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Make a Movie for the Pokemon above

A short wholesome story about Ludicolo going around just dancin' and meeting more friends to dance with together on the way.

A horror movie about a Seel teenager who gets turned into part-dragalgae during the boreal aurora, like werewolves to the full moon.

Corphish lives peacefully with all the other Corphish until one day a Shadow Kingler appears and starts fighting. Everyone faints and Shadow Kingler goes in for the kill. It powers up a Hyper Beam but suddenly Corphish evolves into Crawdaunt and an epic battle ensues. He defeats the Shadow Kingler and saves its life by dragging it to a Pokemon Center where it gets purified. Kingler returns and apologizes, and Crawdaunt and the other Corphish forgives them. Kingler then vows to help protect the Corphish and even becomes best friends with Crawdaunt.

An underground adventure about a lone Drilbur searching out for fancy rocks and gems to fill its empty home, that is, until it finds the most precious gem of all, love.

A short story about a young Litten who lives with an elderly woman, going about his day, such as being fed or going out for a stroll around the area.

An epic about a Magmortar that lives at the base of a volcano with his Magmar family, everything is fine at first until Team Rocket appears to capture all the Magmars. It all boils down to Magmortar having to fight a Shadow Gyarados and a Shadow Blastoise, but after seeing his family captured, his rage allows him to tank all the water attacks and he promptly kicks the Shadow Pokemon to the curb, saves the Magmars and runs Team Rocket off for good.

A Ditto turns into Landorus and tries to fit in with the other Legendaries but eventually it gets found out. Landorus scolds Ditto and tells it not to do it again. Ditto gets sad and says it just wants to be important like the Legendary Trio and starts to leave, but Landorus reassures Ditto that it is important and that Ditto can hang out with them whenever it wants.

A mr mine starts it’s performance journey to stardom

A movie where a Salamence strives to get stronger to defeat the person it looks up to, Rayquaza. It eventually learns how to Mega Evolve, and defeats it

''King in a bit''

Would be a movie, about a Pawniard, that was born, in high ranks, but was kidnapped, by a hypno in his childhood, so he doesn't remember his past very well.
When Pawniard(that is now a bisharp) meets a new pokemon that would help them, discover who they really are and then would proceed to get his rightfully throne again.
But the thronas was already claim by the villain, that was making everyone in the kingdoom his slave.
Now Bisharp and his allies, will have to make a resistence to destroy the enemy and free everyone in the kingdoom.
Bisharp in the end of the movie would evolve to Kingambit.

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