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Legends: Arceus Playthrough

Dec 23, 2009
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Okay, with only seven votes on the previous blog's poll I just went with the one who had the most votes: Oshawott is the winner. And since my plans got shifted due to a last-minute issue I ended up with a free day instead of doing various errands with mom. So, now on with the show.

Log #1

Got my starter, a male Oshawott with a Serious nature. I named him Ren after the Shield Hero swordsman (both because he wields swords and because he's a Chuunibyou, and since H-Samurott is part Dark-type, you can put the pieces together yourselves). So it was off to the Obsidian Fieldlands to complete my trail. Needless to say, despite not having played in a while I got back into the swing of things relatively easy. Which means the trial was completed with flying colors. Now I'm part of the Survey Corps. Got into my new Survey Corps uniform and met Kamado and got flipped. Literally.

Now it's time to start the first parts of completing the dex. Caught a bunch of Mons, including an Eevee that I've since added to the ranks (for now) and easily got to Rank 1. After a brief celebration and having to battle my rival's Pikachu (which I stupidly led with Ren since I forgot the Mon you lead with is the one that's highlighted on the X scroll bar), which resulted in him getting paralyzed, forcing me to switch out. After my Eevee (named Dusk, as I plan to use an Umbreon for a while for its defensive prowess until Ren fully evolves) finished off Pikachu it was on to help Mai. But, obviously, that means I had to prove myself to her. And Ren did exactly that, taking down her Munchlax (albeit barely) and now it's off to Deertrack Heights.

But first, since I can now cross the bridge I started catching several Mons that I couldn't before like Zubat, Kricketot, Geodude, and Stantler. I'm trying to find a Chimchar so I can use it as my Fire-type but it hasn't spawned yet so I'll have to check back some other time. I've also been doing a few side-quests but I haven't completed all of them (still searching for that damn 2'8" or higher Buizel and still filling out Starly's/Kricketot's dex entry).

Since I'm still mapping out my team I'm not sure if I should go with Wyrdeer or Alakazam for a Psychic Mon. Gardevoir would be preferred but I'd have to wait until the Crimson Mirelands before I can catch a Ralts and I'd rather have a decent Special Attacker sooner rather than later. I'm also debating on a Roserade for a Grass Mon due to it being fast and strong but, again, that's the Crimson Mirelands. Or maybe I should go with Toreterra? Any suggestions are fine.

Anyway, to top this entry off I got Ren and Dusk to evolve into Dewott and Umbreon, respectively, while also getting a Shinx that was part of my team to a Luxio. Hopefully the next time I boot up the game I can find Chimmy.

Current Team:

Ren (Dewott, male, 17)
Dusk (Umbreon, male, 14)
Mime Jr. (male, 13)
Luxio (male, 15)
Ponyta (female, 12)
Drifloon (male, 11)
Since my plans for the day got wrecked again I had another free day to continue my playthrough (among other things). So here's the next part of my adventures in Hisui.

Log #2

I continued where I left off. Upon rebooting the game I ran into two Chimchars. Normally that'd be a "Yay!" but both had bad natures (Quiet and Timid), but since I was unable to find any other Chimmys I went with the Quiet one. At least the Nature Mints aren't locked until the post-game so the newly added Heatshot will have to do. I then duked it out with the Alpha Kricketune and caught it by combining Ren's False Swipe with Drifloon's Hypnosis. Now the Heights Camp is ready. This excursion earned me my second Star Rank, now I can use Feather Balls. Shame Sky Tumblestone is so rare in the Obsidian Fieldlands, only being in out-of-the-way places that require at least Sneasler and Oreburrow Tunnel. So crafting some Feather Balls will have to wait.

Now it was time to figure out how to calm the frenzied Kleavor (and figure out how to get Adaman and Irada to actually cooperate with each other, though that's a task for another day). So it's off to study Kleavor. After some trial-and-error I added a Stantler to my team (for now, as I'm not sure if he'll stay or not), though I failed to catch any Abras due to their excellent senses causing them to zip off. Guess I'll have to deal with them later. I also managed to evolve Heatshot into a Monferno, giving me some useful Fighting STAB. Anyway, I caught several Mons, including the Alpha Parasect and Alpha Bibarrel. Despite the fact that my team was underleveled compared to the Alpha Parasect I managed to catch it unawares and burned it with Heatshot, causing it to lose two turns, giving me the chance to catch it without sustaining any damage. Bibarrel was easy enough as I got it via a back strike when its back was turned.

