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Preview JN120: Koharu and Eievui, the Possibilities are Endless!

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Hm, so after the first rounds are done they're taking a break. I kind of figured there might be some breather eps before the semi-finals, and this would allow the Leon match to also air closer to the end of the series.
I think if Koharu's Eevee is going to evolve into a new eeveelution, this will be the episode where it does.

The thing then is though, that confirms we are getting another SV trailer featuring the new Eeveelution before this episode airs, just like how they did that with Dusk Lycanroc revealing it in a trailer before the actual episode happened.
Wonder if this is the Dawn/Koharu scene from the op?
The M8 Tournament doesn't feel really interesting anyway although it seems strange to me to have these breaks now in the Climax of the series! :unsure:
but I appreciate having more stuff for Chloe and Eevee though it might be the last one seen!:bulbaWave:
At worst this would replace Leon versus (other Champion Fodder), which wouldn't be good but it could be worse
Staff list courtesy of Dephender at Serebii

Screenplay 松井亜弥 (Aya Matsui)
Storyboard 永島明子 (Akiko Nagashima)
Episode Director 佐々木純人 (Sumito Sasaki)
Animation Director 五十嵐俊介 (Shunsuke Igarashi)
Ash-free episode (or at least mostly Ash-free)? :unsure:

Because him leaving the Master's 8 tourney to check on Chloe doesn't feel right...
(even though they could do just that if they want to :sick: )

Though yeah, there better be something good here. There's a could chance this will be Chloe's last focus episode (though there COULD be just one more, though I'm not sure how the pacing will work out for that), and if it's a semi-filler of Chloe and Eevee being cute and Chloe going "I'm gong to do THIS with my life!" after an awkward last minute epiphany.... :mad:
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