in a Pokémon battle and gets permission to stay a member of the crew, and Quaxly learns Low Kick. It's interesting how Dot and Blanca seem different at first but actually have a lot in common.

Is anyone else assuming Murdock's Rockruff will eventually evolve into a Midday Lycanrock?
Super glad I was not the only one uncomfortable with that; especially with Friede taking the opportunity to ask Dot to come with him. They couldn't have added Murdock or Blanca in that scene? Or even clarified they were in the house, yet in another room? I know there was absolutely no negative intent whatsoever, but they could have constructed a more tasteful way for that interaction to occur in my opinion.
Yeah, that whole sequence was so weird....

Like, one second Friede's like "hey can u make us an app?" And I was thinking "just because people use their computers a lot, doesn't mean they know how to code :bulbaFacepalm:" That part was saved by Dot saying "oh I learned programming for fun." I'll hand them that.

But then the very next second, not a single thing has changed, Dot has not even left the room let alone started fixing Friede's phone, and he's like "hey wanna join the RVR?" Dot's reaction was so fair—she was just like, "woah woah woah, back the heck off, dude" :confused_emoji:

I figured that, since Murdock is a part of the RVR, he probably trusted Friede and felt fine with him being in the house while his daughter was still in there by herself (though I'm no parent, so I wouldn't know whether that's fine or not). But aside from that, that scene desperately needed work :jessie:
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