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Nanulak’s Star series


A ghost in the snow • previously PokefanKIV
Aug 1, 2023
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Hey, so, for a while now I’ve been thinking of my own fan thing of me (Star) in my Pokémon Universe, and after reading @Neodith’s little stories (this guy is going places!), I’ve decided to actually flesh it out in story…

Also, you should see Neodith’s stories! Here’s the link: little stories of my own
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“Star! Could you help me with these boxes?” Came a womanly voice. “Ugh… Coming…” After barely dragging himself out of bed, Star put on his shoes and headed toward the door. Star just moved from a region named Goldenia, and he was pretty tired after his long journey. He and his mom still had a lot of unpacking to do. In his mind, he couldn’t help but think about his brother, who couldn’t come thanks to his status as Champion. After helping his mom unpack a little bit, his mom said, “Star, you’ve helped out enough! Now, it’s time to go meet Professor Kukui!” “Where is he?” Asked Star. “He’s over in Iki Town. I’ve heard that Iki Town is quite the spectacular town, and I would love to go there sometime!” Star’s mom said with a smile. “Bye, Star!” Called out his mom as Star was leaving. “Bye!” And out Star went. “Oh, Star, wait!” Yelled his mother. “Don’t go into the tall grass! Oh… he’s gone…” So out Star went, onto Hau’oli City Outskirts. Star still couldn’t believe his eyes at the beautiful Alolan sights all around! The tropical flowers, the beautiful ocean view, even the Wingull doing loops in the air! Star couldn’t wait to be a Pokémon Trainer! It would be so nice! To have Pokémon and go on an adventure with them! Star decided to check in the mailbox before he left, and when he did… “Oh?”
“Oh? What’s this?” In the mailbox, there was a Poke Ball, a Cherish Ball, and a letter. Star took out the letter first. It read:
“Dear Star, these are for you! I’m already missing you, so I caught a Pokémon for you! I also bought a Pokémon as a bodyguard for you. You know, just in case you’re troublemaking attitude gets to you, haha!
Love, Kereama, you’re amazing brother
P.S.: Don’t forget to wash around the ears, little man!”
sigh. “This is just like him, to add so many jokes, like the ‘P.S.’, and ‘bodyguard’ and ‘troublemaking attidue’”. Actually, Star liked that attitude of his brother’s. Now Star just missed him even more fiercely. “Anyway, let’s see what’s in these Poke Balls, eh?” So Star grabbed the Cherish Ball first, and out came a weird looking Pokémon. “Nuuuulllllll…” the Pokémon cried, looking interested in Star. Star was interested in it, too. It looked almost doglike, but with sharp, metal claws on its front legs, a… fin for a tail? And weirdest of all, it had a rusty-looking mask. Then Star remembered. “Oh! My Pokédex! The one Kereama gave to me before I left Goldenia!” He fired it up, and scanned the weird Pokémon. “Type: Null, the Synthetic Pokémon. A Pokémon weapon developed for a specific mission, it went berserk during an experiment, so it was cryogenically frozen.“ said the device. “Type: Null, eh? Well then, nice to meet you, Type: Null! My name is Star!” “Nuullll!!!” the Pokémon cried happily. “How about I call you… Synthetic?” “Null, null!” the Type: Null cried in agreement. Now, for the other Poke Ball. As Star, opened it up, another doglike Pokémon came out, except it was much smaller, and was blue. “Rio, riolu! Riiiooo?” The Pokémon looked around in wonder and suspiciousness. “What’s that Pokémon?” Yet again, firing up his Pokédex, he scanned the blue Pokémon. “Riolu, the Emanation Pokémon. It’s tough enough to run right through the night, and it’s also a hard worker, but it’s still just a youngster.“ “Well, then. Riolu. Nice to meet you! I’m Star!” said Star kindly. “Rioooo… Ri-o!” and at that the Riolu sharply looked away, making a point that it didn’t want to be friends. “Not the friendly type, eh? And quite the divine attitude you have there. That’s it! How about I call you Divine!” said Star, hopefully. But before he finished speaking, Riolu ran off! After some chasing Riolu ran through a patch of grass. “Yungooos!!!” “Huh?” Puzzled Star. A Pokémon stuck it head of of the grass. “Yuunn… Yungoos, goos!” and with that, the Pokémon attacked!
