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Start Ups My Little Metroid: Magic is Showtime! *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

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Nov 21, 2009
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If you have a better suggestion for the title, PLEASE tell.

Plot: Samus Aran, famed bounty hunter, battles a group of Space Pirates in a corner of space. Lead by a fearsome general named Arnost, the group's mysterious project is something Samus refuses to allow the Space Pirates access to.

However, while fighting General Arnost, the project is accidentally activated, opening a dimensional rift and throwing Samus and her ship into another world. One filled with...magical ponies?

Hyokamen Brycen:
Samus Aran
Rainbow Dash
High Command of the Space Pirates

Science Team of the Space Pirates
Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie

Alright, I think you should start.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

Location: In the Logat system.
Mission: Locate a Space Pirate-owned frigate, inflitrate it, and find plans of a new weapon.
Status: Accepted.

A orange ship with a green windshield appeared out of hyper jump and headed towards a bright blue Jovian-classed planet.

'Space Pirates... I must say, I admire their tenacity.' A blonde woman thought as she fine-tuned her ship as she approached the planet, looking for the frigate. "Approaching Logate V, a gas giant rich in precious gases." ADAM, her AI explained.

"ADAM, activate the scanners. To be in this remote part of the universe, they're hiding something big."

"Okay. How big are we talking here?" ADAM asked, activating the radar.

"Big enough that they are hiding in a patch of wild space." The hunter said, lowering a screen. "Where are you, where are you..." She muttered as she looked around. She then smiled. "Found you. ADAM, switch to HALO mode." She said, pushing it back up and got up.

The AI was stunned. "Are you nuts?! HALO is high altitude jumps, not deep space jumps!"

"The Pirates will see us plain as day once we get close enough. If I'm going to get in without too much trouble, I'm going to have to jump." Samus said, transforming her Zero Suit into her Varia Suit in a flash of blue.

The AI sighed. "Oh, very well. But I want no objections, lady." It spoke.

The ship flew past the cloaked frigate with a loud whoosh. A orange missile with boosters flaring was piloting itself to a space deck. She soon assumed Morph Ball form and slammed hard into it.

Rolling out, she resumed normal form, looking around. She switched her visor shade to X-Ray, allowing her to see the frigate's exterior.

"Time to go." The armored supersoldier said with a quick inhale and walked forward.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

Arnost stood a top the command bridge of the frigate, looking over to the command bridge. He was of the space pirate race, but heavily modified by genetic and cybernetics modifications, given a suit of armor containing a large number of weapons systems, including a plasma blade. He was sent to oversee this project, after the final demise of Ridley.

He overlooked the project. "Prepare for the test," he ordered in the Space Pirate's language, though his suit had a vocal modulator.

Suddenly, alarms went off. "General Arnost! We've detected the Hunter's ship!" announced one of the soldiers, terror in his voice. "She's boarded!"

Arnost actually seemed excited. "Send troops to cut her off! I'm on my way!" he announced, chuckling. "Proceed with the beta test, but don't begin the test."
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

The door to the airlock opened, allowing Samus to go in. She heard the alarms blared off, getting her to switch her Visor to Combat. She looked around when she heard the alarms blare. "Showtime." She said, charging a Power Charge Shot at the only door. It opened and several Pirates flew in. She loaded a missile, getting a Super Missile to fly at the troops, killing them in a grand explosion. She ran for the door, jumped over the railing and opened the door. "Now, where's the map?" Samus mused, turning a hallway and jumped back, avoiding a series of shots. Samus blasted forward with her Speed Boost, plowing through the Pirates in her way.

"The Hunter has blasted through the troops! She's heading to the labs!" A terrified Trooper yelled.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

"She's mine," said Arnost, his jetpack roaring to life as he flew towards the lab. He was looking forwards to this.


The map was in a computer next to the entrance to the lab, along with the following data log entry.

Science Team Status Report:
Subject: Arnost
Status: Success

Project Orion is a perfect success. General Arnost completed combat training and has been deployed to Project Dawn as overseer and head of defense, his natural strategic ability makes him a perfect fit.