Caught several more Mons and explored Oreburrow Tunnel, clearing the rocks at the end so I now have easy access to Worn Bridge. Then it was time to fight Lian and his Goomy. One Aerial Ace from Ren was all it took to smoosh the oozy dragon. After meeting up with Prof. Laventon we now have our "strategy" to quell Kleavor: Teatime Balls, as he put it. Though I always get a good chuckle at Laventon shooting down the idea of calling them "Laventon Balls" because it makes it sound like we're throwing him at the walking deathmoble. Considering I'm the one getting thrown at Kleavor he should consider himself lucky that he's too important and a non-action guy and I'm too crazy brave to care about my personal safety. Now it's time to trek back to where Lian is and deal with Kleavor. But before that I gained another Star Rank, now giving me the ability to use Great Balls, which I instantly crafted some since I had plenty of Iron Ore that I had collected over time. I just need to get a few more chunks of Sky Tumblestones to make some Feather Balls. Hopefully I can get ahold of a freaking Abra soon, and maybe a Munchlax as well. We'll see.

My team is as followed:

Ren (Dewott, male, Lv25)
Dusk (Umbreon, male, Lv24)
Heatshot (Monferno, male, Lv24)
Stantler (male, Lv20)
Luxio (male, Lv21)
Drifloon (male, Lv21)
Using Drifloon's Hypnosis as a catching strategy? I'll wrote that one for a future playthrough...

You got an Umbreon very quickly!

I don't think Chimchar's nature is a problem, there are very few things in the game that can stop it.
Okay time for the next part of my adventures in Hisui.

Log #3

Anyway, it was time to tackle Kleavor. But first I got the ability to ride Wyrdeer along with obtaining the Mind Plate. Which allowed me to perform the balloon popping minigame which got me some Feather Balls. I had forgotten about that. But now with some Feather Balls I was able to catch a few extra Mons, such as an Abra named Psyclone (get it? Psy and Cyclone?) that has since worked its way into my ranks. He's proven to be a fine member. Anyway, after a bit of exploring it was time to deal with Kleavor. First I had to face Irida to earn her approval. Glaceon didn't last very long against Ren, to say the least. But now it was time for the first Noble battle.

Kleavor, as he's the first boss, was pretty easy. However, he'd always come just short of bashing himself into a wall, forcing me to just keep pelting him with balms until his next charge. At the very end he rammed a wall, giving Ren the opening he need to wash out the axe mantis and allow me to win without a scratch. Got the Insect Plate as my reward from the Noble himself and made my way back to Jubilife Village where I met Volo again. Got some praise from Kamado, raised my rank, and moved onto the next event. Also started the Spiritomb mission.

Arezu shows up and now I have to deal with Ursaluna and the Crimson Mirelands. But first I have a few requests to take care of. I went back to the Obsidian Fieldlands to catch Mons that I hadn't obtained yet like Pichu, Scyther, and Mothim. Because I can now catch Mons up to Lv50 I went Alpha hunting. I caught Alpha Stantler, Graveler, Burmy, Shinx, Luxio, Beautifly, Rapidash, Heracross, and Lopunny. I missed out on two Alphas: Starly and Silcoon, as just when I was about to go after them the time of day changed, causing me to lose them.

I also participated in my first time-space distortion and boy was I glad I stocked up on medicine as I got worked over by the various Mons in there. But I managed to catch a Weavile, Johtoian Sneasel, Ursaring, Onix, a few Eevee, and Haunter. Then I explored some of the other places in the Fieldlands, catching Wormadam, Gastrodon, Shellos, and Mr. Mime, along with evolving Ren into H-Samurott, an Eevee into a Leafeon, a female Combee into a Vespiquen, and a handful of others, which also resulting in Dusk getting boxed as I want to avoid type overlap. Now, I'm gonna be frank: I have mixed feelings about H-Samurott. On the one hand, it is a definite improvement over Unovian Samurott, be it typing, stats, and movepool. However, it's design is... lacking. I mean it's just a regular Samurott with edgelord shells and a different beard. I feel GF could've been a bit bolder with it like they were with H-Decidueye. But it is what it is. Anyway, now it's time to head to the Crimson Mirelands.

My team is as followed:
Ren (H-Samurott, male, Lv36)
Heatshot (Monferno, male, Lv33)
Psyclone (Kadabra, male, Lv32)
Vixen (Alpha Stantler, female, Lv43)
Moonbay (Ursaring, female, Lv32)
Meant to post this last night but I ended up falling asleep a bit early so here we go. Time for the next chapter in my adventures in Hisui.

