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TEEN: Teebs Drabble Thread

This one is new and fresh off the presses!

This Game's Winner Is...
“Hhggh… nnghm….w-....WWWWAAAAAAHHHHHH, AHHHAAUUUUUUUU!!! That Critical Hit was so meaaaaaaannn! BWAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!” Whitney began one of her infamous crying spats again. Losing to Clair and Chuck was just so bitter… they tried so hard. They got so close. And Bugsy heroically had his Scyther defend her Miltank. It was so courageous, it felt like a moment out of a movie, and they still lost! She fell to her knees, hitting the dirt with them.

This was the first time Bugsy had ever actually BEEN near Whitney when she was crying like this. Chuck looked pretty nonplussed about it. Clair was giving a small little snide smirk. "Finally got my what's what with that brat..." She spoke under her breath; quiet enough that Whitney couldn't hear her past her sobbing, but just loud enough that Chuck could hear. Chuck thought that comment was a bit mean of her.

Bugsy looked to his girlfriend, seeing her on her knees and rubbing her eyes frantically as she leaked like a faucet. EVERY body knew of Whitney's crying habits when she lost, but this was the first time Bugsy was on her side of this. And Chuck and Clair both gazed at him expectantly. As if though now by being her lover that he knew how to "fix" this.

“A-ah, uh, W-Whitney, it’s okay! I-it was just a friendly match, you know.” He approached her kind of awkwardly, hoping he could maybe talk some sense into her. This was new territory for him, after all. And it did sort of twinge his heart to see the love of his life cry like this, even if it was a ‘typical’ thing for her. In fact, she was still running the waterworks now. Bugsy began to walk towards her, until he was mere inches from her hands.

“I-I got some Revives on us! And I’m sure Scyther and Milky are just proud to have ba-”

Suddenly he felt a tug on his ascot. And he felt her warm face press up against his. His lips were being kissed. He could feel her tears on his cheeks, slightly cooling down. Suddenly she was no longer the loud crybaby she was just seconds ago. Bugsy went wide-eyed at the kiss, before closing his eyes and wrapping his arms right underneath her shoulder blades. Her hands responded by running themselves across his scalp. Whitney stood up, still smooching him, and wiped her eyes clean. Once she pulled away, she was smiling like nothing had happened at all.

“Mmm, ah, that was a good cry~.”

Whitney works in mysterious ways, Bugsy thought.

Chuck was just proudly crossing his arms and laughing.

“Ah, love of youth! Ain’t it such a sweet thing, Clair? …Clair?”

He turned to his partner-in-battle, who was enviously chomping at the glove of her outfit and seething hard in jealousy. Chuck just shrugged and snickered to himself.
I've said it already and I don't wanna sound like a broken record but fbhasbhfnjewnsfje these are too pure for me, you are definitely my new source for fluff inspiration, keep this up!!
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this one is inspired by me cuddling with my own boyfriend at night hee hee

11 PM. They've already brushed their teeth but they decided to stay up a bit later. It was raining outside, splatting against the tile roof and paper walls of Bugsy's home. It was a cold day too, but they weren't shivering. Sharing his blanket together, they were cuddled up, and cozy, and warm, and toasty.

His TV was a pretty small console, perched up on his dresser. His bedroom was barely as big as Whitney's bathroom, such was life in humble Azalea. But she didn't mind. She could be in a cardboard box; as long as she was with him, she'd be happy.

Her head rested on his chest. His TV was playing something mundane and unimportant. They were barely fixated on it, not that the staticy TV made it any easier for them. She was tilted perpendicular to his body, cooing as her arms wrapped around him. They were both in pajamas.

“You're so soft…” she muttered, to which Bugsy chuckled. His hand scratched gently at the spot of her neck where her head of hair ended.

“Can't be that soft. I still climb trees.”

She looked up and stuck her tongue out, burying her head into his chest. She could hear the beat of his heart. It felt so calming. Bugsy slumped backwards, his arms wrapped around her torso. She cooed. He sighed happily.

“You're just as soft as I want you to be.” She muttered back, making herself comfy. Right now, his chest was better than any pillow could ever be.

More ficlets/drabbles being ported over from my AO3. As a self-imposed challenge, I wanted to try and write some ships that I can see the vision of, even if I don't personally ship it. This one is KansasShipping, aka Lyra x Whitney, and is written from her perspective ala silent protag.

