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Adventures in Hisui (new LA playthrough)

Dec 23, 2009
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  1. He/Him
Okay, since I'm bored of Scarlet I decided to dust off Legends: Arceus and do a new playthrough of it. Time for a new adventure in Hisui!

Log #1: The Past is Present

Okay, after picking my PC and name it was time to be isekai'd into the ancient past (can that really be called an isekai?) via the Poke-God itself: Arceus. Met up with Professor Lavaton and helped him catch his runaway Mons. Soon met up with Beni who pretty much tried to kick me to the curb before the "rival" appeared. Looks like Cyllene is reasonable, giving me a test to see if I'm worthy of sticking around and not dying, but it'll have to wait until the next day. As night falls, so does a strange bolt of lightning. The dawn of a new day means the trial that Cyllene has tasked me with: catch Bidoof, Starly, and Shinx. Well, you know what that means, right? Tutorial time!

But first, it's time to pick a starter. After some trial and error (as in trying to get a Nature that didn't suck) I ended up with Angela the Naughty Cyndaquil. Fire is good, after all, given its rarity. Plus there's always a tasty chance for a Burn. But got some starting Poke Balls and it was time to head out into the Obsidian Fieldlands. However, Volo challenged me to a battle, where Angela took down his Togepi, earning me a few Potions. Now it's off to the fieldlands.

After the "rival" gave me the tutorial of how different Mons act it was time to catch me some Com Mons. One Bidoof, Starly, and Shinx: caught no problem. So it was time to report back to Cyllene and tell her that I'm not dead weight. Given her perpetual frowner tendencies one could potentially interoperate that she was disappointed that I succeeded. Well, she's stuck with me so that's that. After getting my uniform and getting thrown across the room by Kamado I'm part of the team proper. After getting the change of clothes, performing the crafting tutorial, and picking up some old save bonus content from the clothier (which I promptly changed into since I don't like the "standard" uniform, and you only really need to wear it once as part of the story) it was time to raise my rank. And take on some requests from the townsfolk.

Back to the Fieldlands. Now it was time to start filling out some research tasks, one of the more tedious parts of the game but I'll take it over some aspects from other games. Also got a brief tutorial on how to dodge roll. cue "Do a barrel roll!" line Anyway, time to get catching. After wandering the fieldlands for a day, catching everything I could, I managed to complete the research tasks for Cyndaquil, Bidoof, Starly, Shinx, Buizel, and Wurmple. I also caught a Naïve Eevee who I named Dusk (no points for what evo I'm going for) before reporting back and getting my first Rank-Up. Also completed the Wurmple, Starly, and Shinx requests so I got my rewards from those. Still working on getting a damn Buizel that is at least 2'8". Hopefully I won't have to wait until Alpha Mons are available, since that's even more of a crapshoot than finding the right sized one from the regular Buizels. Well, at least it's not as bad as the Cherrim request due to how rare they are.

Next day I had to battle my "rival" and Angela trounced Pikachu with ease. Now it's back to the fieldlands. But first I purchased a Springy Mushroom for the request that will pop up as soon as I get to the Obsidian Fieldlands. After meeting Volo again I was able to complete the aforementioned mushroom request, gaining some Cake-Lure Bases and the Mushroom Cake recipe. Also picked up the Kricketot request from the lady near the base camp. Before deciding to meet up with Mai I explored the area of the Fieldlands I've already checked out. And glad I did, because I found two Mime Jrs (one of which was very stubborn to catch), another Eevee, and a freaking shiny Bidoof (and reminding me why I like having the shiny chime/flash that SV stupidly took out). I'm still exploring the area before going to tackle Mai's request since I want to complete some other research tasks and try to evolve Dusk, since he'll be a useful tank in the upcoming area.

My Team:
Cyndaquil (Angela, Lv14, female)
Eevee (Dusk, Lv11, male)
Bidoof (Lv11, male)
Starly (Lv 12, male)
Buizel (Lv10, male)
Drifloon (Lv9, male)

The latter four Mons are filler for now (though Drifloon will be useful when it comes to the Alpha Kricketune, since Hypnosis and his high HP will make it easier to catch it). Stopping for now. Will pick up again tomorrow when I finally decide to take on Mai's request.
Time to continue the (hopefully) epic adventure in Hisui!

