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Preview JN020: Go Towards Your Dream! Satoshi and Go!!

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Summary and Staff lists courtesy of Dephender at Serebii

Satoshi and Go have been chosen to lead a Pokémon Orienteering event at the Sakuragi Laboratories. And as they of them get exposed to how fun it is to battle and get Pokémon alongside the children participating in the event, the duo once again reaffirm their unfulfilled "dreams". And then, believe it or not, Lugia appears......?!

Screenplay 米村正二 (Shōji Yonemura)
Storyboard 齋藤徳明 (Noriaki Saito)
Episode Director 小柴純弥 (Junya Koshiba)
Animation Director 矢田木瀧 (Taki Yatagi)
Animation Director 高橋優 (Yuh Takahashi)
Animation Director 広岡歳仁 (Toshihito Hirooka)
Animation Director 中矢利子 (Toshiko Nakaya)
Animation Director 海老沢咲希 (Saki Ebisawa)
Animation Director 中野悟史 (Satoshi Nakano)
Animation Director 武内啓 (Akira Takeuchi)
And congratulations, this episode takes home the award of "The most animation direction working on one episode".

Too bad it doesn't sound too promising on that side either.
The good: Finally we see Ash taking on a mentorship job, while in the past he's helped friends and COtDs this time he will be seen as an authority figure. Also, orienteering episodes are usually good.
The bad: The series is now at 60% Kanto episodes and 6 Kanto episodes in a row, making the series less of a global adventure and more of a SM 2.0 with occasional trips. Also, the Lugia cameo doesn't sound exciting.
I don't know how I feel about this one.

On one hand, the return of orienteering sounds fun, and I love seeing Ash in a mentor role, especially with younger kids!

On the other hand, I really don't need Ash or Gou's dreams repeated to me again (like we don't hear it at the beginning of every episode?) and also, it's only been 18 episodes since we've seen Lugia...do we really need to see it again that fast? Kind of wearing out its welcome and how special it is to actually see a legendary Pokemon,

I'm also getting really bored of Kanto. And I'm someone who loves Kanto.
I'm also getting really bored of Kanto. And I'm someone who loves Kanto.

Ikr? Frankly, I knew this series was gonna be predominantly set in Kanto; that's just how things work nowadays. But six episodes in a row? That's just too much Kanto at once. We'd better get a lot of non-Kanto episodes after this.
This episode in a nutshell:
Ash: "I'm gonna be a Pokémon master!"
Go: "I'm going to catch Mew and a bunch of different Pokémon!"
Both: "And we're both gonna drill those quotes in your head because we totally haven't already been doing that for the past few episodes!"
7 animation directors in a single episode. The anime has fallen to the point where episodes are being given to interns. The series is beyond dead at this point
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