Everyone has someone they look up to. Whether it’s Lance, or Steven, or Cynthia, it’s good to have a role model. And some of us are lucky enough to get close to their role models.

“Here! Down in Goldenrod, you can always find somethin’ yummy to eat. Lyra, look.”

My eyes scanned the food carts that were around, not far from Whitney’s Gym. Takoyaki, taiyaki, teriyaki, beef skewers. All the delicious and savory meats were around. But I’m a girl who’s watching her figure, so I go for the kebab that had some pork and veggies on it. Whitney and I took a seat by a near-by bench. She got the dango; she always did have a sweet tooth.

“Oh man, today’s real bustlin’! I haven’t seen it this busy since they reopened the Pokeathelon after having it closed for renovations.”

The kebab tasted pretty good, but I was just so busy watching Whitney. She looked at each and every single person who passed by. Many of them waved back at us. She was really popular and all, but she really seemed to know each person who passed by. She really cared for this city, y’know.

“Hi Mrs. Blather! Hi Mr. Kenny! Hey Lois! Yeah, I’ll be at the Gym tomorrow! No it won’t be a problem! You should try the teriyaki and let me know how it is!”

Here I was, just sitting with my cute little hat, enjoying my kebab. I just kept watching her. Enamored. Whitney was so athletic, so skilled in battling, and yet so cute. To me, she was the perfect woman. The Dynamite Pretty Gal. Sure was.

“Ah! That was some yummy dango. Anyways Lyra, wanna go fi-” She stopped when she turned to look at me. She must’ve noticed I was staring at her for the past few minutes straight. She collected herself and giggled. That giggle was like a ringing noise going off in my head. But in a good way, y’know?

“Lyra.” She just smiled at me. I couldn’t help but blush a bit, and my emotions got the better of me that I tugged my hat down and blushed. I felt like I was Red or something, I could hardly speak.

Whitney then, with all the coolness of a cucumber, took my hat and put it up against my cheek. She then kissed me, right on the lips. Then she was spinning my hat around her finger like that plumber boy from that game Ethan plays all the time.

“Now that I have your attention; wanna get some milkshakes together?”

I smiled brightly and nodded. I’m so glad that the person I look up to is also my girlfriend.
This one is InTheDarkShipping. This is Bugsy x Jasmine. I know someone on tumblr who's a big shipper of this, and I wish I got to talk to them more. Oh well!

Olivine's Lights
It was a warm night out at Olivine City. Bugsy sat on a hill out by Route 40, just across from it. The lighthouse’s shining beams would occasionally streak by him. Sometimes it was blinding, but it usually wasn’t bad enough to be a bother. Besides, it helped Jasmine find him.

She would appear behind him, her footstep on the rocks making enough noise that he’d turn around to see her. She was in her usual teal dress with a white cardigan over it, but she was holding a picnic basket.

“Sorry I’m late! Amphy needed some extra help. I’m sure you saw the lights flickering tonight.”

Bugsy shook his head. “It isn’t a problem at all. Come here.” He patted the spot next to him; it was lightly covered in moss, which made it a softer seat than it looked. She rested there, setting the picnic basket to her side.

“I got us some drinks, made us some sandwiches, brought some Nanab berries, and I- EEP!” She flinched as she felt Bugsy’s hand on her thigh. She looked at him with a flustered, blushing look. He merely smiled at her, but as she stared at his face, she really got lost in just how handsome he looked. His soft violet hair draping around his cheeks, his youthful smile on his face. The light occasionally lighting him up too made him seem almost mysteriously attractive.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” Bugsy inhaled, then let out a long, almost prolonged sigh. “We don’t have to eat right now. I just wanted to enjoy your company.”

Jasmine chuckled. She remembered Clair’s old adage of ‘the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, but Bugsy seemed a bit more multifaceted than your average man. She scooted closer, taking a breath as their hips and legs touched. They looked out into the ocean together. The light from Amphy mixed with the natural light of the moon, and the water didn’t look so dark like it normally would. Occasionally it’d even sparkle as it reflected the lights. It was a sight Jasmine was very familiar with, but Bugsy, not so much.

“It’s really wild how nice the water gets like this. It almost reminds me of Silverpowder.” The Bug-Type expert put his left elbow on his knee so his hand could hold his head. His right hand began to reach for Jasmine’s.