Log #2: Lords of the Obsidian Fieldlands

Anyway, picking up from where I left off, after much exploring and collecting I was able to evolve both Angela and Dusk into Quilava and Umbreon, respectively. I also managed to evolve Starly into a Staravia, the shiny Bidoof into a Bibarel, and two of my Wurmples into Silcoon with one of them becoming a Beautifly. With my newly evovled teammates I took on Mai and defeated her Munchlax with Dusk. Now that I had access to a new area it was time to catch what I could. I got several Kricketot, a couple of Zubats (one of which I've added to the team for now), two Geodudes, and a handful of Stantlers, one of which I've added to the team (for now), the Lonely Vixen (as in Santa's reindeer), since she had the best nature out of the batch. I'm not sure if she'll stay permanently but getting Wyrdeer would be helpful, especially for dex data.

Anyway, after catching what I could the team moved onward to deal with Mai's problem. Turns out we need to recuse Wyrdeer from Mustachio Furioso (points if you get the reference) that is De-le-le-le-wooooping all around Deertrack Heights. Using my pre-planed strategy I used Drifloon to put the Alpha Kricketune into the Drowsy state, chipped away at it with Angela, before catching the big bug. Wyrdeer was very appreciative, apparently, as he took a liking to me. What will that do for the future? We'll find out soon. Anyway, now we have a new survey camp: Heights Camp (Laventon... can't you think of something a bit more original than that?).

The next day we meet Adaman and Irida, the leaders of the Diamond and Pearl Clans, respectively. And apparently arguing is a common occurrence for them. After checking in with Cyllene to raise my rank to the point I can now use Feather Balls I made my way to Kamado's office and learned the current plight: Kleavore is on the rampage and both the Diamond and Pearl Clans want to find a way to quell his frenzy, though Irida seems a bit too reluctant to have outsiders like me help. At least Adaman gives me his seal of approval. Love that guy (and I'll come to love Irida too, as she does get better over time, it's just Adaman made a much better first impression). Now my task is determined: study and quell Kleavor's frenzy. Back to the Fieldlands I go.

Did a bit more exploring in some earlier areas in the Fieldlands I skipped first. And I'm glad I did, as I was able to catch a Pichu and a freaking Graveler that jumped out of an ore deposit. Took a bit of effort but thanks to Buizel weakening it and Vixen using Hypnosis I was able to catch it, making it the strongest Mon I caught at that point. After exploring some more, collecting items and trying to find a Chimchar (and failing) I moved on to where Kleavor resides. I caught several more Mons, such as another Staravia (female, so I'd have the gender differences recorded), two Pikachus, a Munchlax, a Paras, the Alpha Parasect (which was surprisingly easy), an Alpha Bibarel (male, since the shiny was female so I now have both genders recorded), another Beautifly (again, female, for the gender thing), both gender Dustoxs, a couple of Bunneary, a few Psyducks, both genders of Combee (the female I've added to the team for now), a Luxio, and three Machops. Whew... that's a lotta Mons. I was going to catch a Scyther or two but I was getting worn out so I decided to move on with the story. Also managed to craft my first batch of Feather Balls. Oh, and the Munchlax evolved into a Snorlax

Now, after all that catching it was time to deal with Lian. He tired to chase me away but failed, resulting in a battle between Angela and his Goomy. Angela cleanly won with a single Aerial Ace. Lian still isn't convinced I can help though Irida manages to convince him to let me help. Looks like she's warming up to me. Slightly. But, hey, like what Nova says in Dawn of Courage, "Progress it progress, no matter how small", so I'll take it. After warping back to Laventon, reporting my catches and the information I got it was time to think of an idea. And an idea we got: throw the offerings at the frenzied Noble as balms. I always get a good chuckle whenever Laventon shoots down the idea of calling them "Laventon Balls" because it sounds like we're throwing HIM at the walking deathmoble. But now it's time to report back to Irida and Lian. But first another Rank-Up promotion. Now I can use Great Balls, which I immediately crafted about 35 of them thanks to spending so much time gathering up Iron Chunks (I could've made more but I felt 35 was a good starting point). Now it's off to Heights Camp to begin the next leg of the mission.

My Team:

Quilava (Angela, Lv26, female)
Umbreon (Dusk, Lv23, male)
Buizel (Lv23, male)
Stantler (Vixen, Lv21, female)
Zubat (Lv21, male)
Combee (Lv16, female)

Combee and Buizel are largely filler, though I do want them to evolve so I can get some data on them. Plus Buizel will be useful against Kleavor. Zubat I'm debating if using a Crobat would be good or not. Vixen is still on the iffy side since I'm not sure if I want a Wyrdeer full-time or not, but I did buy her some new moves from Zizu so she might stick around. But these should do for now.