The Pokémon lunged at Star, but Star barely dodged it! After that, Synthetic immediately leaped for the Pokémon, and a fight between the two commenced. Star took the opportunity to whip out his Pokédex. “P-Pokédex! What is that Pokémon!” And with that, the electronic device scanned the attacker. “Yungoos, the Loitering Pokémon. With its sharp fangs, it will bite anything. It did not originally live in Alola but was imported from another region.“ said the Pokédex. “Hmm… Yungoos… Normal type… aha! I know how to beat it!” But with those, words, Synthetic collapsed! “Synthetic!” Screamed Star. “What’s wrong?” “Nuuu… Nulllll…” panted the Synthetic Pokemon weakly. “Hmm… I think I know what’s going on. The mask. The mask limits your capabilities, right? What if this mask is too tight for you? It severely limits your capabilities. Don’t worry, Synthetic. Come here, take a rest. You deserve it.” Star held out his Poke Ball, and Synthetic went back in. “Yuuun! Yungoos!” Cried the Yungoos triumphantly. “Lit, Litten!!” A fireball hurtled at the Yungoos, scaring it and driving it off. “Huh? What… What was that?” “Litten. Lit, Litten, ten!” A black, catlike Pokémon stepped out of the shadows. “Litten!” It cried once more. “Ah! Litten! There you are! We were getting worried about you!” A man in a lab coat ran up to the Pokémon-Litten, he called it-and picked it up. The Pokémon gave the strange man a lick, then continued on looking at Star. “Nice moves, Litten! Good job! Are you ok there, kid?” said the man. “Uh… yeah, thanks.” replied Star. “Good. I saw your Pokemon’s fighting moves back there. It did good! Oh, yeah! I almost forgot! My name is Professor Kukui. Are you Star?” said the Professor enthusiastically. “Oh! Yes! Yes sir! I am! I was just on my way to Iki Town when my new Riolu, Divine, ran off. Say, where is Divine?” Star looked around, but couldn’t see his Riolu. Divine must’ve ran on ahead. “Hmm… I think I did see a Riolu run by.” Said Professor Kukui. “It was unusual, as they don’t naturally live around here, but before I could investigate, my Litten heard your fight and ran off to help!” “Litten!” cried the Pokémon proudly. “Oh yeah!” Exclaimed Star. “Pokédex, tell me more about Litten!” “No need for that. I’ll tell you about Litten!” Said the Professor. “Litten is a flaming hot Fire type, the Fire Cat Pokémon! It doesn’t allow its emotions to be easily seen, and earning its trust takes time. It prefers solitude. Woo! Some hot Pokémon, eh, Star?” “Yeah! Sure is! Hey, can we go find Divine now?” “Oh, sorry about that! Let’s go! Divine must be on the way to Iki Town! They say the festive aura is strong there, so Riolu’s bound to be there!” “Yeah! Let’s go!” Exclaimed Star. So they went, through Route 1, and finally arrived at Iki Town. “Wow!” Exclaimed Star as he took in the beautiful sights of the town. “Finally! We’re here!”
Meanwhile, on Mahalo Trail, a girl in white was coming up to a bridge. “This is where you wanted to go, right Nebby?”
