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New Christmas merch and plushies coming to Pokémon Centers in Japan

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Paldea's Christmas Market merch collection
Scheduled for release on October 28th, a new collection of Chirstmassy merchandise featuring plushies, an advent calendar, and more will be coming to Pokémon Center stores in Japan. The Pokémon Center Online will begin accepting orders for the new products on October 26th. This collection is themed after the Paldean city Porto Marinada, where players can visit the in-game auction market. That market has been transformed into a Christmas festival for the season with this new merch collection, “Paldea's Christmas Market.” Festive plushies of Pikachu, Pawmi, and Psyduck take center stage, while the Paldean starters appear in an extra-large plush bouquet and in stocking keychains.
Pikachu Christmas Plush
Psyduck and Pawmi Christmas Plushies
Pikachu and Paldean starter plush keychains
Pikachu and Paldean starter plush bouquet
The collection also includes an Iron Bundle sweater with reversible sequin eyes for ¥7,480 ($49.92 USD), a collection of eight Christmas tree ornaments featuring other favorite Paldean Pokémon for ¥880 ($5.87 USD) each, and even a Christmas tree tapestry designed to hang the ornaments on for ¥4,950 ($33.03 USD). The plushes and plush keychains featured in this collection will be available via Amazon Japan in limited quantities beginning November 4th.

Paldea's Christmas Market advent calendar
Iron Bundle sweater
Paldea's Christmas Market tree ornaments
Paldea's Christmas Market tree tapestry
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