Log #4

First off, I had to go back to the Obsidian Fieldlands because I forgot to complete a few requests (most notably the Chimchar "will-o-the-wisp" one), which was fine as I caught a few more Alphas: Zubat (which I would've never known was an Alpha until it knocked my PC over with its "roar"), Golbat (now a Crobat), Scyther, Buneary, and Combee (male, sadly). I also partook in another time-space distortion and this time I fared far better, catching a Sylveon, another Leafeon, Lickitung, Lickilicky, a male Ursaring, and a female Johtonian Sneasel. Those extra entries pushed my rank up to where I can now use Wing Balls. Not to mention I got a Linking Cord in the distortion, allowing me to evolved Psyclone into an Alakazam. After getting my promotion and picking up a few new moves with Zizu it was finally time to head for the Crimson Mirelands.

I first caught a bunch of Mons, along with battling several aggressive Paras and Parasect (why are they like that? Those are some aggressive mushrooms...) before heading to the Solaceon Ruins to me the most narrow-minded... Ahem! Bound by tradition warden: Calaba (I will say she looks good for 99 years old, considering the era Hisui is in is quite impressive) before facing Volo. Since I had added the Alpha Golbat to my ranks for a bit she easily wiped out Volo's Mons, as her Cross Poison axed Togepi and Air Cutter beat Gible (along with being immune to Gible's more powerful Bulldoze due to being part Flying-type). Then it was time to find the Miss Fortune Sisters. Why'd they have to be so hot? Especially Coin. Anyway, Vixen took care of her Toxicroak no problem with Psyshield Bash before recovering the wall fragment. I returned it to Calaba and now it was time to help Ursaluna.

But first... more catching. Caught several Mons: Croagunk, Roselia, Barboach, Tangela, some Alpha Tangrowth, both male and female Hippopatas, the Alpha Hippowdon, the Alpha Pachirisu, and Stunky. Which was on top of my previous catches of Budew, Gastly, Carnivine, and Pikachu frome earlier. Also Heatshot evolved into Infernape, the Alpah Golbat evolved into Crobat (as mentioned earlier), and Vixen evolved into Wyrdeer but I boxed the latter, instead taking out one of the Roselia I had caught for both dex data and because I'm interested in using a Roserade. Anyway, Ren took down Ursaluna, but just barely, as the bog bear's Play Rough nearly KOed him. But he succeeded and Ursaluna was given the medicine to calm him. Now I can search for "treasure" like Balls of Mud, though he did net me a Black Augurite so I'll give him points there. And soon after it was time to start the Unown hunt.

Anyway, gettin back to Jubilife Village Arezu has apparently been keeping secrets: Liligant's gone bonkers. So I have to use Ursaluna to track her down. But first I had to complete a few requests, such as the clothier's request for both male and female Hippopatas, among a few others. Oh, also, I had cheated a bit when it came to upgrading the item store, as I had the farm grow me the Hearty Grains (and, in the process, enough Sand Radishes for later) so I could give them to that grumpy old guy without even needing to step foot in the Crimson Mirelands. The farm is a very underrated resource, I will say. But, in any case, it's time to head on out and find Arezu and quell Liligant's frenzy.

My team is as followed:

Ren (H-Samurott, male, Lv42)
Heatshot (Infernape, male, Lv41)
Psyclone (Alakazam, male, Lv41)
Yuya (Roselia, male, Lv28)
Moonbay (Ursaring, female, Lv40)
Meant to post this yesterday but I got struck down by a migraine roughly early afternoon so I had to limit screen time to limit the migraine. Anyway, time for the next chapter of my adventures in Hisui.

Log #5

Time to head back to the Crimson Mirelands to quell Liligant. However, first I caught all the Unown in the village. Once I got to the Crimson Mirelands I tracked down Arezu and easily found her, learning she crafted balms for Liligant. Calaba treated Arezu's injury while Adaman took the balms to where the battle with Liligant would take place. However, I spent some more time catching Mons. I ended up nettng two shinies: a Bidoof and a Combee (male, sadly), along with catching the opposite gender Alpha Hippowdown, Alpha Sliggoo, Alpha Onix, Alpha Ursaring, and Alpha Skuntank. I also spent some time using Ursaluna's treasure hunting skills to track down goodies, and managed to net several nice items, including a Peat Block so I could evolve my Ursaring into my own Ursaluna. Though I had to manipulate the different phases of the moon in order to get a full moon, but I eventually got my Ursaluna. I made use of the time, though, as I continued my treasure hunt with Ursaluna, getting things like Star Pieces, Sun Stones, more Peat Blocks, Moon Stones, various ores, and, of course, Balls of Mud. So it was pretty profitable. I also partook in another time-space distortion, catching a few more Mons like Porygon, Luxray, another Unbreon, Lopunny, and others. I also managed to catch several Goomy and Petilil, as I needed the latter for a quest.