“Wow! Finally! We’re here!” Exclaimed Star as he was looking at the amazing Iki Town sights. There were people dancing, people battling, and people just having fun in general! In the dusk sky, the lit torches added a mystic glow, finishing the touch. “Wow! I’ve never seen a place like this before!” Exclaimed Star. “Well, kid, this is but a taste at what Alola has to offer! Oh! Look! Isn’t that Divine, your Riolu? Why don’t you go on a Flare Blitz towards it and give a Heal Pulse to your relationship! Meanwhile, there’s some people I’d like to find. Go have fun, kid!” Said Professor Kukui, correct about Divine. “Ok. Bye! Hey, Divine! Over here!” Shouted the enthusiastic Trainer at his Riolu. “Rio? Rio-Riolu!” Cried the Riolu, and with that jumped straight into Star’s arms. “Hmm… I get it! You didn’t like being in the Poke Ball? I’ve heard some Pokémon hate it. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be in there any longer!” Promised Star. “Rio!” Exclaimed Riolu happily. “Speaking of which, I should probably bring out Synthetic, see how he’s doing. “He popped Synthetic out of the Poke Ball, and Synthetic was fine! “Synthetic! Just needed some peace and quiet?” “Null!” Cried the Pokémon in agreement. “Good. Hey, why don’t you two have fun, huh?” They both nodded, and went to play with the other Pokémon. “Hey there!” “Yeah, hey!” Said two voices, one male, one female. Star turned around, and two people were behind him. “I’m Elio, but you can call me Sun!” The boy said. I’m Selene, but you can call me Moon!” “Nice to meet you!” They both said together. “What’s your name?” Sun said. “Star. Star Legends.” Star replied. “Cool! Hey, are you new to Alola?” Said Moon. “Yeah! We just moved in from the Goldenia region! I’ve already had a ton of adventures here in the one day I’ve been here! Say, what’s the occasion?” Asked Star. “Why, the Iki Town festival, of course!” Replied Sun. “Every year, Iki Town does a festival to honor the Tapus. In the festival, there’s dancing, nice treats, and best of all, a Pokémon battle tournament!” Exclaimed Moon excitedly. “I think battles are fine, but I prefer to help than harm. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t participate! Do you know the reason why the festival is held at dusk? Ancient Alolans, long ago…” “Um… Maybe we should restrain from all the story telling just yet? We should get to know each other more first! Sorry about Moon; she loves to talk and gets very excited! I, however, am a tad more calm than my sister, and I love battling! What do you like?” Said Sun, cutting Moon off. “Well, I don’t have a preference! I just want to be friends with my Pokémon!” Replied Star. “Is there any goal you have? Mine is to complete the Pokédex, and Sun’s is to be a champion!” Said Moon. “Hmm… I never thought of that before. It seems fun to be a Champion. My brother is one of Goldenia! But it also seems fun to complete my Pokédex, like my father did. He is… er, was… a Pokémon Professor. He travelled around the world, and had awesome adventures! But… well, he died a few years ago…” “Oh. I’m sorry about that.” Said Sun. “I’m sure he was a good father. He seems to have been a lucky man, to have a child like you! And did you say your brother was champion?! That’s so cool!” Said Sun. “Hey, Star, it seems you’ve become friends with Sun and Moon here already, huh? There’s two more people I’d like you to meet.” Said Professor Kukui, with another boy beside him. “This is Hau. He is the grandson of the Kahuna. He wants to be champion, but mainly wants to be real friends with his Pokémon, woo!” Continued Kukui. “Hey, there!” Said Hau. “Hi!” Said Star, Sun, and Moon. “What about the second person, Professor? And what’s a ‘Kahuna’?” “On each island of Alola, Star, there’s a Kahuna. They’re kinda like a boss of the island, but help people. That’s their job.” Explained Kukui. “Yup! That’s my gramps!” Said Hau. “As for the other person, I think she went to Mahalo Trail. You should go after her. Her name is Lillie.” Explained Kukui once again. “Thanks! Are you coming, Sun, Moon?” Said Star. “Nah. We’re going to enjoy the festivities more first!” Replied Moon. “Ok then, see you!” Said Star. And with that, he left towards Mahalo Trail. After climbing a long staircase, he heard a girl crying for help! As he rushed over to help, he saw the scene. A girl in white-Lillie, he presumed-was desperately trying to fend off Spearow attacking a nebula-like Pokémon on the bridge, but the bird Pokémon wouldn’t let her near. “Don’t worry! I’m coming to help!” He called out to the girl. He slowly started to go across the bridge, and kept going to the nebula Pokemon, but when he got there, the Spearow attacked him! Then the bridge… it broke! As Star and the nebula Pokemon were hurtling towards the raging, rocky river below, a yellow Pokemon engulfed in lightning swooped down and saved him and the Pokémon. “Ko, Ko Koooooo!” The mysterious yellow Pokemon roared, and then it flew off, in the same electrifying wonder as before. “But that was-“ Lillie, the girl, started speaking as a speaker from Iki Town cut her off “The tournament is about to begin!”