@Greninjaman I haven't thought it out much but I'm tempted to use my own Kleavor, since the last time I used one was in my very first Legends Arceus playthrough. First, obviously, I need a Scyther, which are easy enough to get in my current place in the game. Umbreon has proven to be a useful tank so he might stick around for at least a bit longer. And I'm debating between using a Wyrdeer or a Gardevoir as a Psychic Mon. The only surefire Mon I have in mind is Basculegion, since I love that Mon, even though it'll be two Ghost Mons on the team. But really I'm just kinda winging it and seeing what strikes my fancy at the time.
Time for the next installment of my adventures in Hisui!

Log #3: A Stone Axe to Grind

As I make my way out of town I run into Mai. She takes me to the Heights Camp and I learn that Wyrdeer deems me worthy of riding him. Adaman gives me his Celestica Flute and after trying it out I can now ride Wyrdeer whenever I want. Plus I got the Mind Plate as a bonus. I immediately took my new wheels out for a spin by playing the popping balloon race minigame. Got 25 of them on my first try. Not bad. This netted me some more Feather Balls. Now, with my new Wyrdeer friend in tow, it was time to head out.

Along the way I caught the Alpha Parasect and Alpha Bibarel again (both were pretty stubborn this time), along with catching a bunch of other Mons (and nearly getting my cheeks clapped by the Alpha Golbat that hangs around the Oreburgh Tunnel). Along the way Zubat evolved into Golbat, Buizel evolved into Floatzel, and Combee evolved into Vespiquen. I boxed Vespiquen and decided to hold off on evolving Golbat, as he was able to evolve pretty much immediately, as I wanted to get some research tasks completed with him. And Floatzel would prove his worth shortly. Anyway, after exploring some more and trying to take care of some more research tasks I finally made my way to Kleavor's domain.

Explaining the situation to Lian he was impressed by the Galaxy Team's creativity. Irida showed up shortly afterward and challenged me to a battle to prove if I was worthy of her trust in this situation. It was Angela VS Glaceon. Heh. Flame Wheel go brrrrr. OHKO time. No contest. I now have Irida's faith and she understands the true nature of Poke Balls. But now it was time. Time to face Kleavor. Battle time!

Kleavor was relatively easy. I managed to lure him into the rock walls several times, allowing Floatzel to do what he does best. Each battle was OHKO except for the last one, where Floatzel ate a Stealth Rock because Water Pulse didn't take down Kleavor. But Aqua Jet finished that. And I managed to calm Kleavor's frenzy without taking a scratch. Kleavor gave me the Insect Plate before scurrying off. It appears I've won Irida's approval and friendship as she apologized for her earlier attitude and gave me some Sitrus Berries. Yay! Now it was time to report back to Laventon.

But first I decided to do a bit of exploring. And I'm glad I did, as I found several random Alpha Mons. Specifically, two Alpha Wurmples, two Alpha Kricketots, one Alpha Kricketune, an Alpha Bidoof, and an Alpha Zubat. I also sought out and caught the Alpha Scyther that lurks near Grandtree Area (though it was an effort), naming him Hacker (no relation to the Cyberchase villain... although they're both green) the Quirky Alpha Scyther. I also finally found a Chimchar. Now it was time to head on back.

Ran into Volo at the village and after meeting with Cyllene to raise my rank again I reported back to Kamado. The following day I met Arezu and learned of a new problem. But that'll have to wait as I decided to take on a bunch of requests. So it was back to the Obsidian Fieldlands in order to complete some new request. Caught the shiny Ponyta, the "will-o-the-wisp" Chimchar, a couple of West Sea Shellos (since they'll come in handy for a later request), some Gastrodon, a bunch of Alphas (Mr. Mime, Floatzel, Wurmple, Kricketot, Bunneary, Psyduck, and Staravia), a Drifblim, a Kadabra, a couple of Scyther, a Happiny, a Mothim, and a Wormadam. Still can't find a Buizel that is 2'8" or taller so I tried clearing out all the Buizel spawns in hopes of fishing for an Alpha but no dice. Guess I'll have to try again later. I also finally evolved Golbat into Crobat since I had completed enough research tasks to reach Reasearch Level 10. After having explored as much as I could tolerate I made my way back to the village to begin the next mission in the Crimson Mirelands.