Moving on it was time to go after Liligant. In the process I caught several Murkrow, an Alpha Honchkrow, some Sudowoodo, and an Alpha Roserade that I added to the team in place of Yuya the Roselia, as this Roserade had a great nature (Timid). Plus it was also male so I just merely named it Yuya and pretended like I always had it. whistles innocently Anyway, after a lot of catching, item hunting, and going back-and-forth between camp and the Diamond Clan settlement I challenged Liligant. She was no match for the power of fire monke, as Heatshot schooled her, while I managed to come out of the battle completely unscathed, freeing her from her frenzy. Then I went back to Jublilife, took care of a few quests, and reported to both Cyllene and Kamado, now having the rank needed to use Ultra Balls. My next mission is the Cobalt Coastlands.

But first, more side-quests back in the Crimson Mirelands, like playing Where's Waldo only with Wanda instead and giving the Secret Medicine to the Psyducks. It was worth it as I completed some other requests, net a few more Alphas (Lickitung, Lickilicky, Budew, Carnivine, Toxicroak, and Yanmega), along with catching several Mons I hadn't before, such as Ralts, Kirlia, Turtwig, Grotle, another Unown, Toxicroak, Golduck, along with a few more time-space distortion Mons like a female Luxray and Flareon. I've also come to notice that I might need a Flying-type on my team, as Flying is generally very useful, so I'm not sure what it'll be. Anyway, after completing all those side-quests and getting some new data filled out it was time to return to Jubilife Village so I can proceed with the next events (and increased my rank in the process, now I can craft Gigaton Balls).

My team is as followed:

Ren (H-Samurott, male, Lv54)
Heatshot (Infernape, male, Lv52)
Psyclone (Alakazam, male, Lv52)
Yuya (Alpha Roserade, male, L54)
Moonbay (Ursaluna, female, Lv51)
Sal (H-Sliggoo, female, Lv48)
Been meaning to update but I've been busy with other things. Time for the next chapter in my adventures in Hisui.

Anyway, I finally made my way to the Cobalt Coastlands. After battling Irida and hearing her request to help Palina groom the next lord of the area I started out on exploring the Coastlands. I caught several different Mons, set up the second base camp, and did a few other things. I actually returned to the village to give that old grouch the Pop Pods so I could expand the shop again. Which came in handy as when I returned to the Coastlands I had a time-space distortion form not long after. So having the ability to buy Great Balls and Hyper Potions really helped, as I had some trouble in the three distortions I went into. But I caught both genders of Rhydon, Vaporeon, Magnemite, Magneton, and a Skuntank (I had the Alpha from the Crimson Mirelands but no regular ones).

Anyway, after taking care of other things, like doing a massive outbreak, catching some Alphas, and taking care of a few requests I finally found Palina and her two H-Growlithe. Then it was off to see Iscan, the chicken of the sea, and catch a Dusclops to make Basculegion's food. Then after giving Basculegion his tasty treats and witnessing the forbidden romance between Iscan and Palina the Miss Fortune Sisters appeared. One Gengar ambush later they stole the bigger H-Growlithe and made off for Firespit Island. But now that I have Basculegion I can follow them.

But first I decided to do some catching in the water. Caught two Basculin, two H-Quillfish, two Mantyke, and two Remoraids. I swapped out my last Mon with one of the Basculin because I want to get it to a Basculegion so I can transfer it into Bank, as that's one of two Mons from Legends Arceus I haven't put in Bank yet (Sneasler being the other). This is because in my main playthrough I had both Basculegion and Sneasler as main party members and I didn't want to put them in Bank (and I lacked another Razor Claw to evolve another H-Sneasel). Plus catching those timid Basculin can be a real pain sometimes, as catching anything in the water is already hard enough. Anyway, I still have some areas to explore now that I have Basculegion, with some Mons like the East Sea Shellos being on my list.

My team is as followed:

Ren (H-Samurott, male, Lv61)
Heatshot (Infernape, male, Lv59)
Psyclone (Alakazam, male, Lv58)
Yuya (Alpha Roserade, male, Lv59)
Moonbay (Ursaluna, female, Lv58)
Riptide (Basculin, female, Lv31)
I love Ren and Dosk who constantly evolve into Desotta! I can play this game all day!
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