“The tournament is about to begin!” Came a booming voice from Iki Town, probably a speaker or megaphone! “Oh! Looks like we’ll have to talk later. But before I go, isn’t your name Lillie? Said Star. “Why, um… yes, yes it is. H-how did you know?” Lillie responded shyly. “Professor Kukui told me to come up here to find you! He said he wanted me to meet you.” Explained Star. “My name’s Star, by the way. Nice to meet you, Lillie!” “Nice to meet you too… um… Star…” responded Lillie in her still shy voice. As Star raced down to Iki Town, he was able to make it just in time to sign up and sit with his friends, Sun, Moon, and Hau, and listen to the announcer. “The features of this tournament are a 1 v. 1!” Boomed the announcer through a megaphone. “Since there are eight contestants, there will be three rounds, until the last person stands! Are you ready? Good! The let’s go! The first matches are as follows: Ilima vs. Ryuki! Gladion vs. Hau!” “Oooh, I wonder how strong this Gladion character is?” Said Hau in an excited voice. “Sun vs. Moon!” The two siblings looked at each other and gasped. “And finally, Star vs. Professor Kukui!” Finished up the announcer. Him fighting Kukui? It was impossible! Kukui was a full-on Professor, and to defeat him would be incredible! “Let the matches… begin!” And with that, everyone went to their match and started fighting them. “Looks like I’ll get to test your skills after all, eh, kid?” Said Professor Kukui. “Rockruff, I choose you!” “Rock! Rockruff!” Yapped the Puppy Pokémon playfully. “Ok, Star, keep your cool. Remember: Rockruff is a Rock type. So use Divine!” Said Star to himself. “Divine, go!” He said, and his partner stepped up to the ring. “Hmm… let’s see… ah! Yes! Divine use Vacuum Wave!” Star ordered, and his little Pokémon did exactly that. “Rio!” Cried Divine, and a space-distorting energy wave quickly formed and was thrown at Rockruff. “Rockruff, dodge it!” Commanded Professor Kukui. And Rockruff did that, perfectly. “You’re going to have to do better than that if you want to win!” Said Kukui. “Rockruff, Rock Throw!” And with that, Rockruff threw rocks at Divine, damaging it. “I’ll have to think faster if I’m going to defeat him…” Said Star. “Aha! Riolu, use Vacuum Wave… on the ground!” “What?” Puzzled Kukui. But Divine seemed to understand and did so, and Divine was launched into the air! “Now, successive Vacuum Waves!” “Rio!” Divine cried in acknowledgement, and fired multiple Vacuum Waves, each one making contact with the Rockruff. When the dust cleared… Rockruff fainted! “Winner, Star and his Riolu!” Announced the announcer. “Yes!” Exclaimed Star with joy. “Now, for the results of the matches: Ilima and Yungoos vs. Ryuki and Gible-Ilima and Yungoos are the winners! Gladion and Zubat vs. Hau and Pikipek-Gladion and Zubat are the winners! Sun and Grubbin vs. Moon and Popplio-Sun and Grubbin are the winners! Star and Riolu vs. Kukui and Rockruff-Star and Riolu are winners! The next results are: Gladion vs. Ilima and Star vs. Sun! The next round will go shortly, after the Pokémon are healed.” Exclaimed the announcer. “You. Were. Amazing! I can’t wait to face you in the next match!” Exclaimed Sun to Star. “I guess I’m no where near as good as my older brother… especially when your Grubbin just straight-up immobilizes my Popplio!” Exclaimed Moon in annoyance. “Not my fault you’re so slow!” Countered Sun. “Actually, String Shot does lower the opponent’s