Instinctively, she held his hand and their fingers interlocked. She did admire how pretty the water was tonight; it often was like this, but slowing down and stopping to admire it with someone was a unique feeling. It made things that were commonplace to her come off as more unique than she realized. She was happy to have him in her life; it was nice living like this.

“Hey Jasmine, I-” Bugsy began to talk as he turned to the brunette before she cut him off with a passionate kiss on the lips. She cooed, and lightly sobbed. She had realized she didn’t need to be alone any more. A single teardrop began to stream down her cheek. Bugsy hugged her tenderly, a hand moving up to dry her cheek as they continued to kiss on the bluff and rest their foreheads against each other.

Shortly after, the two lovers broke their kiss apart and stared into each other’s eyes, seeing how they glowed with the occasional passing light. They admired each other together in the dark, knowing that now neither of them had to be alone.
And the last of the imports for now is gonna be the four protags from Johto idly talking about the ship.

Because clearly everything in my world revolves around them LMAO

Ecruteak City. Kris, Lyra, Ethan, and Silver were all hanging out, sitting on some street benches and enjoying themselves some snacks they had gotten. Kris in particular was enjoying some fried seaweed. Lyra, a Magikarp-shaped taiyaki. Silver munched on some takoyaki. And Ethan had himself a fairly thick sandwich. He was the glutton of the group.

“So,” Lyra began to speak, wrapping up a bite of her taiyaki. “You hear about Bugsy and Whitney being in love with each other?”

Silver scoffed. “You’d think she’d be with someone else.”

“Nah. I think them being a couple makes a lot of sense.” Ethan interjected.

“Mnh?” Kris asked, crunching down some more seaweed. “I mean, I don’t disagree, but I’d love to hear your reasoning.”

“Back on Pasio, when we were fighting Team Rocket, they were looking at each other a lot. Surprised you don’t remember. But also… I dunno.” Ethan takes another bite of his sandwich. “I always thought Bugshy was kinda chute even if I never was into him.”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full.” Silver glared at Ethan, taking another bite of fried goodness.

“Well,” Lyra spoke, setting her taiyaki down for a moment. “I think they’re so cute together.”

“Yeah!” Kris added, turning to Lyra. “One time I saw them in Cianwood and they were just sitting on the rocks, and it looked so romantic!” The two girls began to giggle and squeal with high-pitched noises just thinking about it.

“I’m just glad they’re happy. Not just with the whole Team Rocket thing. They’re just nice Gym Leaders.” Ethan added. Silver rolled his eyes.

“When I was going through Johto, Bugsy was easy, and Whitney wasn’t. I don’t really concern myself with others’ relationships. But Ethan was right. They were both way more competent than usual when you three had donned your Sygna Suits. But if I had mine at that time, we wouldn’t have even needed their help, or Clair’s or Lance’s.” He smirked confidently, but now it was Ethan who scoffed.

“I don’t think you and Sneasel could’ve dealt with 30 Rocket Grunts like they did.”

“We totally could’ve.”

“The whole point of Pasio was to fight as a team!”

“Yeah, and I was just that strong.”

Ethan and Silver glared at each other, before Lyra clapped her hands loudly enough to distract the two.

“May I have you two’s attention?” Lyra asked.

“Uh, sure.” Ethan spoke, taking another bite of his sandwich.

“What is it?” Silver asked, his head cocked to the side.

“...You fools! Now I have your attentions.” She began to giggle, and Kris too, while Silver just clenched his fist in anger.

Ethan didn’t get it. He just thought his sandwich was delicious.

“But seriously!” Kris spoke further. “I just think they’re great for each other.”

“I don’t disagree.” Ethan added. “But like, don’t you think she loves him a bit… I dunno. Too much?”

“There’s no such thing!” Lyra shouted.

“He has a point.” Silver commented. “She’s almost too grabby. I think every time I’ve seen them together, she has an arm around him or something.”

Kris giggled. “You silly boys. I’m sure if you had a girl as cute as Whitney hugging you, you’d probably never want her to stop!”

Silver merely tilted his head down with an embarrassed look on his face. Ethan swallowed the last bit of his sandwich, and nodded in agreement.
new fics!
And finally a fresh new one! Hope y'all enjoy.

