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TEEN: Teebs Drabble Thread

new drabble!!
I managed to eek in one more in the midst of the holidays duhsuhd

The sky was colored a deep indigo hue as the moon came out to play. As it did, it reflected the silvery moonlight right into the window leading into Whitney's apartment. The two were just sitting on the couch, the TV since having been randomly playing something that wasn't either of the two's focus right now, as they were, yet again, totally engrossed in one another. They giggled almost incoherently, making a quick small comment and then laughing, or just rubbing their cheeks against one another as if they were mere Pachirisu.

Bugsy, almost using his shorter height as an advantage, let his head rest squarely on Whitney's shoulders and the nape of her neck. He closed his eyes and she couldn't help but to laugh joyfully, moving her head down to kiss his temple and bring her hands to rub across his arms, until their hands met. They began to fingerlock with one another, and Bugsy moved his head to look into Whitney's eyes again.

"Your hands..." His thumb pressed into her palms. They were soft and silky, and only now did it really hit Bugsy just how feminine they felt. Her skin felt perfectly moisterized, and they mesmerized him. Whitney couldn't help but giggle; in most instances like this, she's so flattered she'd bring her hands up to her face, but her loving boyfriend is a little busy with those right now.

"They've always been this soft! Do you only notice now, bugaboo?" Whitney chimed in, smiling brightly as Bugsy continued to massage her hand. Feeling his index finger press against her knuckles felt oddly warming. Whitney's fingers were just as soft as her palms, with long, but not too thin fingers either. It seemed she barely had to use her hands to work much; and truth be told, other than some oddjobs at the Moo Moo Farm, she really didn't.

"I... Well. This is my first time REALLY inspecting them." Bugsy replied with a chuckle, realizing how odd it is. "I've felt your hands on me before, but I've never felt your hands like... like this. You don't mind, right?"

"Me? Mind you, of all people, touching my hands? C'mon silly, 'course I don't!" Whitney stuck her tongue out playfully. Bugsy couldn't help but to blush just a tiny bit, but Whitney reversed the situation.

"Now let me see." Whitney began to grab at Bugsy's hands, inspecting them herself. The Walking Bug Encyclopedia flinched, but let her do as she pleased. He wasn't used to being examined, in spite of being the kind of guy to stare at things with a magnifying glass.

Bugsy's hands were not as soft as Whitney's. In fact, his palms and fingers were a little rough with tougher skin and calluses. As a child, Bugsy went out and played in the forest a lot, and as he got older, he would constantly swing his catcher's net down as he hunted Caterpie, Weedle, and the ilk. That constant friction between wood and skin over time meant his hands got a little bit rough. That and all the tree climbing he does, too.

Whitney continued to rub her fingertips across them. The slightly paler, slightly coarser patches on his hands. Bugsy began to feel a little bit sad. Was she inspecting his hands because she was disappointed? Crestfallen by how rough his hands were?

"...Does it bother you?" He asks, looking back at her, although her eyes were still transfixed on his hands. Without looking back at him, Whitney raises his hands so they could cup at her cheeks. Callouses and all. She then looked back at him with a warm smile.

"Bugsy. As long as these are your hands, I'll always want 'em touching me."
HNGH STOP I can’t take these feeeeels ;-;

You’re so good at domestic fluff like oh my god :bulbaLove:
The wind blew through their hair, fluttering their clothes on a particularly breezy day in Pasio. Bugsy and Whitney, sitting next to the monolith in the field, the light green grass not unlike Bugsy's clothes. They merely leaned against each other, holding one hand together as they stared out into the blue sky yonder. Normally the breeze would let Whitney feel a bit chilly with just her jersey on, but she could only feel the warmth of her lover now.

In this world they live in, there is always such a competition and rush to feel victory. To win. To succeed. Some are driven to madness just for the sake of feeling that rush of trouncing an opponent. Friends and foes alike both challenge each other to see who gets the crown at the end of the bout. Endless strategies, compositions, tactics and philosophies are brewed in the neverending quest to come out on top.

Bugsy's left hand clutched Whitney’s right. He gazed at her. She looked back at him, with a smile.

Is finding the love of your life not a victory itself worth celebrating just the same?
new drabble!
You guys know that meme where it's like, a couple is trying to kiss, and one of them is closed mouth and one of them is opened mouth? Yeah that

“The weather is still so nice out today.” Bugsy murmured, sitting on a bench in Goldenrod with Whitney.

