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If you were a Pokemon Trainer going for the Gym Challenge (No Matter The Region), how would you prepare to take on the Gyms?


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Aug 10, 2020
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Based on the results that I have received from this thread If Pokemon Was Real, And You Were Standing With The Professor, What Would Be Your Starter Order (Per Region)?), it made me think...

If the Pokemon World was real, and you were a Pokemon Trainer going for the Gym Challenge, no matter the Region, how would you prepare to take on the Gyms?

Consider that, in the anime, it was not clear how Ash and company knew anything about the Gyms that he would take on. In fact, sometimes it got quite cryptic. While we know what the Gyms are, since for us it is a game, if the Pokemon World was real, we likely wouldn't know anything about Types of the Gyms or where they are or anything...so how would you prepare?

My personal answer:
It is likely that, as you came into a town or city, the Nurse Joy would have travel guides or booklets as to what you could do in the area, that kind of thing. Failing that, I would consider based on whatever information I could get on the road or any hints I could get from the local townspeople.

How would you do this? Any answers would be appreciated.
Probably study the Pokémon’s moves so I can know what Pokémon won’t be effected much by them, then buy lots of healing items such as Revives
Well I'd learn what pokemon the gym leader is going to use. And if I had the opportunity, I'd probably sit in the audience and watch them fight a few other challengers first to see how they battle. Then I'd set up a team and train them a bit before challenging the gym myself.
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