“I don’t always come to the Underground, y’know.” Whitney commented as she held hands with Bugsy, the two’s footsteps echoing on the tile floors of the tunnel. Today was a fairly calm Tuesday afternoon; there were people, but it was much less busy than it would’ve been towards the end of the week here.

“Really?! This place looks awesome! Can’t believe this is only like my third or fourth time coming here, there’s so much to do!” Bugsy piped up, his excitement clearly showing.

“W-well, I guess with Team Rocket dead and gone, maybe this place isn’t so bad any more… but the crime rate is still kinda hi-”

“Oh my goodness. Whitney I’m sorry, but they have an arcade here?!” Bugsy cut off his girlfriend as he saw a dark purple room with neon lighting. Whitney, if anything, was glad to be off her previous train of thought.

“Yeah. Oh geez, I guess they wouldn’t have one of these in Azalea. There’s one in Saffron too, so they’re kinda normal to me. Wanna check it out?”

“Of course!” He smiled back at her, the two dashing into the place. It was empty, other than the two Gym Leaders. Bugsy put in some money into the token machine which spat them out into a cup for him to use. The two walked around.

“I had no idea ya played games, Bugsy.”

“Well, I don’t have a whole lot of time to, but when I can, I do.” He looked around until he found an appealing one. Once he did, he dashed over to it.

“Woah! Denjin Daisakusen III!”

The game was a magical high-fantasy beat ‘em up game, or as Bugsy and his online group of friends called them, “Belt Action Games”. He put in a coin and Whitney watched; sadly the two player side wasn’t working. The characters were a buff dwarf, a tall knight, a boyish-looking spellcaster, an amazoness woman, and a woman who seemed to tame monsters. Bugsy went for the tall knight, an observation that made Whitney giggle a little bit. Bugsy played for a bit before he lost and just walked away, not wanting to take up too much time on any one game.

“You like those sort of games, bugaboo?”

“You could say that. I really like combat games, you know. I guess because it’s like Pokemon Battling, but also when you’re sitting at a desk doing a research paper for hours on end, you need some sort of way to just… let your pent up feelings out! And I think beat ‘em ups and fighting games are the way to go.”

Whitney smiled, ruffling up his purple head of hair. She always thought those sort of things were ‘guy’ things, and was just only slightly surprised to hear Bugsy was into those.

“What about you, Whit? What games do you like to play?”

Whitney crossed her arms. “Puzzle games! Lemme see if they got one here… ah!”

The two made their way to a very cutesy looking arcade game. It just had a stick and two buttons, but there were two cabs of it set facing away from each other.

“Oh it’s even my favorite! Dollar Drop!”

Whitney took some coins from Bugsy, and inserted them into the machine. She used the chair to take a seat and began to play. The objective was to take numbers on screen and match them up, with a general money aesthetic to it. Bugsy watched, entranced, and saw how Whitney could very quickly clear the first stage. And the one after. She was clearing through like nothing.

Bugsy had half of an idea to challenge her at the game, but he decided to instead watch his girlfriend plow through this puzzle game quicker than he ever could. He pulled up the other chair, and watched. He rested his head on her shoulder. They could see the reflection of each other’s faces on the arcade monitor.
Hey! New entry. I think about them hugging a lot.

Here they were again, looking over the ocean as they found a nice knoll at Route 34. It was mid-day; not too hot, and the breeze in the air was nice.

Like usual, Bugsy was in Whitney’s arms. Her body gently protected him from the gusts in the air, and he merely rested his head back against her form. He really could just fall asleep here like this, especially as his hands touched her legs and the soft blades of grass.

“Bugaboo,” Whitney began to speak, “ya never get tired of me holding you?”

Truth be told, Bugsy thought about it. Growing up, he spent much of his time in a solace of his choosing. Studying. Training. Researching. Applying. All of that meant that he wasn't the most social Butterfree in Johto. Even when he became a Gym Leader, it wasn't like he was very handsy or touchy with his Gym Trainers. When Whitney first held his hand that night she told him she loved him, he felt electricity course down his spine. Like a bunch of Joltik were running down his back. And now her touch is comforting. Natural, even.

“Never will.” He replied. He looked up at her, meeting eyes, and smiled before closing his. “Hug me all you want.”