High Command has mandated excluding weaponry and weaknesses of test subjects in data logs unless they have become too dangerous to be useful, due to past instances of The Hunter hacking our computers. Encryption is useless against her technology.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

"Arnost. Sounds like a good fight." Samus said while reading it with her Scanning Visor, fitting her Arm Cannon into a slot in the computer, allowing information to flow into her helmet.

"I swear, they make hacking too easy for me." Samus said, patting her Arm Cannon, then aimed it at the door.

The door was blasted open, a single Super Missile reducing it to scrap metal. She walked in and ran across, avoiding gunfire from some stationed Space Pirates. She jumped over a corner and landed onto a Space Pirate and shot him in the face with a Power Beam shot. She switched to Ice Beam and aimed at one Space Pirate, grunting as several shots hit her. She fired, freezing the Pirate solid. She loaded a Missile and fired once more, shattering it. She switched to Plasma Beam, and charged it, then fired it at another Space Pirate, incinerating him into ash. She switched to Wave Beam and unleashed a flow of shots, shocking a Space Pirate to death.

A Space Pirate lunged at her, but that proved to be a bad idea, as she grabbed him by the offending limb, threw him to the ground, and did a contact point shot to the head. She jumped up and used her built in boosters, helping her get up to the second floor. She switched to Power Beam, and spammed it at a crowd of incoming Pirates, killing the lot.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

"Well well, the mighty Hunter, impressive," said Arnost's voice over the intercom, translated into something Samus could understand. "I am General Arnost, and I've been looking forwards to meeting you," he said, the door to the lab chamber opening. Arnost walked through, a good head taller than Samus. He clinched his fists, blasters emerging from his wrists. "Let's hope you're worthy prey," he said, opening fire with his two energy blasters.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

Samus' boosters blasted to the side, allowing her to grab the rail, and nimbly vaulted off of the rail, and aimed at Arnost, firing a series of shots of her Power Beam before she flipped to land on her feet.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

Arnost's jet pack lit up and he took flight to dodge. He extended an energy blade from his right hand and flew at her, trying to bisect her.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

She turned into her Morph Ball to dodge, leaving three Ball Bombs at Arnost's feet.

Exploding several seconds later, this sent Samus flying for the exit. She wasn't here to fight Arnost; she has a mission to do, and that was finding out what the Space Pirates are planning.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

Arnost snarled as he got up from the bombs. He took flight and chased after her, raining energy blasts at her.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

Samus dodged to the best of her abilities, then activated Speed Boost, leaving a cloud in her wake.

She blasted through a door, the door leading her to a room with what looked like an engine. "It's not the engine room, where am I?" She pondered, pulling up the map on her visor. "'Experiment Dawn Chamber'. So, it looks like I found it." She said, prepping a Missile for Arnost.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

Arnost flew into the chamber and used an energy grapple to catch the missile and throw it back at her.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

Samus dodged the flung Missile, but it hit something else. A control panel.

"Beginning Dawn beta testing. Beginning Dawn beta testing." The PA announced as the room began to shake.

"Not good." Samus said, able to keep her footing as she ran off.

Outside, a laser beam projector was slowly extended and aimed for naked space.

"Firing will commence in 30 seconds." The PA yelled as Samus ran for it in Speed Boost. "ADAM, pick up! Now!" Samus yelled as she placed her hand on the side of her helmet. "Coming around!" The AI responded.

Samus destroyed the airlock with another Super Missile, then used a jump with all of her might.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

Adrian snarled, downloading the data on the project into his computer and running for an escape pod. "Hunter, we will meet again," he stated, launching out of the frigate.

The beam's controls went haywire and the energy built up.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

Samus fired her Grapple Beam, it snagging onto her ship as it flew by.

"What happened?" The AI inquired.

"Mission failed; I was fighting with a new Super Pirate experiment and I managed to get to the project's panel room when I unintentionally bombed it with a Missile."

"So, utterly FUBAR?"

"Utterly FUBAR. Let's make tracks for Earth." Samus said as she transformed her suit into the Zero Suit and grabbed the controls. She winced when a beam of bright light was fired, opening a white hole with a immense gravitational pull.

"We're being pulled in!" ADAM yelled as it grabbed hold of the tiny ship as the frigate was being torn asunder, it's parts flying all around them. Samus just closed her eyes as the world became white.


Equestria. A land of relative peace and quiet. To find any sort of chaos, one has to either actively search for it or cause it. Rarely would chaos come out of the blue.