“Yeah. It's not normally this nice though. Must be because I'm with you.” She turned to him and grinned, and he couldn't help but turn a pink that would rival even a Jigglypuff.

His hand reached out for her’s. She clasped his hand almost instantly. They began to lean their heads in for a kiss.

Bugsy's lips puckered up. He wasn't exactly used to this sort of kissing; every kiss before was practically Whitney grabbing his ascot and tugging him in. So he was in uncharted waters now. But his lips rounded out for what he expected his kiss to be. A cute peck. Like a Smoochum. That's how people kissed right? That's how they kiss in all of the cartoons and movies he's seen before.

Whitney’s eyes closed. Her mouth hung open. This is how lovers kissed, right? It's like putting two C’s together except one was sideways. That'll work, right? That's how nice and steamy and sensual kisses are and are supposed to be.

Then Bugsy's lips finally landed on something. Whitney’s tongue.



It was an awkward sight that tasted as weird as it felt. Whitney couldn't help but begin to double over in laughter, which got Bugsy giggling, then outright guffawing too. They were like that for a good dozen seconds before they began to happily sigh, then they stole each other's glances again.

They moved back into each other's faces, this time sharing a much better and coordinated kiss.
Love these last two stories. I don’t think I’ve seen the meme, but I’ll look it up.
more otp on Valentine's day? say it ain't so
Because I can't help myself, here's a light drabble of the two for Valentine's Day. Inspired by my recent art piece I did!

As the warm sunlight beamed on them both, they held their foreheads close, and relished in the moment. They were holding each other, touching each other. Whitney’s fingers wiggling through Bugsy’s velvet violet locks. His hands were secured right on her waist almost like a belt. The rays from the sky shone on their faces, providing them some warmth in this normally-cool February weather. It was that fateful day on the calendar. Lear called it “Palentine’s Day” over on Pasio, but outside of that artificial island, everyone knew what it was. The day of love. Of romance. Of dreams coming true.

Standing out over on the bluff of Route 34, the two lovers embraced each other. They did so seemingly every day ever since Whitney confessed her love to Bugsy that fateful day, but somehow, whenever Valentine’s Day hit, those embraces felt ever more sincere and tender. They could hold each other for hours. Feel each other’s warmth for weeks. Laugh with each other for years. Look into each other's eyes for millenia. This was their peace. This was their home; with one another.
“I love you so much, Whitney.” Bugsy’s voice would break the silence, his eyes flickering up to gaze at the love of his life. He would see her close her eyes in joy, a light giggle coming from her mouth.
“I love you so much, Bugsy.” It was incredible what a mere few words could mean to them both. How they could summarize their eternal bonds with one another.

Happy Valentine’s Day.
New drabble!
Living with, or planning to live with, your significant other means you have to get used to their Pokemon too, right?

In a rare turn of events, Whitney had a free day off while Bugsy was the one who was busy with Gym duties. Fortunately, the relatively unpopular gym of Azalea would only be so busy for so long. So Whitney, knowing this, was spending time at Bugsy’s house, helping him a little bit with getting his books arranged while challengers would face his various Bugs.

Whitney always considered herself a connoisseur of cute. One can see this in her Gym’s layout, and the type of Pokemon she choses for her team, but while she’s a Normal-Type specialist, she also isn’t afraid to go outside of her usual preferred type to appreciate the adorable creatures that inhabit her world. She’s a fan of Yamper, Nidorina, Chatot, Litten, and Lilligant, just to name a few. Most people would think she’s shallow and wouldn’t admire anything that looked remotely “uncute”, but quite the opposite. Whitney can find the cuteness in many things. Unlike the many other Lasses and Beauties in Johto, she doesn’t mind Bugs. After all, the love of her life practically depended on his existence on those bugs, how could she deny him of that? Plus, there were some very cute Bug-Types too. Ledyba, Ribombee, Sewaddle, even Venonat kind of reminds her of her purple-haired bugaboo.

But… she wasn’t hanging out with those bugs today. Today she had to deal with some of his more… threatening bugs.

One of his many spare Scyther. A Pinsir. And his Beedrill. THAT Beedrill. The same one that Mega Evolved back on Pasio. Which meant it knew her, which put her at ease just a bit… but the Scyther and Pinsir were another story. She was strolling around in Bugsy’s house, rearranging some of his books on the higher shelves of his library’s study, where it’d be a bit harder for him to reach without a stepladder.

