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Make a Movie for the Pokemon above

The protagonist, a wild Bulbasaur, lives in a forest/city bustling with biodiversity and is a friend of a lot of different pokémon. It one day started to make a scrapbook to record memories with every single type of pokémon, a Bulbapedia of sorts, and go around to get photos of them all for it.

Now the last one, Ogerpon
The protagonist is a Dunsparce who is an ambitious geologist, using its tail, it drills down to the center of the Earth where it has to fight mutated Dugtrios in order to come back to the surface

A Misdreavus who is really vain about its own hair living in an abandoned house and using the hair stuff (such as combs and hair dryers) it finds there. One day a Nickit steals it all and Misdreavus has to go outside the abandoned house for its first time in order to get it back

Cacnea lives in a desert over the ruins of a fallen civilization, and one day a huge sandstorm uncovers a monument hidden in the sand, leading Cacnea to explore it so as to learn about the place where it lives

(You’re supposed to suggest a Pokémon at the end-)

A horror movie about Dusclops, the scariest Pokémon in the world, that’s all I got

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Meloetta has to constantly hide and run away from a child (apparently) trying to catch it, however, the child is actually Mozart and just wants to hear its melody

A magikarp who wants to dominate the magikarp jump league and sets out to find a trainer

except, every trainer just wants to evolve magikarp into gyrados and use it in battle, so it runs away and swims into a magikarp fishing pond and finds the magikaro jump player character. Together they rise in the ranks and train toetehr and end up winning, but in an emotional ending scene, the magikaro has to retire before the big match, but ends up training another magikarp to be just as good (cause of increased stats)

I may have gone a bit overboard

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