Whitney couldn't help but to give a light squeal and tighten her arms’ grip. For her, touching was just a natural part of life. Contact in sports, hugging her galpal Gym Trainers, helping people find what clothing sizes work for them in the Pokéathelon. And now she has someone in her life she can always touch. Hold. Fawn over. Be vulnerable with.

She was the happiest girl in the world.

He was the most content he ever could've been, right now.
Whitney sighed wistfully as she leaned over a fence on the Moomoo Farm. Bugsy was once again, not currently in Johto. He was off doing more studies for his professor exam. And whenever he wasn’t around, she couldn’t help but feel a bit sad. Earlier today she got up on the wrong side of bed, her hair wouldn’t cooperate with her, and it was just one of those days where the bad little things began to pile up. Normally, she could just bring her boyfriend into her arms and hug the issues away, but not right now.

As the sun was still fairly high in the sky in the early afternoon, Whitney decided to lend a hand out to the Farm to get her mind off of things. Being here was a good way to find some solace and quiet for a bit. No noises other than the moos of the Miltank, the wind rolling on the grass, and the occasional farmhand chatter and equipment going off. Resting her arm on the fencepost, she inhaled deeply. It smelled of the trees, of Miltank, and of… nostalgia.


She looked down, and saw none other than her Miltank. Milky. The very same Miltank she would send out into battle with her. The very same Miltank she first adopted from this Farm. She looked up at Whitney, having sensed her troubled emotion. The cow rested her lips on Whitney’s waist, looking up at her. While the pink-haired girl was frowning before, this definitely got a smile growing on her face.

“What?” She asked, almost playfully, treating her Miltank like how most people would treat their house Meowth. She put a hand down and began to rub Milky in between her horns; it was her favorite spot. Scritch went her fingertips, before they began to scratch at the back of Milky’s ears.

“Your girl’s just feelin’ a lil’ lonely right now.”


Whitney smiled once more. She knew that her bond with her Miltank was so strong that her trusty round cow Pokémon knew exactly how she was feeling and why, but she loved to play dumb with her a little bit. Her ploy worked, Milky now rubbing her face against Whitney intensely. She couldn’t help but laugh, and Whitney kneeled down.

“Mm. I’m always less lonely when you’re around.”

She hugged Milky warmly, taking care not to press too hard against her belly and udders. The cow let out a happy exhale against Whitney’s ears, and her arms would warmly drape across the Gym Leader’s shoulders. Whitney remembered, if only for a second, how Milky was almost jealous Bugsy was getting so much attention, but eventually, she would mellow out. To Whitney, she felt like Milky learned that nothing would really replace her, but rather someone life-changing entered Whitney’s life for good now.

“Miru!” Milky broke from the hug to lick at Whitney’s cheek like a Growlithe would. She giggled, rubbing off some of the saliva as she gently pet Milky on her chin.

“You wanna go hang out with your pals?” Whitney asked.

“Miru!” Milky wagged her tail; that was a resounding yes.

Whitney patted her Pokémon on the back, letting her rotund side-kick trot away to be with the rest of her kind for the moment. She stood back up and crossed her arms, and sighed again. That got her mind off of things for a bit, but as soon as they could, thoughts came back. She put her cheek in her hand.

His smile. His laugh. The feeling of his hair in her hands. The sound of his voice. Even the way how he’d tap his pen against his temple as he thought about what to write. She missed him so much already. She wasn’t even sure when he’d return. Hopefully soon. Surely there’s only so much he could learn with Juniper and Lenora, right?

As she turned around, one of the farmhands approached Whitney. It was a Picknicker who worked in the farm quite a bit.

“Oh, hey Suzie.” Whitney recognized her.

“Hey Whitnay!” Her accent was quite thick. “I juz’ wanted ya t’know, ya got a lettar in th’ mail. I think Lois jus’ dropped it off.” She pulled out a very fancy looking envelope. The sticker looked like a Ledyba. Whitney knew exactly what it was.

“Took ma gloves awf so I wouldn’t stain it! Y’all be good now, y’hear?” Suzie then scurried off to whatever chore was next for her to do. This gave Whitney ample privacy time as she ran back to the side of a barn and began to open the letter.

The actual envelope itself was deep pink, and had lace trimmings on the edges. As she pulled out the card, she opened it up. A photo fell out. She grabbed it.

