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Monochrome Pokémon Rumor Discussion


Lord of the Whales
May 11, 2013
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Rumors have been going around about Pokémon in a monochrome color scheme, complete with images to back it up. They seem rarer than shinies. Perhaps the new iteration of collectible Pokémon for bragging rights since shinies are easier to get? What do you think?

If this is real, I theorize this is what tipping is for. The more you tip the greater your odds, however slim.
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I think they are fake, they would be oficially revealed by serebii or whatever if they were actually real.
I just saw the pictures. I think they're fake. I would think they'd be marked by something (like how shiny Pokemon have a star in their stat screen), but they don't seem to have anything like that.

Also, as someone pretty well versed in Photoshop, it'd be incredibly easy to take a screenshot and remove the color from just the Pokemon. Why haven't any other big Pokemon sites talked about it, or the people that do have them, why don't they post more pictures of them, or video proof?
They would be real interesting and good looking but until there is no real confirmation it is a bogus.
I call BS. It's very easy to make pics like that with Photoshop, I bet even I could do it even though I'm not an expert on Photoshop at all. Unlike most Shinies, they look pretty boring anyway, if they were real I would only like one because of the rarity.
It's a GTS glitch. It's reset after you save and go off and on your game. I do want Game Freak to do something similar to this in the future, though. It would be a cool concept, with a few extra features added.
I wish it was real, because it seems like a good idea. Although, I don't believe these are fake.
I saw a post about it on Tumblr once, and I'll try to locate it. They basically said it was a glitch, and it would fix itself if you turned off the game and turned it back on.
I saw a post about it on Tumblr once, and I'll try to locate it. They basically said it was a glitch, and it would fix itself if you turned off the game and turned it back on.
Serebii mentioned it on his discovery thread as well; it was simply a graphical error.
I can understand it being a glitch due to 3D rendering having several layers to color rendering (specifically 'texture', 'material', and 'lighting'). For example, if you want a red texture on an object, you can out-and-out have a red bitmap for the texture, or you can have a monochromatic texture rendered on a red material. It also makes color swaps easier because you can simply swap out the material's RGB triplet(s), you don't need separate bitmaps for every conceivable color.
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