A cyan colored Pegasus with a rainbow mane and tail was snoozing on her cloud, hovering near a giant literal tree house.

A small boom made her stir, getting the Pegasus to sleepily look up. "Huh. Must be -"

Before the mare could finish, a huge portal ripped open in the sky, spewing hot metal by the metric tonnes. It arced across Ponyville and made an almighty crash 5 miles outside town limits.

The Pegasus mare just sat on her cloud, wide-eyed and slack-jawed.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

Twilight had been watching the sky as she'd noticed some sort of distortion. Which then formed into a gigantic portal that began spraying metal in a direction, thankfully, away from Ponyvile. But she doubted it all would and rushed outside. Concentrating, she brought her brother's barrier spell forward in her mind and poured magic into it, forming a pink barrier around Ponyville to keep it protected. Once it'd all passed and several tons of metal that would've hit Ponyville tumbled off the shield, she fell to her knees as the barrier went down. Her head was pounding. "Ugh...Shining Armor was right, that spell can give you migraines..." she muttered. "What was that?"


Fluttershy, predictably, was cowering in her cottage as the whole thing happened, but timidly poked her head out when it stopped. The debris had thankfully missed her farm, but landed fairly close by. She peaked cautiously at it.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

"Twilight, did you see that?!" Dash yelled, zooming to the unicorn in question.


Suspenseful music started to play, and when it crescendoed, a damaged ship dragged itself out of the burning rubble, heavily damaged, and when the music stopped, the ship crashed on the floor.


Inside, a human had one eye closed thanks to a gash on her forehead, making the blood drip down her face. "ADAM, you still active?" "Barely. Damn, the ship's took a lot of damage, but you know that already. Anyways, you don't look so hot right now, lady." The AI said, getting Samus pull down a screen and placed it near her chest. She winced when she saw several fractured ribs and one broken one, a dislocated right shoulder and a sprained left wrist. Her legs were relatively fine, just some bruises. "You going to leave?" ADAM asked. "Going to scavenge some Energy Capsules." Samus said, transforming her Zero Suit into her Power Suit.

"That's different." ADAM noted, looking at Samus. Instead of the Varia Suit armor, it was the simple Power Suit armor. "Damage." Samus said with a light miffed tone.

Varia Suit disabled
Missile Launcher disabled
Super Missile disabled
Plasma Beam disabled
Ice Beam disabled
Wave Beam disabled
Grapple Beam disabled
Morph Ball disabled
Bombs disabled
X-Ray Visor disabled
Speed Boost disabled

Power Beam enabled
Power Suit enabled

"I hate this suit sometimes." Samus sighed out, then pressed something on her Arm Cannon, getting the top of her ship to open. "Godspeed." ADAM said, as Samus crouched down, and jumped out.


Suddenly, a orange armored being with a red head shot out of the opening and landed on the ground with an great "thud". The being looked around as some heroic music played.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

Twilight nodded. "Yeah, I did-Ow!" she exclaimed, rubbing her head. "That spell gave me a headache...What was that anyway?"


Fluttershy squeaked and hid in her house. But her natural kindness got the better of her. She knew the being was probably hurt, and she couldn't just leave someone who was hurt alone. Still, she was prepared to run if they turned out to be aggressive. She poked her head out. "Um...H-hello?" she asked, looking at the being. "Um...A-are you alright?" she asked, coming out just enough that she could pull back in if need be. But she was still plainly visible.
Re: My Little Metroid *Me and Hyokamen Brycen!*

"No idea, but that was a lot of metal." Dash said, barely keeping her voice down for Twilight's headache.


The armored being looked at Fluttershy and several windows popped up on the Visor as it began to scan Fluttershy.

"Recording to logbook." The system announced loudly when it finished, as the being began reading what this scannings picked up.


A new [Equines] entry has been added to your Logbook.

Morphology: Fluttershy. A Pegasus. Fluttershy is rather harmless and would rather seek peace than fights. She is a caretaker of animals and would not be worth the Power Beam shots to put down.

"Sometimes, I'm amazed at how well you pick up information." The being said as the female voice touched the side of its head. "As for me, no, I'm not alright, Fluttershy." The being said, turning to the mass of metal and began sifting through it.
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