It was him, holding the camera pretty close to his body while his arm was raised, with a Venipede crawling on it. In the background, she could faintly see Lenora and Juniper, and it looked like they were in Nacrene City. She also saw a little pouch drop out as well. As she held it, her instinct almost roared at her to open it up, but her intuition told her differently. She began to read the letter.

“My honeycomb,

I really am sorry about being away for a while. The League has me on this assignment longer than I had planned. Turns out, sometimes even Bug-Type Pokémon can leave fossils! Shocked me too. Lenora and Juniper say hi. Lenora herself says that she wants her Watchog to battle your’s again, sometime.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way; I miss you. I wish I could take you on all these flights with me, because now that you’re in my life, I really feel whenever you aren’t here. But because you’re in both my heart and in my mind, you’re always with me. But I want you in my arms, too. And since I know you feel the same way, I left you something in that bag. I should’ve given it to you ages ago, back when we trained and Milky was knocking out my Scyther with Rollout so easily. Wear it if you want. It’ll be another thing to remind you of myself.

Don’t worry, honeycomb. I’ll be back soon. I love you, my sweet.


Whitney began to unwrap the little bag, and she held in her hands a nice and minty Hive Badge. She began to chuckle, then lightly sob, as tears began to roll down her cheeks. She realized she didn’t even have one of his badges yet. This one was a little bit different; it had a clip on the back, instead of a usual pushpin.

She clipped it into her hair, using her PokéGear to look at herself like a mirror. The red-and-black circle complimented, yet contrasted so well with her hair and her usual yellow hair accessories. Once more, water would stream down the curves of her face before dropping off her chin. This was one of her good cries. He had such a way with words. She fought back any further crying by rubbing at her face with her arm. She closed the letter, and fanned herself with it. The picture inside was stored safely. She smiled again, feeling a lot less lonely than she did a couple of minutes before.

She began to leave the Moomoo Farm, to go back into Goldenrod City. She just needs to run a quick errand. Milky looked back at her, and she turned to her Pokémon to respond to it.

“Don’t worry Milky! I’ll be right back. I’m just gonna get a photo frame. I’ll be jus’ a moment!”
The Cuddle
The Cuddle
“Nnngh. Nnnm?”

Whitney woke up late at night, with the moonlight beaming into her room. She felt a light weight across her torso; Bugsy's arms. She turned to face him; he was still asleep.

He was breathing, silently, wearing just his simple sleeveless shirt top and some pajama pants, with his arms across her. She didn't want to get up, nor did she need to. But she did turn in his grasp.

Her left hand would glide up his back until it found itself lost in the forest of his purple hair. His hair was normally a sort of controlled chaos, but now it was extra messy thanks to his bedhead. His hair was dense, but not wirey. She loved running her fingers through it, and here so she did the same, until she felt something hard. She felt her hand touch the back of his skull.

She moved in, her other arm wrapped around his torso, kissing the bridge of his nose. Instinctively, his body reacted by tightening his hug around her. She fought back the urge to make an audible “ooh!” of surprise, and he still seemed to be asleep.

She felt the warmth of his body. The softness and the firmness on his form. Whitney enjoyed the sensation of her body pressed up to his. Her legs interlocked with his. Whenever they were this close, it felt just right. She hugged him tenderly, and it wouldn't take long for her to drift off back into dreamland with him.
The Present
Been cooking this one for a bit. A Christmas themed mini-fic!

