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More early Valentine's Day content in Pokémon Café ReMix, with Alcremie's new Chocolatier outfit arriving in Pelipper Delivery from January 28th

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Alcremie: Chocolatier
Continuing the early Valentine's Day celebrations, a new Chocolatier outfit for Alcremie will be available starting January 28th in Pelipper Delivery. A new Collect the Stars Campaign is also now on, offering players more star rewards in the form of challenges to help them clear January's Goals.

New outfit for Alcremie!
A new outfit for Alcremie will be available in Pelipper Delivery starting January 28th, at 9:59pm (PST)! Alcremie: Chocolatier's Specialty Gimmicks are Whipped Cream and Strawberry.

Collect the Stars Campaign
In order to help users to complete the January's Goals courses, a new challenge sheet offering different challenges to earn stars and complete the course before January ends. Challenges include: completing Main Orders, using Café Skills, linking icons, receiving Daily Stamps and collecting stars. Along with many stars, players can also get a small amount of Golden Acorns by clearing the challenge cards.

New bingo card added!
As announced previously, the third and final card for the Charming Emolga event has now been added Bingo Mission's! Players will need to complete Card No. 2 in order to unlock Card No. 3. The rewards for this final card include Golden Acorns, Tarts and Milestone Cookies, which can be obtained by clearing lines and completing the bingo card. All bingo missions for this event will be available until February 5th, at 9:59pm (PST).


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