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Review JN146: Satoshi and Latios!

At best the first 2 episodes were odd in 5 Pokemon each, but otherwise I found it clear the team composition didn't mean much especially when there was a full team in the Lapras episode.
The Lapras episode was the only one where he had a full team. Beyond that, the only episode that made any sense for him to have what he did was the Squirtle Squad episode due to it being about the Kanto trio. Aside from that, there’s no real reason to limit his team space like that especially when this is the last chance to see Ash’s reserves. The writers don’t typic do some like that for nothing like how in SM, they kept his final slot open for Naganadel to joint his team in the full battle so this just felt deceptive since it went nowhere.
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This page states that Legendary Pokemon are actually divided into three categories. There are sub-Legendary Pokemon, (an unofficial term, used for Legendary Pokemon that get no battle facility or event restrictions), "True" Legendary Pokemon (mostly box-art Legendaries, and their counterparts, which are subject to more restrictions) and Mythical Pokemon (Legendary Pokemon that are only available through events and are subject to heavy restrictions). So even if Melmetal does not meet the narrowest definition of a Legendary Pokemon, it does fall under the broader category. Ultra Beasts like Naganadel are a special case; they're classified in the sub-Legendary group in the game's code, but most external material does not consider them to be Legendary, and treats them as belonging to a separate category altogether.
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The Hunter was a pretty cool "villian" but the Pokémon Hunter problem remains that if he just used Pokeballs instead of his badass petrifaction beam he wouldn't have been arrested, and he probably would have succeeded so, it just feels like a irrational decision for him to use it. "Think about what you did" says Kasumi but like what has he done? Why is it okay the player characters in the games to chase down legendary Pokémon relentlessly but not him? Goh wants to catch every Pokémon including "endangered" ones but, he's a good guy. "Well the hunter wants to sell them". Buying and selling Pokémon was part of Pokémon's original concept. While it was phased out it's kinda weird to send the message that selling Pokémon is wrong when the creator of Pokémon you know wanted kids to do just that in the games at one point, and the player still does have the option to buy a Pokémon. Different world building choices between media is one thing but two sets of morality that contradict each other? People defended by making comparison to real world poaching but ... pokemon aren't real. It's seen as perfectly normal to pick fight with wild Pokémon like Goh does in raid battles but the Lati@s are sadder when they battle the Hunter because the hunter is the bad guy. I.E the same cartoon violence is drawn meaner when the bad guy does it because bad guy bad

Disappointing to all this Latias build up lead to my personal pet peeve but it was good an episode besides that.
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