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Mega Gengar-EX promo announced for Japan: XY-P Promo numbered 079/XY-P

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Nov 13, 2005
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Mega Gengar-EX promo announced for Japan: XY-P Promo numbered 079/XY-P

The official Japanese website has posted new details on upcoming XY4 promotional cards. Included is the Shiny Mega Gengar-EX, 079/XY-P, being given to shoppers who purchase at least 1500 yen worth of products at the Pokémon Centers starting this September 13. Also being released is a guide book for the Hyper Metal Chain Deck, which will be included with a reprint Dedenne promo. The front of the book also reveals an upcoming Bronzong card related to the Deck, but no details are currently known.

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Wow, that Hollow Geist attack looks downright awful. Even with Dimensional Ravine, we're still talking 3 Psychic Energy on a Mega Evo... just to do 120 with confusion and poison. The card itself looks cool, but I don't think anyone would seriously use it over the one with Phantom Gate.
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