Speed! Woo! One sticky move, eh?” Said Kukui, walking into the conversation. “So ha! It was your fault!” Said Moon triumphantly, sticking her tongue out at Sun. “One of these days, I’m gonna get her.” Swore Sun. “Hey, Hau! How did your battle go?” Said Sun, calling out to Hau. “Horribly! That Gladion guy just beat me with his Zubat, nice and clean! And I could tell he still had tricks up his sleeve!” Replied Hau. “Well, that’s my brother for you.” Said Lillie, walking in. “Woah, woah, woah! You mean that dude is your brother! Crazy! He’s, like, the exact opposite! You’re soft and gentle and serene, and he’s… tough and… scary!” Said Hau. “That’s just him on the outside. He’s really soft on the inside!” Said Lillie, defending Gladion. “Not true, Lillie. You know that. Why are you here, anyways?” Said the person they were talking about. “Gladion! Hey! I’m here because I’m hanging out with Professor Kukui and his wife, Professor Burnet! Why are you here?” Asked Lillie. “None of your business.” Said Gladion, and with that, he walked away. “Prickly type, eh?” Said Sun. “Yes. He’s been like that ever since our father… Our father died…” Said Lillie sorrowfully. “My father died, too. He was an awesome dad.” Said Star, comfortingly. “The next round is about to begin! May the contestants please go to their respective battles!” Said the announcer. “Ok, Sun, let’s battle!” Said Star challengingly. “You’re on!” “Let the battles… start!” “Go, Synthetic!” “Go, Rowlet!” Both Pokémon came out of their Poke Balls, ready to fight. “Good luck! You’ll need it!” Said Sun boastingly. “Hmm… a Rowlet… This could get ugly if I’m not careful…” Pondered Star. “Rowlet! Fly up high and rain down Gusts!” “Row, row!” Replied the Pokémon, and up it went to do that. “Agh! The attacks are coming in so rapidly! How am I supposed to hit it up there?” Pondered Star once again. “Haha! My Rowlet comes from Hisuian descent! It’s special and stronger! Haven’t you noticed how big it is?” Boasted Sun. Now that Star looked at it more closely, it did look bigger… and was that a fleck of red in its eye? “This Rowlet is the descendant of an Alpha Pokémon! The Alpha breeds are extinct now, but they were massive, powerful Pokémon with blazing red eyes! This Rowlet is just as strong as an Alpha of old! That’s why it inherits it’s nickname, Alpha!” Boasted Sun yet again. “Let! Rowlet!” Cried Alpha. “A big Pokémon, eh?” Said Star. “I might be able to use that to my advantage… Synthetic! Throw rocks at it!” “Null!” Replied the Synthetic Pokémon, and off it went doing so. “Wha-what are you doing!” Exclaimed Sun. “You’ll see!” Replied Star. Eventually, one of the rocks hit Rowlet in the wing, and it couldn’t fly as well! “Ok, Synthetic, time to end this! Aerial Ace!” Said Star. “Aerial Ace?!? It knows that?!?” Exclaimed Sun. Synthetic jumped into the air, and skillfully slashed with its claws, making the opposing Rowlet faint! “The winner is Star and Type: Null!” Said the announcer. “I…I lost…” Said Sun soberly. “Don’t worry, Sun!” Said Star! “We always lose one sometime! Even the best of us!” “Thanks, Star. You’re a good friend!” Said Sun more happily. “The results of the matches: Gladion and Zubat vs. Ilima and Smeargle-Gladion and Zubat are the winners! Star and Type: Null vs. Sun and Rowlet-Sun and Type: Null are the winners! Now we have a special final 2 vs. 2 battle, governed by our pride of the island himself… Kahuna Hala!” Said the