My Team:
Quilava (Angela, Lv34, female)
Umbreon (Dusk, Lv32, male)
Stantler (Vixen, Lv29, female)
Alpha Scyther (Hacker, Lv42, male)
Floatzel (Lv30, male)
Crobat (Lv30, male)
Time to continue my adventures in Hisui!

Log #4: Mucking Around in the Mirelands

So it was time to head for the Crimson Mirelands. First I went to Cyllene for another Rank-Up, now able to use Wing Balls, which I crafted a handful of them for later before moving on. After getting briefed by Laventon I was let loose into the swampy area. Spent some time catching a bunch of Mons such as Carnivine, a bunch of Budew (including a shiny one), and some Gastly, before making my way to the ruins. Calaba was... less-than-thrilled to see me before shooing me away. Ran into Volo who challenged me to a battle. Hacker cleaned his Mon's clocks with ease before I learned about the Miss Fortune Sisters. Time to track them down. Ran into the trio of misfit bandits at a campsite and Vixen took down Coin's Toxicroak with ease. Got the wall fragment back and returned it to Calaba, who was quite surprised I'd do that. After restoring the wall she came to realize I want to help however I can so she told me to meet her and Ursaluna at Sludge Mound.

Now it was time to explore some more. I caught several Mons, including a Sandy Cloak Burmy, two Alpha Tangrowth (both genders), a couple of Tangela, a bunch of Croagunks (both genders), a few Roselia, a couple of Ralts, one Alpha Pachirisu, one regular Pachirisu, two Hippopatas (both genders), a Haunter, two Barboach, one Whiscash, some Yanma, a Stunky, and an Alpha Hippowdon. In the process I was able to evolve Angela into Hisuian Typhlosion and Vixen into Wyrdeer. I also swapped out Crobat for one of the Croagunks I caught, a Hardy one named Junko (after the Storm Hawk's character) so I can have a Fighting type on-hand.

Anyway, after all that catching (and lots of backtracking since my team kept getting pretty roughed up, plus the whole Psyshield Bash in Agile Style bit) I made my way to Sludge Mound. But before I challenged Ursaluna I helped set up the second base camp so I have an easier spot to work with (which is where I caught the Stunky). After a quick heal it was time to face Ursaluna. Floatzel took care of business and was able to defeat Ursaluna, allowing Calaba to heal him. Now I can search for underground treasure. And treasure I found in the form of a Star Piece and a Peat Block (and some Balls of Mud and the Old Verse 9). With that taken care of it was time to report back to Kamado. But as I'm about to leave the Unown make themselves known, with the Pokedex updated for them.

My rival greets me at the front gate, telling me something bad has gone down. So it's off to see what happened this time. After getting another Rank-Up from Cyllene, now able to craft Ultra Balls, I made my way to learn that Lilligant is on the rampage and Arezu kept this information quiet from everyone. This could be trouble. First I completed some of the requests I had gotten, such as increasing the shop's inventory, expanding the clothier's stock, finding the grateful Pichu, and one or two more. I caught the Unown in Jubilife Village, taught some more moves to my team from Zizu, and made my way back to the Crimson Mirelands to find Arezu.

My Team:

H-Typhlosion (Angela, Lv41, female)
Umbreon (Dusk, Lv39, male)
Wyrdeer (Vixen, Lv36, female)
Alpha Scyther (Hacker, Lv45, male)
Floatzel (Lv39, male)
Croagunk (Junko, Lv32, male)

Croagunk is only going to be here for a bit. While I love Toxicroak I don't plan on using one full-term. Just long enough to gain some data and to give me a Fighting Mon. Still trying to find a Black Augurite to evolve Hacker. I know Graveler drop them so I've been hunting them down for the drop but no luck. I also know that Ursaluna sometimes digs them up but no luck on that front, either. I also plan to catch a bunch of Petilil and Goomy, possibly using one of them as part of the team (plus I need one Petilil for a request). Anyway, that's all for now.
I meant to update this blog sooner but lunch disagreed with me somethin' fierce. Anyway, time to continue my adventures in Hisui.

Log #5: Lady of the Ridge's Frenzied Dance

Using Ursaluna to track down Arezu in the Crimson Mirelands was easy enough. Especially since I had cleared the rock that blocked the easiest path to her in my prior visit. Found her injured and learned she wanted to stop Lilligant's frenzy and made balms ahead of time thanks to Laventon mentioning it to her. But she got hurt getting chased by another Mon. Calaba comes to her rescue and apologizes for her previous attitude, along with Adaman coming as well. He takes the balms and will meet me at the area where Lilligant resides. But first, more exploring.

