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Review JN098: Pokémon Circus! Booster and Thunders!!

Full VA list courtesy of Adamant

Rica Matsumoto: Satoshi
Daiki Yamashita: Go
Ikue Ohtani: Pikachu
Kana Hanazawa: Koharu
Yuichi Nakamura: Professor Sakuragi
Kei Shindo: Eievui
Hana Takeda: Sarunori
Haruka Shamoto: Booster (Lime)
Takashi Kondo: Billy
Kana Ueda: Honoka
Yasuhiro Mamiya: Troupe Leader
Sayaka Senbongi: Kikuna
Noriaki Kanze: Renji
Marina Aicholtz: Go's Smartphone Rotom
Kenyu Horiuchi: Narration
Yeah. It's Branch Poke, to be specific.

Whew, had to channel my inner Nostradamus to get that right.

But anyways, was the episode good? The premise of accidentally mixing up Eeveelutions was certainly interesting, but did it actually lead to anything worthwhile? Did Koharu and Eevee learn an important lesson about growing up? Or did JN fumble the ball once again?
I thought Grookey not using a move yet would eventually be addressed in a focus episode, but it happened here as if it always know the move - should never have expected Journeys to do a focus episode on it unless it was evolving
A decent episode much better than the previous one, especially the Cotd evolve their own eevee with wrong evolution stone and moving forward with their different type partner. Koharu/Chloe on her biggest stage of her life first time in circus. Glad to be enjoyable.

Overall rating: B-
Grookey actually used a move? Reality is breaking everyone, repent!

In all seriousness though,I’d say that Grookey being useful (shocking, I know) is a decent admission to this episode, as is how Chloe solved the issue with the CoTDs. We can also check two more Eeveelutions of the list and all that’s left is Sylveon.
Overall, a decent episode,and at the very least much better than the shitshow that was the episode beforehand. Just pray that Grookey learning a move finally means that something that pleases us happens to it.
Yeah Koharu is not doing contests in the future.
Another in the ongoing and incredibly boring 'Chloe and Eevee meet other Eeveeolutions' saga, of which will probably be completely pointless when Eevee either turns into a 9th Gen form or just remains an Eevee forever.

Now I'm not saying I want Jessie and James to return for every episode, but episodes like these really feel dull without some kind of antagonist to spice things up.

At least as a Jolteon fan, it was cute to see a one with a flower on it's head. And hey, it was in a role where it wasn't fodder or in an antagonist role, that's some nice restraint on the writer's part!

I don't care in the slightest about Grookey learning a basic move, other than just where he can stick that branch of his.
It's a huge missed opportunity to not have Chloe incorporate what she she learned from watching Dawn's performances back in her first appearance. Instead, Eevee just shoots fire and electricity over and over in an uninspired fashion. Ash and Goh's performance was better than hers.
The episode was okay. I mean it was cute and FOR ONCE Grookey ACTUALLY used a move. The performances were nice, but nothing really seemed to push Chloe towards any actual goal. It seems she got two evolution stones, but we've already seen that fail with Eevee. I feel as if there's gonna be no big payoff for all these Chloe meets an Eeveelution episodes and I still question their purpose. Overall it was an okay episode. Certainly better than last week's trash.
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