announcer, giving the microphone to another person-presumably Hala. “Thank you for having me here in my hometown! I’m sorry I couldn’t be here earlier; a pair of Rockruffs had a real tussle haha! Anyway, now that I’m here, I have rewards to those who participated in the tournament, win or lose: An Island Challenge Amulet and a Z-Ring! Now, we shall start the battle between Gladion and Star immediately. Are you two ready?” Exclaimed Hala. “Yes!” Said Star. “Hmph. Sure.” Grunted Gladion. “Then let the battle… begin!” “Go! Synthetic!” “Zubat!” “Null…” “Bat bat bat!” “Zubat, Supersonic!” Exclaimed Gladion. Zubat fired the move, and it hit! “Null… Null?” “Synthetic! Urgh. How do I do this? Now it’s confused, and it’s mask only makes it worse thanks to it resonating in there… Aha! Synthetic! Shake your head towards Zubat!” Shouted Star! Synthetic did so, and thanks to the resonation, it confused the Zubat, and Synthetic snapped out of its confusion! “Now, Tackle!” “Null!” And with that Type: Null lunged and hit the Zubat, making it faint! “Ah! I. Won’t. Lose!” Shouted Gladion. “Zorua! Go clean this mess up!” A little black fox Pokémon came out of the Poke Ball. “Ok, Synthetic, this’ll be easy! Tack-“ “Zorua, Sucker Punch!” The little fox Pokémon then attacked Synthetic quite quickly, knocking it out! “Synthetic! Ok, buddy, take a rest.” Said Star, returning Synthetic to its Poké Ball. “Ok, Divine, it’s all up to you!” Exclaimed Star. “Rio!” “Hmph. I don’t think so.” Said Gladion. After that, he clicked something on his wrist; a Z-Ring! Star read about this before he left Goldenia, when the Pokémon and Trainer join hearts and unleash a devastating attack! This was bad; Star needed to think quickly. “Zorua, Black Hole Eclipse!” “Zoooooooooooooruaaaaaaaaa!!!” Exclaimed the Pokemon in a surge of power, shooting a black hole forward. “Let me see, let me see! What do I do!?” Fretted Star. Then he and Divine locked eyes, and then there was a moment of calm in the storm. Their hearts and minds were bonded, they were one. Riolu’s power increased drastically! “Riolu! Vacuum Wave!” But what fired wasn’t a Vacuum Wave; it was a burst of pure aura! It devasted everything! The land, the trees, even the black hole! But most of all, it devastated the Zorua, making it faint. “No! How? How could I have lost?” Said a very confused and angry Gladion. “Because you don’t have a bond with your Pokémon, Gladion. That’s why.” Answered Star. “The winner of the battle is Star!” Shouted Hala. “Now, for the prize: ¥500,000 and a Z-Ring! And for everyone who wants it, an Island Challenge Amulet!” Said Hala, as he was giving out the rewards. “What is the Island Challenge?” Asked Star. “Four islands. Four islands in Alola, each having its own trials. The Island Challenge is defeating these trials, and then defeating the Island Kahuna at the end of the trials for that island!” Explained Kukui. “Wow!

I think I’d like to do that!” Said Star. “Hey there! If you’re doing the Island Challenge, then meet me in Hau’Oli city!” Said Ilima, one of the contestants. “Ok! I’ll be there!” Said Star. “So will we!” Said Sun, speaking for himself, Moon, Hau, and Lillie. “If it’s ok with you, Star, we’d like to travel with you. Can we?” Asked Sun. “Sure!” Responded Star. “I’m going to Route 1 for some training! Let’s go!” And with those words, Star’s journey as a Pokémon Trainer began!
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