The whole time she was doing so, out of the corner of her eye, she was keeping tabs on those large predatory Bugs. They stared at her. Just floating there.

While Pokemon are capable of emotions and sentience, Bug-Types oftentimes had more ‘primal’ personalities. They were more inclined to act on their impulses, on their emotions, and less on rationale than, say, Pokemon who were in the Field egg group. Whitney had her Miltank on her, so her safety was never in jeopardy; rather she’d not battle where and when she didn’t have to; namely with the thinner paper walls inside Bugsy’s house. Let alone fainting some of his bugs without his permission. But she was careful to move either way. She knew a bit about the psychology of these bugs based on what he would infodump on her. Whitney didn’t retain EVERY bit of knowledge, but at least a bit. As long as she didn’t make any sudden moveme-

Her foot accidentally pressed down on a Spinarak. The poor creature squealed and scurried from underneath her. With a yelp, she fell right on her butt, dropping a rather heavy book in the meantime. This loud noise startled Pinsir and Scyther, and the two instantly began to Lunge at Whitney. She brought an arm up, only to feel no stinger, no pincer grasp at her. She blinked and looked past her limb.

Beedrill had made it to Whitney before the other two Kantonian insects. With its namesake drills, it held back the two, gently, almost with the same sternness of a gentleman. It was making odd chittering noises; communication. Whitney was almost in awe.

“So… you really do remember me, huh?” Whitney couldn’t help but chuckle, before the pain of landing on the floor was hitting her lower back. The Spinarak had returned, looking remorseful.

“S-sorry lil’ guy! I’ll be more careful next time…” She stood back up to her feet, refocusing on Scyther and Pinsir. Those two, plus Beedrill, continued to gaze at her, but this time Scyther and Pinsir were… bowing. While not quite exactly the same way a person would due to their anatomy, they were clearly showing some sort of submissiveness. Did Beedrill explain her relationship to Bugsy to them?

Whitney couldn’t help but laugh, even if she was taken aback a bit. She brought a hand forward and began to pet the two right on the sides of their faces. They hissed approvingly. Any friend of Bugsy was a friend of theirs, after all.
new drabble! New
Has it really been so long since I contributed? Oh well. Time to fix that.

Every now and again, it hits her. Some days, it really does feel like to Whitney that there isn't anything in the world that can trouble her. Waking up next to Bugsy, going out for a stroll together, some days even just hanging out in the same room as him while he studies. Just being near his presence puts her mind at ease and makes her feel so serene. Even now, in the early afternoon, the two are just chilling at her place. She's on the couch, laid out. He's laying on top of her. He's in her arms.

He was equal parts handsome, adorable, smart, dashing, and trustworthy. In her eyes, he was truly perfect. He looked great in anything. Anything! Even his usual nerdy gym outfit with the pouches and magnifying glass and all. But for now he was in a long sleeved like green shirt and some long slacks. Something casual but also something comfy, which made him so incredibly fun to cuddle with. Whitney squeezed her arms around his torso, giving a small little coo of delight as her forearms glid across the fabric of his top. She was wearing her usual outfit; for her, it worked for almost every occasion.


Whitney blinked. What was that noise? She adjusted just ever so slightly to see that Bugsy fell asleep. Again. In her arms. God, he was cuter than anything else in the world! She wanted to just squeal and kick about like she saw a fleet of super cute Furret or something, but she also didn't want to wake him. So she just buried her face and lips in that wonderful velvety purple forest of his hair and kiss his scalp. Once she was able to calm her emotions again, she kept gazing at him, with her arms hooked around.

“I wish I could just tell you just how dang much I love ya, bugaboo.” She thought to herself. “But it'd be hard. I'd be repeatin’ myself again, and again, and again. I think that means I love you more than words can say.”

She blinked as she came to that realization. Loving someone more than words could relay…

“But I think you know that already.” She continued to think, but couldn't help but giggle softly at that thought. “And I think you know that because of how I act. What was that phrase again? Actions speak louder than words?”

She smiled warmly, and then soon realized Bugsy was adjusting himself on top of her. He was now sideways, his arms locked around her midsection as he rested his head against her. He looked… happy. Not just asleep, but truly and genuinely happy.

Whitney cooed again. She really couldn't bear to leave and wake him up. Perhaps she too could take a nap. She yawned, her body preparing to take a nice snooze, as her hands laid against the side of his waist and she got comfy against the plush armrest of the sofa. This was peace. This was love.
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