The Present
“Okay, your turn!” Whitney giggled as she spoke, with Bugsy smiling at her. He really admired how cutely the combination of the neck-scarf and the ear-rings were on her. It was especially striking given the fact she was wearing her shoulder-exposing Christmas outfit. He chalked it up to a successful intuition of what would work on Whitney. With all of that out of the way, he turned to his gift. It was long, and most notably, heavy. This was something that, if he wanted to carry it around, he’d probably have to wrap his arms around it, like one would a ladder. The wrapping paper was a pretty generic looking white-with-multicolored-polkadots on it. He couldn’t imagine what it was; perhaps an unassembled shelf case? No, it didn’t feel quite so heavy. Perhaps it was a lamp? He could use a new desk light after all. He began to claw at the paper; it fell apart easily under his fingertips. Soon, he’d see something interesting. It was leather. Real, black leather. Then he saw a golden square. His heart skipped a beat. “You-...” He instantly began to claw away at it further, revealing that the object was a leather case. It had expensive-looking latches on the edges of it. Whatever was in here, it was a premium product; and he recognized that golden square logo. And then the length of the box hit him. He gulped. “Did you…?!” He stared at Whitney, who was just bashfully smiling. “Go ahead. Open it.” He undid the latches on the side, and swung the case open. Before him was a catching net, but not a usual one. The rod of it was made of premium hollow fired bamboo wood with a varnished finish. Premium enough to look fancy, but sturdy enough to last a lifetime, with a gorgeous cherrywood color that screamed “class”. The net itself was an eyecatching darker grey color, made not of cloth like most nets are, but with carbon fibre foil with a fine see-through sieve. And the rim was made of a brilliant gold design, and yet, it too was varnished so it wouldn’t chip as the net would be slammed down repeatedly. This was no ordinary net. This was a Fortree Famous Net, an artisan net that is sought after by Bug Catchers. It wasn’t just expensive; it was hard to acquire, oftentimes requiring a long wait on a waitlist, or knowing someone special. Bugsy stared at Whitney, jaw agape. “How did you…” Whitney just shrugged. “A woman can’t tell ALL her secrets, bugaboo! Whatcha think? You like it~?” Whitney knew he did. But what she didn’t know or predict is what would happen next. Bugsy nodded, and his eyes began to water. Drops began to land on the leather casing. He brought a hand up to his mouth, and his eyes closed shut. Tears began to stream down his face. A long, drawn-out wheeze came from him, muffled by his palm, and Whitney’s smile slowly turned into an expression of awe. “This is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me…” He began to speak, his voice strained into a barely audible high pitched tinge from his efforts to fight back some heavy tears. He never imagined in his life he could AFFORD such a net, let alone be GIFTED one. It wasn’t just about knowing he’s a Bug aficionado, or how much it cost, but the difficulty, the dedication it takes to get it. When he was growing up, all the gifts he got were necessities, or cheap trinkets. Things his parents thought he needed to get ahead in life. Books, socks, underwear, maybe small bits of cash but no more. His family just didn’t have a lot of money; most people in Azalea didn’t. And thus, Bugsy resigned to himself a life that was humble, without luxury. But now here was something that was literally out of his dreams, and she got it for him. She did it. And she did it because she loved him. It wasn't easy to do; this took a lot of effort to get, not just money. He looked at her face. He felt loved. So intensely loved. He began to break down, holding his face in his hands as tears leaked in between his fingers. The emotions hit him all at once with the power of a raging waterfall. Whitney rushed over to hug him close as he continued to sob happy tears, muffled “thank yous” and more crooning cries. In a way, she wanted to cry, too. Seeing her beloved boyfriend cry like that. But deep down, she knew he was happy, incredibly so. She rubbed his shoulders, letting him take all the time he needed to let his emotions literally pour out of him. She kissed his forehead, and he immediately threw himself onto her, his wet hands on her back as he smooched her on her lips. He pulled back, taking an unstable inhale. “Thank you so much. Thank you so, so much…” His voice tampered off into a whisper while Whitney just sighed happily, stroking his head of hair and letting her fingers run through it. “Merry Christmas, Bugsy.”
The feelings oh my gosh ;-;
This is genuinely making me tear up a little it's so heartwarming and cute and just ughhh I don't have the right words but I just love it so muchhh
I’ve read them all so I’m happy to say I’m caught up. These are all very good! I didn’t have “becoming a plainhive shipper” on my 2023 bingo card, but here I am.
I’ve read them all so I’m happy to say I’m caught up. These are all very good! I didn’t have “becoming a plainhive shipper” on my 2023 bingo card, but here I am.
Welcome to the club! Make yourself comfy~.

I'm gonna be doing a small break from these drabbles because of the festivities and art I wanna do but I'll never stop making content for these two as far as I can tell. Be sure to keep tuning in!
Welcome to the club! Make yourself comfy~.

I'm gonna be doing a small break from these drabbles because of the festivities and art I wanna do but I'll never stop making content for these two as far as I can tell. Be sure to keep tuning in!
Thank you :giggle:

Makes sense, especially this time of year. Also I’m sure it’s good to take a break and think up some new and exciting ideas. Keep us posted!
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