Using a handy technique involving Wyrdeer's dash and jump I was able to get to the meadow across the river from Sludge Mound. Caught a bunch of Petilil and Goomy, adding a Petilil to the team for now, replacing Umbreon. I was also able to snipe the Alpha Hisuian Sliggoo without needing to battle it in one shot thanks to a backstrike. After exploring the area a bit I returned to the main path and caught a bunch of Teddiursa and some Yanma. And as luck would have it when I defeated a Graveler I got a Black Augurite! So I immediately evolved Hacker into Kleavor. Now I've got an Alpha Kleavor. Did a bit of rearranging his moves before moving on. Caught a handful of Mons such as an Alpha Onix, some Rhyhorns (including the Alpha), some Sudowoodo, a Bonsly that lept out of an ore deposit, a Lickitung, an Alpha Lickilicky, some Kirlia, and a Ralts. By this point Ursaluna had nabbed me a Sun Stone from undergroud, allowing me to evolve Petilil into Hisuian Lilligant. And Junko evolved into Toxicroak.

Now it was time to face the Lady of the Ridge. Met up with Adaman, followed closely by Calaba and Arezu and was prepped on how to fight Lilligant. Time for the dance off! Get your groove on! Lilligant was pretty easy, as I was able to dodge her attacks with ease while pelting her with balms, only needing to battle her once with Angela. After calming Lilligant down that meant another Noble had been quelled and Arezu and Calaba both learned some lessons from all this.

Time to head back, but I decided to take the scenic route. And I'm glad I did, as I caught a handful of Alphas and a bunch more Mons. Specifically, the Alphas included Honchkrow, Yanma, Ursaring, and Hippopatas, while the regular catches were several Murkrow, several Unown, and a bunch of Mons from a space-time rift. Now it was time to report back to Kamado.

The next day I learned that Arezu is now working at the hairdresser in Jubilife Village. After going with Kamado to greet some newcomers I explored around the village, taking on and completing several requests. I was informed by Kamado and Irida that the next area is the Cobalt Coastlands, but there is no lord right now. But first it was time to head back to the Crimson Mirelands to complete some requests and catch the Mons I missed before.

After taking on a few requests (such as the Sudowoodo and Hippowdon ones), I caught several Mons, including a bunch from a space-time rift. Some of the highlights include two Alpha Croagunks, an Alpha Toxicroak, an Alpha Yanmega, an Alpha Gastly, an Alpha Skuntank, an Alpha Roserade, another Alpha Honchkrow, another Alpha Sligoo, an Alpha Heracross from a rift, a couple of Luxray, some Turtwigs, an Alpha Carnivine, a Golduck, and a Togetic. Around that time I boxed Lilligant and Toxicroak, swapping them out with the Alpha Yanma (soon evolved into a Yanmega), a Rash one named Zippo, and the second Alpha Honchkrow (as it had a better nature than the first), a Serious one named Duskwing. Now with all that done it was time to head on back and make my way to the Cobalt Coastlands. But first one more Rank-Up, now allowing me to craft Gigaton Balls and all Mons will obey me.

My Team:
H-Typhlosion (Angela, Lv50, female)
Alpha Honchkrow (Duskwing, Lv56, male)
Wyrdeer (Vixen, Lv48, female)
Alpha Kleavor (Hacker, Lv52, male)
Floatzel (Lv49, male)
Alpha Yanmega (Zippo, Lv39, male)

I'm not sure if Zippo will be staying on the team long-term. At least, for now, he's sticking around. Plus I need more data on Yanmegas anyway. And very soon Floatzel will be replaced by a Basculegion (though catching a Basculin will be a pain). But the team is slowly coming together. We shall see what the Cobalt Coastlands provides for me.
Time for the next installment of my adventures in Hisui!

