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Preview JN105: Eievui and Nymphia! Encounters and Reunions!!

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Pretty sure the leaker said they meet in the last 2-3 minutes of the episode.

"That's it? That was Serena's return? She only interacted with Ash for a few minutes! OLM BETRAYED US!!!"
Wow. So the rumors and speculation ended up true in the end. A Serena return really is happening, seemingly in this very episode, no less. Just a week ago, I considered that to be wishful thinking at best. But I'm happy to have been proven wrong. I just wish that magazine leak didn't spoil the intended surprise.
Wasn't it confirmed Ash overslept and missed that one or something? If he wasn't at the one Goh and Chloe were at, Serena probably wasn't either considering she met Ash through Professor Oak's camp.

Unless they are gonna retcon it.

I mean, i would't put it past them, considering this is journeys after all.
This is a tragedy.
Who saw it to give a 10-year-old girl boobs?
The creators probably drank too much.

Right or wrong, this isn't exactly novelty to the Pokémon anime.


But, depending on the repercussion, as before, they may come to defile such boobs. lol

A very bittersweet feeling for this Friday, but holy crap is it awesome to see three XY returns in the span of a month :bulbaLove: I still do really wonder why they neglected to show Serena in last weeks flashback, but I’m excited either way
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