Log #6: Haunted Happenings

So it was time to make my way to the Cobalt Coastlands. Ran into Irida there and had a battle with her. Angela cleaned house easily. She tells me what's been going on and why Palina and she (and the rest of the Pearl Clan, for that matter) are at odds. So it's time to pay Palina a visit. Spent some time catching new Mons like Glameow, Skorupi, Spheal, and a couple of Alphas before making my way to where Palina and her two Hisuian Growlithe were. Took care of the Aipom request and even caught a couple of Hisuian Growlithe for myself. I meet with Palina and learned the tragic tale of the late Lord of the Isle: Hisuian Arcanine, who perished saving his small, skittish pup from the ocean. I inform her I need to check out Firespit Island to find out what's been happening there so she directs me to Iscan, the Warden who oversees Basculegion... or should I say overseas. Haha! hears Kricketot

Ahem Anyway, I caught some more Mons, including some from a space-time distortion before heading back to the village with three Pop Pods to give to that grumpy man, Tao Hua, so I can expand the shop. Glad I did because it made it easier to get Great Balls and Hyper Potions. I know I can just craft them but it's slightly easier to just buy them. Especially with the good money I'm making from all my catches. Plus doing Cobalt Coastlands in one sitting is exhausting. Anyway, after all that I returned to the Cobalt Coastlands.

Made my way to Iscan's home. Sheesh, he's quite the scaredy cat, getting freaked out over someone coming to his door, much less needing to deal with catching a Dusclops. Look, I know Ghost Mons can be a bit spooky but get a grip, will ya!? Especially since you're the warden to a part Ghost type! Sheesh, talk about irony. Anyway, it's off to find a Dusclops at Deadwood Haunt. By this point I had swapped out the Alpha Yanmega for the Alpha Sliggoo, since Dragon/Steel is a excellent typing and he could be a decent tank. So I added the Brave Ironhide to the ranks.

First I helped set up a new base camp, raiding the leftover chests that were sitting on the shore, and participated in a couple more space-time distortions before catching the needed Dusclops and made my way back to Iscan to make Basculegion's favorite food. Oh, come on, Iscan! Get a grip, will ya! Stop freaking out all the time and do your job. Anyway, one ball of Basculegion food, ready to serve. After healing my team and depositing some items into the chest at base camp I met Iscan at Ginko Landing. And I ran into Palina as well. Well, well, looks like we have a forbidden romance going on here. A regular Romeo and Juliet scenario, I see. Anyway, I fed Basculegion and earned his trust, gaining the Splash Plate. But before anything could happen the Miss Fortune Sisters appeared and swiped the larger Hisuian Growlithe before fleeing. Now this investigation mission has become a rescue mission. Time to set sail!

With Basculegion it was time for a surfin' safari. Caught several Mons, including three female Basculin, one of which I added to the team, the Lonely Riptide, replacing Floatzel. Which meant it was time to grind for recoil points (yeah, not your usual grinding). With some luck I was able to get Riptide to evolve into my own Basculegion. Frankly, I prefer the female over the male. Sure, the male is cooler-looking, but the female's stats are a bit better distributed, giving her useful mixed attacking prowess.

Anyway, spent some time surfin' 'round, catching some Mons, both Alphas and regular ones, collecting some wisps (which I forgot to mention before I've been collecting since gaining the request), and eventually making my way to Firespit Island. Time for a break before the big battles.

My Team:

H-Typhlosion (Angela, Lv61, female)
Alpha Honchkrow (Duskwing, Lv63, male)
Wyrdeer (Vixen, Lv57, female)
Alpha Kleavor (Hacker, Lv61, male)
Alpha H-Goodra (Ironhide, Lv55, male)
Basculegion (Riptide, Lv44, female)

Riptide is still in the works, as she has a ways to go before she's around the same level as the rest of the squad. But she'll get there. Especially since I've been using her almost exclusively to collect items like Apricorns and ore, giving her extra EXP. And as you can see my H-Sliggoo evolved after I completed enough research tasks for it. I realize I really don't have anything to deal with Water Mons, sans Angela knowing Thunder Punch, so I know I need to rectify that sometime soon. If Ironhide can learn Thunderbolt then that'll be a help, but I forget if it can or not. Anyway, looks like my team may be set now.
Forgive the lack of updates. There has been a lot of drama over on my side of things. But I have been playing Legends Arceus during that time as a means of coping with the stress and drama. I just forgot to post my progress. So I'll make this post brief: I've completed the main story and I'm moving into the post-game. My team has remained the same since last time, albeit they're now in the late 80s to early 90s. As a result I'm declaring this travelog blog finished. Sorry I didn't get to continue telling my tale of my adventures in Hisui but life happens, unfortunately. C'est la vie. But I'll be starting a new travelog blog in the near future for a different game so stay tuned for that. Until next time.
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